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Maintenance requested for high-use road

Huntsinger was band leader, gifted trumpet player



Maintenance requested for high-use road
The Jewell County Board met last Monday with commissioners Mark Fleming, Steve Greene and Dwight Frost present. Carla Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
Carla Waugh had a note from Angela Murray stating the toxic blue green algae advisory for Lovewell Lake has been canceled. Jewell State Lake is now reportedly on a "watch" status.
Dixie Dethloff, clerk of the district court, reviewed her 2016 budget request.
Mark Fleming moved and Dwight Frost seconded to appoint Frost as voting delegate for KAC, with Mark Fleming as first alternate and Carla Waugh as second alternate.
The commissioners reviewed the following estimates for a new telephone system for the courthouse: Pugh Communications Services, Inc., $12,727.71; Cunningham Telephone and Cable $12,956. The commissioners approved Pugh Communications Services' estimate for the telephone system.
Chris Petet said he will place an ad for a part time custodian.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported on maintenance projects. The commissioners reported road concerns.
Jim, Lannin, Cole and Noah Zoltenko of Zoltenko Farms Inc., discussed their concerns of the condition of 300 Road. They have at least 375 trips per week on the road for their business and requested some maintenance be completed. It was discussed that some gravel could be ripped into the existing road material. They also presented a letter signed by several of their employees stating their concerns of the road condition.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, discussed the real estate tax sale process with the commissioners.
The commissioners met again Monday. The following were present for office head meetings: Chris Petet, custodian; Gail Bartley, noxious weed and emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator; Angela Murray, health nurse; Chuck Latham, county appraiser; Jenae Ryan, district extension agent; and Anna Standley, register of deeds.
Bartley said he is spraying when weather allows, and a FEMA representative was here to do a preliminary review on the storm damage documentation.
Jenae Ryan presented a schedule for the county fair, which will be July 12-15. She noted they cannot have a poultry show so they are encouraging an educational display. They gave the commissioners complimentary tickets to the meal.
Latham said that they are recollecting data on the residential portion. He will start quality control soon on the data recollection. Chuck said then a portion of commercial property will be recollected. He has also been attending property hearings.
Carla Waugh said she has been working on the township budgets. She explained the change in the telephone system.
Frost discussed the weatherization program through North Central Regional Planning Commission.
Fleming said he and Frost attended the soil conservation district budget meeting. Mark explained the security policy for the Courthouse.
Latham presented quotes for a new computer: Nex-Tech $1,264; Thomson-Reuters $1,470. The commissioners approved the bid from Nex-Tech.
Doyle McKimmy, hospital administrator, discussed the grant application for a safe room at the hospital.
Angela Murray requested an executive session. No action resulted from the session.
Murray also reviewed the electronic health records (EHR) program. She has received a grant to help with the cost. Murray said the program cost including training will be $14,856. The grant funds are $4,500, so the county's share is $10,356. The commissioners approved the expenditure.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported on maintenance and also had bridge inspection bids for review: Schwab-Eaton $125 per bridge for a total of $3,625; Campbell and Johnson Engineers $104.75 per bridge for a total of $3,037.75; CFS Engineers $75 per bridge for a total of $2,175. The bids are per bridge for 29 bridges. The board approved the bid from Campbell and Johnson Engineers.
Jonas McEntire, sheriff, reviewed his budget request. Steve Greene expressed his concerns about rules of traffic control.
Bartley inquired about purchasing a pickup for the noxious weed and emergency preparedness departments. The commissioners approved to purchase a pickup from Alexander Motors.

Huntsinger was band leader, gifted trumpet player
The following letter was received at the newspaper office from Bob Cook, Manhattan:
"From time to time, I see articles with the surname Huntsinger mentioned in the Jewell County Republican. This always brings to mind an occasion that my brother, Oliver, was fond of relating. He was a member of the Ionia Band under the direction of Tom Carmichael, as were my brothers, Joe, Leland and Leonard. They played the bass horn, baritone, cornet and trombone, respectively.
"According to Oliver, a Jewell County Music Festival was held the year about which he spoke and a certain Cal Huntsinger was tasked with conducting the massed bands assembled for the occasion. He variously called on certain horn players to stand and play the lead part as appropriate for their instruments. Finally he announced, "Now I'm going to blow my horn." What followed was a virtuoso triple tongue trumpet rendition of "Carnival of Venice."
"I can well imagine how such a performance might affect Oliver who was present on that auspicious occasion, listening to the clear, silvery notes issuing from Cal's trumpet. It makes me emotional just to think about it, and I wasn't even there.
"I don't have access to any of his biographical facts, but I understand that Cal was at some point in time a circus band director. He may have been a guest conductor sharing the duty of directing the massed bands in Jewell County that year. I apologize in advance if I am guilty of any misstatements in the telling of this story."
Mr. Cook's letter prompted Joanne Freeman at the Jewell County Record office to do some research of her own.
These are her findings:
"I knew there was a person in Mankato by the name of Cal Huntsinger, so a phone call needed to be made. Yes, the present day Calvin (Cal) Huntsinger knew of an early day Joseph Calvin (Cal) Huntsinger. As mentioned in the above letter, Cook says the Cal Huntsinger he spoke about at some point in time was a circus band director.
"Present day Cal Huntsinger confirmed this fact: "At one time he was with the band for the Barnum and Bailey Circus, and throughout his lifetime he performed with other bands and orchestras, and was also a conductor."
"I was told everyone in the family called him Uncle Cal," said Cal Huntsinger, Mankato, who was indeed named after the other Cal Huntsinger. Other information shared was apparently the hand Cal played the trumpet with only had three fingers, because the others were lost in an accident.
"Mankato Cal Huntsinger shared more information. Calvin A. Huntsinger and Henry Huntsinger were the sons of Abner and Mary Huntsinger. Henry is the father of Joseph Calvin Huntsinger. It is uncertain but thought that Calvin A. or his brother Henry homesteaded about a half mile west of the Ionia-Highway 36 junction on the north side of the highway (the dirt dwelling is still evident). Calvin A. is buried in Fairbury.
"Abner and Mary Huntsinger, parents of Calvin A. and Henry, homesteaded about a half mile further west on the south side of what is now Highway 36. At the present time there is a park located at that point that has been named Huntsinger Park. The oak trees planted in this park were planted by Abner and Mary Huntsinger.
"So to the Cal Huntsinger that lives in Mankato at the present time: His father was Neil Huntsinger, Ira Huntsinger, grandfather; Calvin A. Huntsinger, great-grandfather; Abner Huntsinger, great-great-grandfather. Joseph Calvin, which is who the letter is about, was present day Cal Huntsinger's third cousin.
"Present day Cal has five siblings: Bill, Nela, Sheila, Brenda and John."

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