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Students offer their take on Thanksgiving

Books announced that celebrate Kansas heritage



Students offer their take on Thanksgiving
Pre-K students through Sixth Grade attending school in Jewell County were interviewed recently about Thanksgiving happenings. Questions asked were: what do you like to eat; where do you go for Thanksgiving and what do you do; how do you cook a turkey and make a pie; what Thanksgivings means; and how do you observe Thanksgiving.
Emma Alvord: I like food, chicken and chicken nuggets.
Leighten Ault: I like to eat food with mommy and dad like cereal and dressing.
Waylen Ault: I like turkey, macaroni and cheese, and I like the chicken coop house.
Waysen Colson: I like fruit. I like to play outside and like to eat supper.
Griffen Dunstan: I like turkey and to eat at a cafe. Uh no anything else.
Daylee Garman: I like turkey, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and macaroni and cheese.
Sadie Greene: I like turkey, and give cards to tell them to come back again.
Nolan Grout: I like to go to grandpa's.
Tristan Guinnip: I like pizza in Belleville at grandma and grandpa's.
Lane Johnson: I like turkey, and mashed potatoes and sometimes to Mima's home.
Brynlee Manning: I like turkey, steak, and bean salad.
Laney Moser: I like turkey and mom makes pancakes and hamburgers.
Samara Reynolds: I like turkey, chicken pot pie, chicken butt, and go to taco place.
Brandon Studer: I like bananas, apples, slushy strawberries.
Kaylan Slayton: I like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn.
Layla Ratliff: I like pumpkin pie, Cool Whip and spaghetti.
Meili Ost: I like turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans. Grandma picks me up and takes me to her house.
Layn Badger: I like pizza and to go to grandma's house.
Catelyn Rothchild: I like corn, mashed potatoes, and eat at my house.
Rylee Dunn: I like pizza, hot dogs and Grandma Wendy's.
Merissa Coleman: I like chicken, spaghetti, and grandma and grandpa and neighbors to come to our house.
Owen Mizner: I like apple pie, and eat with mom and dad at home.
Stephenie Whitson: I like chocolate cookies and chocolate milk.
Colin Wirth: I like to eat pizza with my family at my house.
Aerilyn Davis: I like turkey, potatoes, gravy and everyone to come to my house.
Karah Wagner: I like casserole with legs, Lego blocks and I like to eat chicken legs.
Chloe Rothchild: I like to eat turkey.
Caleb Brown: I like pumpkin pie.
Noah Eakins: I like to eat turkey.
Wyatt Strnad: I like macaroni salad.
Chace Fogo: I like noodles.
Morgan Hoselton: I like chicken fried.
Kylie Nolan: I like turkey.
Eli Whelchel: pumpkin pie.
Kloe Walton: pumpkin pie.
Maddix Faulkner: pumpkin pie.
Wesley Brown: I like mashed potatoes, turkey, cherry pie.
Justin Luong: I like turkey, hamburger, hot dog and watermelon.
Allyson Peer-Roddy: I like cherry pie, eggs, and mashed potatoes.
Jayce Cady: pumpkin pie.
Ty Vance: I like chicken and hot dogs.
Catlyn Engle: pumpkin pie and turkey.
Max McMains: pumpkin pie, turkey and raisins.
First Grade
Bailey Whetham: I like stuffing.
Katie Thronson: I like turkey.
Ethan Wirth: turkey and pumpkin pie.
Emma Strnad: turkey and M&M's.
Jordan Thronson: stuffing.
Bethany Simmelink: pumpkin pie.
Dacey Beck: turkey.
Amber Wilden: pumpkin pie.
Isaac Deichen: turkey.
Whitley Frost: chicken legs and pumpkin pie.
Karleigh Davis: turkey, potatoes and gravy.
David Cleary: pumpkin pie and chicken.
Ryan McMains: candy, salmon and turkey.
Remi Porras: salmon and tarter sauce.
Halle Mizner: pumpkin pie.
Draiden Ault: cranberry sauce and chicken.
Bryan Studer II: pizza, chicken and ice cream cake.
Tyler DeSpain: pumpkin pie and chicken.
Ally Beck: turkey.
Alex Fogo: mashed potatoes and turkey.
Nelson Underwood: brownies my grandma gives them to me.
