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Jewell American Legion post moves

Pawnee Mental Health Services director retires



Jewell American Legion post moves
Jewell City Council met Jan. 5. Attending were council members Bruce Barrett, Max Burks, John Stoeber and Kris Williams; Mayor Bill Loomis; and City Clerk Amy Arasmith. Council member Darrell Bohnert was absent.
It was reported the American Legion Post will be moving from the current room into the former day care area of the community center.
The council reviewed the grant application for playground mulch.
The resignation of Carl Knarr as part-time city maintenance person was accepted.
Loomis reported the bid letting for the Highway 14 project is scheduled in February.
Following the council meeting the Jewell Apartment Board of Directors met.
It was reported Cunningham Cable will begin charging a monthly fee for cable TV service in the activity room. In the past there was no charge for this.
Cindy Barrett informed the board of the need to review the tenant selection plan.

Pawnee Mental Health Services director retires
Terry Seier-Becker retired from Pawnee Mental Health Services on Dec. 30 after 12 years of service. Terry is a licensed clinical psychologist.
Terry earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychology from Fort Hayes University.
Terry began her employment with Pawnee in 2002 as a day treatment emergency therapist. In 2003, she became Pawnee's crisis services program director and served on Pawnee's management team.
"We appreciate Terry's service to the communities we serve" said Robbin Cole, executive director. "Terry worked on the front line, responding to the needs of members of our communities and of our community stakeholders."
Pawnee Mental Health Services is a licensed community mental health center and licensed substance use treatment center serving approximately 7,800 people annually in north central Kansas including those in Jewell County. The agency maintains an office in Mankato.

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