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Grimes to compete at National Finals Rodeo

Results are in from Jewell Corn Show


Grimes to compete at National Finals Rodeo
Wrangler National Finals Rodeo has been a dream for Kathy Grimes for 20 years and Dec. 7-16, she will realize that dream. She has gotten the embryos right.
Kathy, who is a veterinarian in Medical Lake, Wash., has worked long hours to reach this goal. Contestants are chosen based on the amount of money won in each event at approved rodeos during the year with the qualifications ending Sept. 30. She is ranked 6th in the world in barrel racing and the top 15th in each event are invited to take part. This year Kathy has traveled 40,000 miles through 25 states and Canada, competing in 40 PRCS rodeos. The two horses she competes on are the product of her embryo transfer breeding program.
The National Finals Rodeo will be held in Las Vegas, Nev., and shown on RFD TV station or the internet at Kathy will be competing in her favorite and lucky color, purple.
Kathy is the daughter of John Grimes, Kettle Falls, Wash., and the late Patty Dale (Henningsen) Nolan; granddaughter of the late Katherine Grimes; niece of Marilyn Eaton and Margaret Colson, both of Mankato, and Bob Grimes, Cheney, Wash.

Results are in from Jewell Corn Show
Winners have been announced for the various games and contests associated with the annual Jewell Corn Show:
A "Maize"ing Corn 1st place Abbey Schleifer. Dice Run: 1st high winner, Kapaun Griffeth; 2nd low winner, LeNae Knight. Triathlon: 1st men Jason Eilert; 1st women, Gayle Mahin; 1st children 12 and under girl, Jada Eilert; 1st children 12 and under boy, Ayden Eilert. Big Shot (75th Corn), $75 Paige Zadina; $25 Jennifer Wyatt, $25 Allison Whitson, $25 Davin Coil. Road Rally 1st $75, Zach Gibson, Damon Bohnert, Jason and Gina Bohnert, Melissa Austerman. 2nd $35, Jessie Eilert, Amber Loomis, Jane Patton, Larissa and Aaron King. Car Show: 1st Everett and Alice LaCoe, motorcycle division; 1st Dwayne Cady, tractor division; 1st Mike Harding, Mayette, car division.
Parade. Floats, churches, fraternal groups: 1st, J-Janes. 2nd, Trinity United Methodist Church; 3rd, Mankato Eager Beavers 4-H Club. Ribbons only for following divisions. Classic/antique vehicles: 1st Paul Garst; 2nd Jim Keck; 3rd Shawn Harding. Unusual entry: 1st Bill Hoffer; 2nd Josh Buser, Bill Buser, Justin Schriner. 3rd Elva Folsom and Amy Arasmith. Horses and/or mounts.1st Norman Greene and great grandchildren; 2nd Jada Eilert. Antique tractor:1st Junior VanderGiesen; 2nd Ed Ball.
Milo: Nathan Saint, Pioneer 84P72, purple, red; Curt Saint, Pioneer 84:72, blue, Pioneer 86G32, red, forage sorghum Pioneer 849, purple. Hannah Jackson, Pioneer 85Y40, red; Owen Spencer, Pioneer 85Y40, red; Wadyn Griffeth, Pioneer 85Y40, red; Leon Boden, Pioneer 85G46, blue, largest head Pioneer 85G46, purple; John Edwards Pioneer 85G46, blue, largest head, Pioneer 85G46, blue, mixed group, Pioneer 85G46, blue; Dick Edwards, Pioneer 85G46, blue, mixed group, Pioneer 85G46, purple; ; Carlene Edwards, Pioneer 85G46, blue; Randall Reames, Pioneer 85G46, blue.
Corn: Jarrett Yelken, Golden Harvest G13N18, blue; Golden Harvest G13S06, blue, Golden Harvest, largest ear G13D06, blue; Jada Eilert, Pioneer 1257, red, Pioneer 1257, red, Pioneer 1257 largest ear, red. Carter Bohnert, Pioneer 1379 AM, blue; Cayden Bohnert, Pioneer 1257 AM, blue; Darica Bohnert, Pioneer 1366 AM, purple; Paul Wilson, Pioneer P1311AM, blue, Pioneer 1105AM red; Jason Bohnert, Pioneer 0657AM, red; Griffeth boys, Ohlde 2615, blue; Kaleb Griffeth, Ohlde 2414, red; Mike Bolte, Pioneer P1257AM, red, largest ear, Pioneer P1257AM, blue, LG5618VT2R1B, red; Dyna Gro D57VP51RIB, red; John Edwards, Pioneer PH51AM, largest ear, red, Pioneer P1151AM, blue, Pioneer P1498AM, blue; Dick Edwards Pioneer P1498AM, blue.
Soybeans: Jada Eilert, Pioneer P37T32X, red, Pioneer P37T32X, red, Pioneer P37T32X, red; Cayden Bohnert, Pioneer 38A98, red; Carter Bohnert, Pioneer 38A98, blue; Tyler Jackson Ohlde 373, red; Grant Spencer, Williams 82, red; Gracyn Spencer, Williams 82, red; Kapaun Griffeth, Ohlde 373, red; Landon Griffeth, Pioneer 94Y70, red; John Edwards, Pioneer 38A98, purple, Pioneer 35, blue, Pioneer P31T11R, red, Pioneer P35T58R, blue; Dick Edwards, Pioneer 38A98, blue, Pioneer P31T11R, red, Pioneer P35T58R, blue; Carlene Edwards, Pioneer 38A98, blue, Pioneer P31T11R, red, Pioneer P35T58R, red.