Gavin Hall: apple pie with whipped cream and pumpkin pie.
Miley Havens: turkey.
Mickayla Hanson: turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and mashed potatoes.
Second Grade
Kobi Bowers: You put the turkey in the oven and cook it, cut it up and eat.
Faith Reinert: to make pumpkin pie you cut it up and make into an orange sauce, freeze, make crust, put the pumpkin in it and bake for 10 minutes set it out and when cold enough eat it.
Ellie Callaway: To make cherry pie you open a can of cherry's put in a bowl get pie crust and put cherry's in it and cook it for 20 minutes let it set for 5 minutes and then eat it.
Cooper McDill: You buy a turkey, thaw it, put it in the oven for I don't know how long but when the timer goes off it is done.
Trinity Ruthstrom: I like cherry pie and cake and going to grandma and grandpa's at Lenora.
Alicia Torres: I make blueberry pie with mom. She knows how to make it and I help with the pie stuff. It bakes for 5 minutes.
Aaron Underwood: To roast a turkey you put it in the oven and take it out and eat.
Nathaniel Meyers: I like to eat stuffing, eat toast, popcorn and have Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty come over to eat.
Eli Vance: You kill the turkey, take the feathers off and skin it, cut out the heart, get bones and heart out, put in middle of oven, check to see if it is warm and if not cook some more, put a thermometer in it to check it and then eat it.
Isaiah Ridgeway: I like to stay at home and eat pumpkin pie.
Kinsey Garst: go to my uncle's and eat turkey and pumpkin pie.
Hayden Kraus: mom makes strawberry pie.
Noah Shipman: eat cereal, Frosted Flakes.
Calen Beck: Eat turkey and apple cider.
Gavin Garst: pumpkin pie, turkey and stuffing.
Zane Garman: My dad cooks a ham and its going to take two days.
Tommi Hoselton: I like turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.
Taygen Meier: turkey, regular salad, cereal, stuffing, pumpkin pie.
Jada Eilert: I help mom make pumpkin pie, open up the pumpkin in the can put it in the crust and then mom bakes.
Nakita Mohler: spaghetti, meat balls, turkey and lettuce.
Akasha Robinson: tacos, sausage, lettuce and cheese.
Cody Cleary: pumpkin pie with cool whip.
Derrik Case: grandma's spaghetti and ice cream.
Third Grade
Grace Ayers: have turkey and cherry pie.
Lucus DeSpain: have turkey and pumpkin pie.
Mason McMains: FOOD, turkey.
Tyler Hanson: turkey, roast pork and baked potatoes.
Brody Head: baked potato.
Jaren Guinnip: turkey, ham, pumpkin pie.
Sophia Ridgeway: nothing
Abbey Schleifer: I have cousins coming over.
Kali Peer-Roddy: pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, turkey and ice cream.
Hannah Simmelink: going to grandma's and seeing age 13, 12, 9 and two 6 year old cousins and then my 1 year and 4 year old cousins.
Aaron Sterling: having a big turkey.
Isabella Volker: pumpkin pie.
Alyssa Vanderpool: turkey, pumpkin pie with whip cream.
Riley Westgate: turkey, pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cake.
Kale Whelchel: turkey, stuffing, baked beans.
Carlton Wright: turkey.
Mrs. Page: pumpkin pie.
Becky Hernandez: pumpkin pie.
Fourth Grade
Jeremiah Fry: I enjoy time with my family and pumpkin pie.
Troy Duskie: I like to play football, and pheasant hunt and eat what I shot.
Hayden Callaway: I like to play football and eat turkey.
Lauren Whelchel: I like to see friends and cousins and my favorite thing to eat is pumpkin pie.
Haley Garst: I like getting to see cousins and cherry pie.
Selena Luong: I like eating with family and pumpkin pie.
Kayle Wagner: I like being with family and eating turkey.
Garrett Barry: I like going to grandma's and eating pumpkin pie.
Payton Wherry: I like being with family and eating turkey.
Case Scarrow: I like being with family and the homemade rolls that grandma makes.
Aubree Whelchel: I like being with family and having fun and eating pumpkin pie.
Katelyn Stevens: I like hamburger pie and spending time with family.
Evie Wilkins: I like hanging out with my cousins and eating turkey.
