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Emergency loans available from FSA

Rock Hills, Mankato alumni scholarships announced


Emergency loans available from FSA
Feb. 24, Presidential Major Disaster Declaration M4225 was issued becaused of a severe winter storm in Kansas. This amendment affects 18 primary counties and 25 contiguous counties in Kansas. The incident period is Jan. 13-16.
Loss determination was based on public assistance property damage. FEMA determined the losses were of sufficient severity and magnitude to warrant a major declaration under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C 5121). Agricultural assistance, for both physical and production type losses, was automatically granted once the Public Assistance determination was made.
The termination date to file applications under this designation is Oct. 27. The Kansas counties affected are identified as follows: primary counties, Barton, Clark, Comanche, Edwards, Ellsworth, Ford, Hodgeman, Jewell, Kiowa, Meade, Ness, Pawnee, Pratt, Rush, Seward, Sheridan, Stafford and Trego; contiguous counties, Barber, Cloud, Decatur, Ellis, Finney, Gove, Graham, Gray, Haskell, Kingman, Lane, Lincoln, McPherson, Mitchell, Norton, Osborne, Reno, Republic, Rice, Rooks, Russell, Saline, Smith, Stevens and Thomas.
Emergency loans will be available to eligible applicants with qualifying damages and losses in the counties listed above. Applicants may be eligible for compensation for Physical and Production Losses, under these designations. Loan approvals will be contingent upon the availability of funds. Producers should contact the FSA office at 785-378-3731 for more information regarding emergency loans.

Rock Hills, Mankato alumni scholarships announced
A scholarship plan was first introduced at the Mankato alumni celebration held May 27, 2000, at the Mankato Armory. The scholarship, dubbed "New Beginning Mankato Alumni Scholarship," for its first award being in the new millennium, is funded by donations.
Donations are kept in the Mankato Endowment Association funds at the State Exchange Bank and are tax deductible.
Applications for the scholarship are solicited from Mankato High School and Rock Hills High School graduates who are or will be attending a college or technical school. The applications can be sent to Karen Ross, 103 N. West St., Mankato, and must include name, social security number, address, phone number, year of graduation and school to be attended. Applications must be received by May 19, 2017. The scholarship award will be drawn from the applications and will be announced on the night of the Mankato-Rock Hills alumni celebration which is held on the Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend. An application form for the scholarship appears elsewhere in this newspaper.
The number of scholarships awarded will depend upon the contributions made for the year. More than one scholarship may be awarded annually at the discretion of the Alumni Committee. The year, number, and amount of scholarship awarded are the following: 2001, 11 $100 scholarships; 2002, 14 $100 scholarships; 2003, 17 $100 scholarships; 2004, 24 $100 scholarships; 2005, 22 $100 scholarships; 2006, 22 $100 scholarships; 2007, 34 $100 scholarships; 2008, 37 $100 scholarships; 2009, 27 $100 scholarships; 2010, 36 $100 and 3 $200 scholarships; 2011, 36 $100 scholarships; 2012, 27 $300 scholarships; 2013, 38 $200 scholarships; 2014, 43 $100 scholarships; 2015, 28 $200 scholarships; 2016, 34 $200 scholarships.
In 16 years, a total of $61,550 has been awarded to 453 winners. Winners will be notified by mail and the award will be forwarded by the Mankato Endowment Association to the school indicated on the application.

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