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Study Club honors 50-year member

County attorney, board discuss possible road closure


Study Club honors 50-year member
Two members of the Progressive Study Club journeyed to Belleville last Monday to meet the third member, Nancy Simms, for lunch. After lunch they met at the Belleville Public Library meeting room. Karen McIntyre, vice president, conducted the meeting. Nancy Simms was honored as a 50 year member of GFWC. First she belonged to the Touchstone Club in Belleville, then Rainbows, and for the last five years has been a member of the Progressive Study Club. She was presented a 50 year pin, after a summary of her interest instilled by her mother, the late Betty Makalous, state president of Kansas Federation.
Fawna Barrett gave the introduction and gave a gift from the club. Nancy told some of her work in Federation and the trips she made with her mother. Roll call was answered with a volunteer project each enjoyed. Discussion on a book to be given to the library in memory of Nevada Vetter was aided by the Belleville librarian. Flowers will be purchased for the planters downtown the first part of May. Nancy Simms gave the report on favorite vacations and women's history month from the GFWC Clubwoman.
Ice cream cake and tea were served. Nancy's daughter, Jeanette Sheets, was a guest.

County attorney, board discuss possible road closure
The Jewell County Board met Monday with commissioners Steve Greene, Mark Fleming and Keith Roe present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was present for the meeting.
Minutes of the April 10 commissioners meeting were approved.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, reported on operations of his department.
Keith Roe left the meeting at 9:15 a.m.
Gail Bartley, emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator, said he contacted the fire c hiefs about burning permits and the majority would like to keep the current procedure for burning permits.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed roads. The commissioners reported road concerns.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, discussed a proposed road closing in Allen Township and a street in Montrose with Joel Elkins.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

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