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Jewell hosts community Memorial Day service

Broeckelman accepted into DPT program at Wichita State



Jewell hosts community Memorial Day service
Kerma Crouse gave the message at the annual community memorial service at the Jewell Christian Church Sunday. She reminded us of the founders of our country as they gave of their time and fortunes to draft the Constitution of the United States of America and led us in repeating the preamble to the Constitution. There were reminders of freedom as she asked members if they feared retribution for attending the worship service. The battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, had they been lost by the North, could have changed this great country from the United States. "We are who we are" because of those who fought for freedom. The congregation gave her a standing ovation, a first at any memorial service.
Presenting and retiring the flags was by American Legion members Vic Schoenberger and Bob McCune. Commander Leon Boden read moments to remember. Chaplain John Woerner gave the invocation. The prelude and offertory were two-piano duets by Laura Walters and Susan Greene. Susan moved to the organ and Hannah Daniels played the second piano for "God Bless the USA." The Trinity Ladies Ensemble sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth," accompanied by Jan McCollough. Pastors Dan Daniels and Jim Rice conducted the service.



Broeckelman accepted into DPT program at Wichita State
Matthew Broeckelman, Mankato, has been accepted into the doctor of physical therapy (DPT) program at Wichita State University. He will begin his first classes May 25, just two weeks after receiving his master of business administration degree from Kansas Wesleyan University.
The entry-level DPT program at WSU prepares students to examine, evaluate, diagnose and treat people with disabling conditions resulting from injury, health problems or disease. Through a variety of real world clinical learning experiences facilitated by clinical instructors, students learn to assess the movements of their clients and patients in order to apply appropriate plans that target individual needs.
Broeckelman has been interested in sports and weight lifting since junior high school, and played football until he was injured his senior year of high school. It was through his physical therapist at Jewell County Hospital in Mankato, Tammy Emmott, that he was able to avoid surgery and return to playing the game he loved when he arrived as a freshman at Kansas Wesleyan on a football scholarship. Emmott also studied physical therapy at Wichita State University and inspired him to pursue that field and learn how he might also be able to help injured athletes.
In May 2014, Broeckelman completed his bachelor's degree from KWU in exercise science and pre-physical therapy. He stayed on as resident director for Wesley Hall and pursued KWU's accelerated MBA degree, graduating May 9, 2015.
"I have a desire to someday start my own physical therapy practice," Broeckelman said. "The skills, knowledge, and confidence I gained from the MBA professors at Kansas Wesleyan University will be forever valuable in my professional endeavors."

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