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Rock Hills hires new district clerk

Bingham honored with open house for retirement


Rock Hills hires new district clerk
The Rock Hills Board of Education met in special session at noon on Thursday. Those present were Brenden Wirth, Ervin Underwood, Janelle Greene, Todd Mauerhan and Bob Fogo.
Brenden Wirth moved, seconded by Ervin Underwood, to enter into executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. Those entering into executive session were Brenden Wirth, Ervin Underwood, Bobi Fogo, Janelle Greene and Todd Mauerhan. Superintendent Nadine Smith entered the executive session several minutes later.
After returning to open session, Bobi Fogo moved, seconded by Janelle Greene, to enter into a work agreement with Jennifer Urbaniek as the district clerk, with a salary of $42,500 per year with standard benefits. Motion passed unanimously.

Bingham honored with open house for retirement
Friday afternoon, John Bingham, magistrate judge in the 12th Judicial District, was honored with a retirement reception held in the court room at the Jewell County Courthouse. Judge Bingham served the 12th Judicial District in Mankato for 17 years.
Prior to being named Judge of the 12th District, Bingham had a private attorney at law practice in Belleville. In the 1970s and into the 1990s, he was in private practice in Lawrence, Kan.
Presenting Bingham with his retirement plaque and conducting the short program was his step-son, Major Dan Heskett, assistant director of law enforcement with the Wildlife and Parks Department and voting coordinator with Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Dan is the son of Judy Heskett Bingham and the late Gary Heskett.
Several law officials, secretaries, friends and family were on hand to help Judge Bingham celebrate his retirement. Bingham has 10 first cousins and seven or eight of them were in attendance.
Upon his retirement Bingham plans to get caught up on his own projects first and then maybe take on some other projects that he has been asked about by other people.
"I have been asked by various local people if we were moving now that I am retired and that answer is definitely no. I've grown to love this city, county and its people, and this is home," said Bingham.

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