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Christmas Open House Tuesday in Mankato

Rock Hills elementary students 'talk turkey'



Christmas Open House Tuesday in Mankato
Looking for Christmas gifts? Needing somewhere to go close by that will put you in the Christmas shopping spirit? Or perhaps looking for a place to finish up your Christmas shopping where you don't have to fight a large crowd, endure the pushing and shoving, or stand in those long lines at the checkout.
The annual Christmas Open House will be held at the Mankato Community Center , Tuesday, Dec. 2, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
This open house was started back in the early 2000s by Pam Dunstan and Lori Bonjour, at that time owners of Hair and More Salon located in Mankato.
"The first few years we held the open house at the VFW Hall," said Pam.
Pam and Lori wanted to showcase their Mary Kay products and some other individuals had shown an interest in showcasing their wares so they took it upon themselves to organize the event and it has been going ever since and growing in participation both in vendors and attendees.
"We started out with 5 or 6 individuals participating and this year we have 21 participants, of which six are new to the event this year. We also have had other individuals who contacted us too late who were interested in joining in the event but we had to turn them down as we were full of vendors," said Pam.
Two of the individuals who started out with the event were locals, Amanda Anderson and Belinda Jeffrey. Amanda is still involved this year. Thelma Shelton, Jewell, showcasing Tupper-ware has been one of the vendors for quite some time also.
In 2007 the Christmas Open House was moved to the Mankato Community Center and the vendors that year numbered 15.
The Christmas Open House in Mankato is always held the first week in December on a Wednesday afternoon and early evening. The reason it is held in early December is so those that are selling products purchased from a company may order their wanted gifts in and have them in time for Christmas. Becoming even more popular at the event are baked goods.
"We try to hold the Open House in the late afternoon so working individuals can attend while on break from their jobs and also for those who want to stop after work. I think a plus for us is being located so close to Kier's Grocery Store as people see all the cars and come over after they have bought their groceries," said Pam.
Lori Bonjour left the Hair and More business early this year. So Pam Dunstan, and Haley Thompson, a new co-owner of the business, are continuing the traditional Christmas Open House.

