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Missionaries present musical program

Sheriff's department looking for pickup driver



Missionaries present musican program
Last Wednesday evening, missionaries from Holland presented a musical program at Jewell Trinity United Methodist Church. A.G. and Kate do music ministry in prisons in the United States and England. After performing in Jewell and Superior they had programs planned at Norton, Larned and Ellsworth penal institutions. A.G. stated they are about the only group to entertain at Larned and yes, it can be a tough time. Still the men and women appreciate knowing someone cares. Other stops will be made in Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas.
Usually they can be in the States for six months, but this year their visas were for only 90 days. Their plans have been to be at specific prisons every other year and this change will cause them to miss several of their stops.
Both played guitars. Kate played two different dulcimers, which were made in West Virginia. He played the autoharp part of the time. Both sang gospel and country songs with some audience participation.
Pope's People, under the direction of Joyce Hedstrom, sang four gospel songs before the concert. A potluck supper was featured before the program.

Sheriff's department looking for pickup driver
Over the weekend the Jewell County Sheriff's office received a report of a female driver being run off the road by a black or dark colored pickup in the northern part of Jewell County.
If there is anyone who has any information about this incident they are asked to notify the Jewell County Sheriff's Department.

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