Grant Meyers: playing football and eating turkey.
Samuel Saltzman: family comes over and we eat turkey.
Dayton Garst: spending time playing football and eating pheasant I hunt.
Josiah Frampus: watching football and eating turkey.
Fifth Grade
(What does Thanksgiving mean to you?)
Caitlynn Scarrow: being together with family and eating turkey.
Jensen Eilert: spending time with family.
Conner Cosand: spending time with family.
Avery Brown: family time and thankfulness.
Eva Cleary: family, food, clothes and thankfulness.
Genavive Guinnip: family, friends, food and spending time together.
Kit Wagner: seeing family.
Roger Meier: seeing family and having food.
Wyatt Garman: seeing family, a big dinner and playing with friends.
Trevor Covalt: turkey and time with friends.
Sonny Johnson: getting together with family.
Anoki Strider: being around family.
Gavin Bouska: eating with family.
Lexi Porras: giving joy.
Jacob Underwood: did not want to comment.
Andrew Babson: spending the day together with family.
Daniel McDill: getting up and having family for turkey.
Ty Woerner-Boller: getting together with family and having Black Friday because that is my birthday.
Rickie DeSpain: spending time with parents.
Alyssa Davis: play with younger niece and nephew.
Brent Kussman: having turkey and going swimming.
Jacob Barry: having stuffing.
Tate Callaway: being with family.
Michael Bemount: playing video games with family.
Sixth Grade
(What does Thanksgiving mean to you?)
Seth Pennell: cooking, playing outside, eating, and family.
Simon Saltzman: cooking.
Tanner Shipman: family, playing, having fun.
Kenny Sterling: having fun, being thankful.
Eve Meyers: time we can give thanks for people that serve and settled on the land.
Jauclyn Lemke: having family and thank them for what they have done for us.
Cammy O'Dell: thankful for family, friends, teacher and school.
Jerrod Gillett: time to be thankful for what you have.
Kole Vance: thankful for what we have.
Caden Slate: get with family.
Shelby Wherry: time with family.
Dakota Jensen: eat turkey.
Ysabel Fry: God, my family and friends.
Mason Higer: thanking pilgrims and Indians, God and Jesus.
Karrigan Dunstan: thankful for God, family, classmates and Thanksgiving means eating turkey.
Tristyn Brown: spending time with family.

Books announced that celebrate Kansas heritage
The State Library of Kansas announced 15 books featuring quality titles with wide public appeal either written by Kansans or about a Kansas-related topic.
The Kansas Notable Book List is the only honor for Kansas books by Kansans, highlighting our lively contemporary writing community and encouraging readers to enjoy some of the best writing of the authors among us. A committee of Kansas Center for the Book (KCFB) Affiliates, Fellows, librarians and authors of previous Notable Books identifies these titles from among those published the previous year, and the State Librarian makes the selection for the final List. An awards ceremony was held at the Kansas Book Festival, Sept. 13, to recognize the talented Notable Book authors. Throughout the award year, KCFB promotes all the titles on that year's list electronically, at literary events, and among librarians and booksellers.
Rae Hobson Memorial Library, Republic, has received a Kansas Notable Book grant from the State of Kansas Library to purchase the 15 books listed below. All these books are ready to be checked out at the library.
Biting through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland by Nina Mukerjee Furstenau; The Black Country by Alex Grecian; Bleeding Kansas, Bleeding Missouri: The Long Civil War on the Border edited by Jonathan Earle and Diane Mutti Burke;
A Death at Crooked Creek: Marianne Wesson Dragging Wyatt Earp: A Personal History of Dodge City by Robert Rebein; Echoes from the Prairie: A Collection of Short Memoirs edited by Nicole Muchmore; Edmund G. Ross: Soldier, Senator, Abolitionist by Richard A. Ruddy; The Good Lord Bird by James McBride; Henry Shackleford: Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool;
Needle in the Bone by Caryn Mirriam -Goldberg; Of Grave Concern: An Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery by Max McCoy; Teatime to Tailgates: 150 Years at the K-State Table by Jane P. Marshall; The Thing About Luck by Cynthia Kadohata; The Tie That Bound Us: The Women of John Brown s Family by Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz; Worth the Pain: How Meningitis Nearly Killed Me - Then Changed My Life for the Better by Andy Marso.

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