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Information sought in no contact hit and run

'Barn quilt' spotted east of Jewell



Information sought in no contact hit and run
Aug. 15, around 7:30 in the morning, two men and one rider were traveling on motorcycles west on 2400 Y Road when they crested a hill and a late 80s or 90s grayish blue four door GMC driven by a young couple crested the same hill. The GMC was traveling east and was in the west bound lane of traffic. Both of the motorcycles ran off the road to their right and fell or jumped from their cycles. The accident was investigated by Wagner.
At the present time the Jewell County Sheriff's office is seeking information about the vehicle or occupants of the GMC that may have been involved in the no contact hit and run accident. Individuals are asked to contact the Jewell County Sheriff's office, 785-378-3194, with any information. A posting can also be found on the Jewell County Sheriff's facebook page.

'Barn quilt' spotted east of Jewell
By Kerma Crouse
If you are driving east of Jewell on Highway 148, make sure to notice the barn quilt on the Oplinger barn on the north side of the highway.
A barn quilt is a quilt block painted onto a board and mounted on a barn. Any quilt block pattern can be used for a barn quilt. The quilt pattern for used on the Oplinger barn is the "Friendship Star."
This pattern has been often used when a group of friends wish to give a quilt to a specific person. All in the group make a block in the Friendship Star pattern and embroider their name in the center piece of the block. When the quilt is put together, the recipient has a warm reminder of their friends.
The Friendship Star barn quilt is signed too. In the center of the block is the O Double Bar C brand of Clark and Lois Oplinger.

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