Rock Hills elementary students 'talk turkey'
(Following are the results of the annual Thanksgiving survey among Rock Hills students.)
Pre K
What do you like to eat for Thanksgiving?
Allison Underwood: turkey.
Greta Ayers: turkey.
Nolan Harris: pumpkin.
Jacob Harkness: grapes, we also eat turkey and I like it.
Mason Faulkner: hot dogs and bacon, eggs and tomatoes.
Alynza Alvord: mashed potatoes and gravy.
Victor Wagoner: apples and grapes.
Claire Babson: apple pie.
Barrett Bruns: bananas.
Blaine Frost: spaghetti with hamburger.
Dalton Strnad: chocolate hearts, give help stuff for people.
Morgan McMains: cooked apples and have a sleepover
Brecken Shulda: chicken.
Mailey Gray: turkey, broccoli.
Makina Cross: pizza.
Jordan Dyke: vegetables, corn but no green beans, pizza, strawberries.
Kaylee Jacobs: pumpkin pie with cool whip, corn.
Karley Garst: turkey.
Richie Reiter: candy all kinds.
Myles Coil: candy, suckers with tootsie roll in the middle or gum.
Jordan McDaniel: cheese burger, French fries, pizza and sloppy Joes.
Bentley Neilson: oranges.
What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?
Colin Wirth: mashed potatoes.
Savannah Mitchell: potatoes.
Owen Mizner: mashed potatoes, chicken, all kinds of cookies.
Emma Alvord: pizza.
Layn Badger: hot dogs.
Samara Reynolds: pizza.
Leighten Ault: sloppy Joe.
Merissa Coleman: shrimp.
Brynlee Manning: macaroni.
Sadie Greene: chicken.
Rylee Dunn: bananas.
Aerilyn Davis: turkey.
Meili Ost: turkey.
Anthia Faulkner: turkey.
Karah Wagner: pizza.
Waylen Ault: macaroni and cheese, turkey.
Stephenie Whitson: cake chocolate frosting.
Waysen Colson: chicken.
Tristan Guinnip: turkey.
Catelyn Rothchild: pizza.
Aidan Brown: pickles, peanut butter and jelly.
Kaylan Slayton: turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese.
Nolan Grout: pizza.
Zakary Dean: turkey.
Laney Moser: candy.
Griffen Dunstan: Fritos.
First grade
What do you like to eat at Thanksgiving time?
Max McMains: turkey.
Wyatt Strnad: turkey.
Morgan Hoselton: chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Nolan Eakins, turkey, ice cream.
Allyson Peer-Roddy: strawberry ice cream, turkey, apples.
Jayce Cady: pumpkin.
Blake Fultz: turkey.
Chloe Rothchild: turkey, pumpkin.
Ty Vance: chicken wings, turkey.
Chace Fogo: sloppy joe, hamburger.
Maddix Faulkner: chicken, scrambled eggs.
Eli Whelchel: turkey, ice cream, grapes, pumpkin pie with whip cream, cherry pie, apple pie, hamburgers.
Justin Luong: pumpkin pie with whip cream, ice cream, yogurt.
Noah Mitchell: ice cream, yogurt.
Second grade
Where do you go at Thanksgiving time?
Savannah Coil: my grandmas house.
Gavin Hall: grandad and grandma Beckys, mom and dads.
Ally Beck: cousins house.
David Cleary: sisters house.
Ethan Wirth: at our house or grandpa Pams.
Alexandria Fogo: grandma Deannas.
Jordan Thronson: grandma Kruse.
Remi Porras: no clue, grandmas or our house.
Halle Mizner: grandma Barb.
Baley Whetham: maybe stay home or grandma Bernice or may not.
Isaac Deichen: both grandparents Pat Hollon.
Mickayla Hanson: grandma Nancys home.
Anthony Parker: home.
Ryan McMains: home.
Tyler DeSpain: grandmas.
Amber McDaniel: grandma Terry.
Dacey Beck: grandma Linda or Aunt Tines.
Draiden Ault: uncle Faulkner.
Cadence Einspahr: aunt Deb.
Kate Thronson: Grandma Krus.
Karleigh Davis: grandpa and grandma Joe's, they always give each one of us a pie of our own.
Bethany Simmelink: grandparents Danny and Marci Simmelink.
Miley Havens: grandmother Gale.
Whitley Frost: home or grandma Letas or grandma Gigi's.
Nelson Underwood: not sure. Don't remember what we did last year.
Third grade
How do you observe Thanksgiving?
Eli Vance: eat turkey. get it by hunting or buy it. pluck feathers, skin it, take to a slaughter house to check for disease, then cook it on a grill on low heat with a thermometer in it.
Cody Cleary: sometimes my house or aunts house or cousins in Wamego.
Cody Dean: meal at my moms house.
Gavin Garst: meal at our house.
Aaron Underwood: family comes to our house and my mom does the cooking.
Derrik Case: usually feast at grandmas house.
Kobi Bowers: get together with some of my family, eat turkey and other food and have fun.
Ellie Callaway: go to grandma and grandpa Callaways, east and play games and have fun.
Nakita Mohler: go to brother Spencers house have turkey together and then play games outside like tag.
Calen Beck: go to aunt Kristines, first we watch football, Bears and Lions, eat turkey and all that stuff and then go to the basement our outside and play with toy guns and then go home.
Jada Eilert: go to grandma and grandpa Becky and Daryls house.
Alicia Torres: stay home, have turkey and sometimes have family over.
Noah Shipman: some friends and family over.
Trinity Ruthstrom: I like it.
Caleb Saathoff: eat turkey.
Nathaniel Meyers: we go to grandpa Franks house on the farm.
Faith Reinert: every year to we go grandma and grandpa Reinerts house but this year grandma Jenny is living in Beloit so she will be here to.
Hayden Kraus: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and we eat turkey.
Cooper McDill: eat turkey at my house or grandma Janis house and play with my big brother.
Taygen Meier: have family time and help each other when we are needed.
Kinsey Garst: go to grandma Darlenes usually Mom will make homemade ice cream and fudge.
Fourth grade
We are pretending. I'm coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner. Cook me something.
Kalifornia Peer-Roddy: turkey. put it in the over for one or two hours, cook it nice and good, take it out, put seasoning on it, salt, pepper, lemon. While it sets for a while I'd made gingerbread cookies for dessert.
Grace Ayers: pumpkin pie. make the dough and set it in the frig. for a hour, shape it for a pie, make pumpkin stuff and put in pie pan and bake. Also a cherry pie, cook cherries, cool a while, put in pie and cut top and bake it.
Lucas DeSpain: corn. put it in a pan, then in the oven, use five cans corn and cook four minutes on medium. Take it out put in container and serve to all the kids.
Jaren Guinnip: I'd fix peas by dad's style. Put them in a pot with water, salt and pepper, they set all day long, stir once in a while, when done take out of pot. Sometimes we use extra stuff like butter.
Mason McMains: turkey. Cut a hole where his head was and put two sticks of butter in there with seasonings, pepper, rosemary, thyme, garlic. Put in the oven with a thermometer at 320 degrees for one hour. When done skin will be brown and when the thermometer says 320 degrees it is perfect. Take out cover with more seasoning and cook more.
Abbey Schleifer: turkey beef spaghetti. Take a large pot fill with water, get hot to boiling on large burner, take four servings spaghetti break it up and put in water and cook 30 to 45 minutes. While that cooks made the sauce, open jar of Ragu. