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Another, stronger quake felt in Mankato

Commissioners OK USDA application for hospital


Another, stronger quake felt in Mankato
Saturday evening around 11:30 p.m., some residents living in the Mankato area felt the tremor of an Earthquake once again. The quake, which registered a 3.4, was five miles deep and located eight kilometers southeast of Mankato.
On April 4, a 2.1 quake was registered around three miles southeast of Mankato and then later that day a 3.4 was registered three miles south-southeast of Mankato.
April 5 a 2.8 quake was registered five miles southeast of Mankato.
April 6 three quakes were registered in Jewell County. The first one registered 2.0 and was six miles southeast of Mankato. Second quake registered 3.2 and was five miles southeast of Mankato, and the third registering 3.0 and was six miles southeast of Mankato.
April 7 four quakes were registered. The first one was a 2.6 five miles east-southeast of Mankato; a 2.7 registered two miles east-southeast of Mankato; a 2.6 five miles east-southeast of Mankato; and the final one for this day was a 3.3 registered seven miles east-southeast of Mankato.
April 8 four more quakes were registered, the first quake was a 2.6 located eight miles east-southeast of Mankato; followed by yet another 2.6 quake located 10 miles east-southeast of Mankato. The third one for the day registered a 2.3 and was eight mile south-southeast of Mankato. The final quake for the day registered a 2.9 and was located seven miles southeast of Mankato.
All of the April earthquakes were at least 14 kilometers deep, with the quake Saturday just five miles deep.
The National Earthquake site had the following information. Earthquakes registering at least 1.5 or greater : one in the last 24 hours; 12 in the past seven days; 57 in the past 30 days; and 937 in the past 365 days.
Possibly there was yet another Earthquake around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.
If you look at the national map of the earthquakes occurring in the southern part of Kansas on the Kansas-Oklahoma line they are pretty well lined up with Jewell County. There have not been any quakes in between these locations.

Commissioners OK USDA application for hospital
The Jewell County Board met Monday with commissioners Steve Greene, Mark Fleming and Keith Roe present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
Angela Murray, health nurse, discussed operations of her department.
Steve Greene reported on the Area Agency on Aging meeting he attended in Jewell.
Robbin Cole and Mel Brown, Pawnee Mental Health, reviewed the annual report.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, discussed vehicle repairs.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed road and bridge repairs. The commissioners reported road concerns.
Minutes of the May 15 meeting were approved.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, reviewed the USDA application for Jewell County Hospital. The board approved the application.
Chris Petet, Custodian, had a quote from Cummins Sales and Service for replacing batteries on the generator.

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