Horticulture: Jada Eilert, parsley, blue, cilantro, red, roses, red, roses, red, mum, red; Jessie Eilert, roses, red, non blooming potted, red; Pat Zentz, rose, blue, live forever, blue, berried branch, red; Abbey Schleifer, rose, red, lavender, red, ornamental pampus, red, other veronica, blue, daisy, blue, gaillardia, red, live forever, blue, berried branch, blue, marigold, red; Tanya Schleifer, rose, blue, lavender, blue, gaillardia, red; Marsha Knarr, roses, blue, toad lily, blue; Joyce Buser Nicholson, blooming potted, moses in butrushes, blue; LeighAnna Johansen, blooming airplane, blue; Marry Mallory, blooming philodendron, red, philodendron, blue; Becky Loomis, ornamental grass, blue, mum, blue; Avery Loomis, ornamental pampus, blue, live forever, red, mum, red; Kerma Crouse, petunia, blue, red, marigold, blue, red; Rachel Crouse, marigold, red, blue, petunia, blue; Karen Matteson, non blooming jade, blue, non blooming, ghost plant, blue, non blooming aleo vera, blue. Ashlyn Loomis, petunia, blue, mum, blue.
Artistic design-junior div.: Jada Eilert, my town, blue, this is my fathers, blue, Kansas wheat fields, red, my backyard, red; Ashlyn Loomis, my town, red, this is my fathers world, blue, Kansas wheat fields, blue, my backyard, blue; Avery Loomis, my town, red, Kansas wheat fields, red, my backyard, blue; Abbey Schleifer, this is my father's world, grand champion, Kansas wheat fields, blue, my backyard, red.
Artistic design-adult div. Becky Loomis, Kansas wheat fields, blue, my backyard, blue, my town, blue, this is my father's world grand champion; Pat Zentz, my backyard, blue, my town, red, this is my father's world, red; Kerma Crouse, my backyard, red.
Booths: Christian Church, 1st, purple; Methodist Church, 4th, yellow; J-Janes, 2nd, red; 4-H no placing; Library, 3rd, white; youth group, 5th, green.
Booths display only: Linda Woerner; Pat Willmeth; Pioneer; FBLA; FFA; Kerma Crouse; Billi Arasmith; City of Jewell; Book Club.
Crafts-junior: Jada Eilert, string art, red, craft, red, ceramics, red, other sewing, blue, painting, red, corn art, red; Avery Loomis, corn art, white; Ashlyn Loomis, corn art, blue; Abbey Schleifer, diorama, blue, barn quilt, blue, clay sculpture, blue; Matthew Rice, wood working, red.
Photographs and painting-junior: Abbey Schleifer, painting-wolf, red, photography, butterfly, red, sunflower, blue, blue angels, blue, my friend, red, my cats, red, display only painting; Kolter Williams, photography, poppy, red.
Woodworking-adults: Connie Butts, other framed T-shirt, red; Gerald McAtee, serving tray, blue; Jim Rice, display case, grand champion, bird house, blue.
Photographs and painting-adult: Linda Woerner, photography, white, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, grand champion, blue, blue, white, red, red; Jessie Eilert, photography, grand champion; Roy Arasmith, photography, white; Brenda Dooley, photography, red; Jacque Williams, photography, red, red; Jim and Amy Rice, painting, red.
Crafts-adult: Marilyn Bourbon, corn art, fall dec, blue; Elva Folsom, embroidered greeting cards, blue.
Food-canning: Amy Rice, canning corn, red, green beans, white, carrots, blue, sweet potatoes, while, salsa, blue.
Needlecraft: Amy Rice, knitting scarf, red.
Garden: Jada Eilert, pumpkin, blue, red, blue, mixed plate, blue, watermelon, blue, tomato, blue, red, red, pepper-cayenne, blue, blue, jalepeno, blue, blue, grape tomato, purple, red, pear tomato, red, red, peppers, blue, red; Jim and Amy Rise, tomato, blue, red; Becky Cockroft, pepper-jalepeno, blue, red, red; Shelby Bohnert, sweet potato, blue; Damon Bohnert, sweet potato, red; Bill Loomis, onion, purple; Abbey Schleifer, zucchini, blue, blue; Gerald McAtee, gourds, blue, blue; Else Koops, pepper yellow; Carson Koops, red peppers, red; Joanna Koops, orange peppers, blue; Eli Koops, green peppers, red; Isaac Koops, green peppers, purple; Knox Loomis, pumpkin 300 lbs., blue; Jenna Loomis, pumpkin 380 lbs., purple.
Quilts: Pat Zentz, blue, grand champion, red, blue, blue; Marisa McCreight, red; Marsha Ericson, blue; Connie Butts, T-shirt quilt, grand champion; Elva Folsom baby quilt, red, embroidered, blue.
Quilt show exhibitors: Samantha Loomis, Jan McCollough, Kerma Crouse, Frosty Crouse, Karen Boden, Susie McCarty, Pat Zentz, Marisa McCreight, Marsha Ericson, Pat Willmeth, Marilyn Joerg, Gaye Daniels, Roy Arasmith, Lola Abram, Becky Loomis, Billi Arasmith, Jarrett Arasmith, Grant Arasmith, Peg Bohnert, Susan Greene, Karen Matteson, Stacey Delzeit, Gilly Reiter.