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Alexandria Pierce wins Alpha Chi national scholarship

Jewell plans to sell playground equipment



Alexandria Pierce wins Alpha Chi national scholarship
Alexandria Pierce, Mankato, was among 26 members of Alpha Chi national college honor society to receive the society's national fellowships and scholarships. Scholarship stipends were awarded for full-time fall 2014 enrollment. Pierce was one of only two recipients nationally to earn the Edwin W. Gaston Scholarship ($2,500), awarded to students who are seniors in 2014-15.
For Pierce, a psychology major at Kansas Wesleyan University, the scholarship process included a reference letter be sent directly to the Alpha Chi scholarship committee by her academic advisor, Gerald Gilespie, KWU associate professor of psychology and addictions counseling and chair of the department of behavioral science and human services. With her application, she submitted a research paper from the previous semester.
The paper, "Personality Tendencies and Relationships," focused on how someone's psychological personality tendencies or disorders (e.g. depression, narcissism, self-esteem, and so on) could impact their ability to perform lasting and fulfilling intimate relationships with others.
Dr. Steve Hoekstra, KWU professor of psychology, explained, "The research she submitted for Alpha Chi (and Best of KWU) was her personal project from the research design course." Pierce published and presented this research at The Best of KWU during the spring 2014 semester, and she also presented her paper at the spring 2014 Alpha Chi national conference in St. Louis, Mo., where the national scholarship recipients were named.
Her presentation, which she made on the day before the scholarship announcement, was unrelated to its also being submitted with her scholarship application. She was unaware as she presented the paper that she had been chosen.
"When they announced my name, I was astonished. They selected two recipients out of about 60 applicants," Pierce said. "I also had to write a letter to the committee explaining my future educational and career plans."
She said her plans have shifted since then, but she does want to stay in the field of psychology and hopes to apply to graduate school. She has been looking at Vanderbilt University, the University of Kansas and the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her desire right now is to get into a doctoral program in clinical or social psychology, with a goal of being in private practice and teaching at a college or university.
Dr. Anita Sprecht, KWU associate professor of history, is the sponsor for Alpha Chi at Kansas Wesleyan University. She said the scholarship and national recognition for Pierce gives the department of psychology at a small school like Kansas Wesleyan "a nice pat on the back for fostering the kind of student research that gains national attention." Pierce serves as vice president of the Kansas Delta chapter of the Alpha Chi national honor society.
Kansas Wesleyan is a place where students can be involved in a variety of activities for a well-rounded and fun college experience. For Pierce, that means cheerleading. At every home game for the Coyotes this fall, she was a "flyer," or "the top" ­­ one of those strong, daring cheerleaders who is lifted high in the air and performs stunts, always with a smile. For her final semester at KWU in spring 2015, with her psychology major coursework completed, she can devote her attention to completing her English minor and a season of cheerleading competitions.
Alpha Chi inducts no more than the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors and graduate students on each campus, representing all academic disciplines.

Jewell plans to sell playground equipment
Jewell City Council met last Monday at the city hall. Attending the meeting were Bruce Barrett, Darrell Bohnert, Max Burks, John Stoeber, Kris Williams, Bill Loomis and Amy Arasmith.
Mayor Loomis called the meeting to order.
Sealed birds for the playground equipment at the former grade school playground will be opened at the Dec. 1 meeting.
Work is being done on Mechanic Street.
Permits for use of right of way for the Highway 14 project were approved.
Council approved the following as prospective members for the library board: Karen McIntyre, Jami Underwood, Pat Willmeth and Heather Matter.
A building permit for a fence at 411 Main was approved.
Following the council meeting the Jewell Apartment Board of Directors met.
Bills were reviewed and approved for payment which included a payment to the Jewell County Treasurer in the amount for $2,304 for solid waste fees for the apartment building.
The three empty apartments will be remodeled as soon as the carpenters can work it into their schedule.
Two new residents have moved into the apartment building.
The apartment office will be closed Friday after Thanksgiving and the Friday after Christmas.

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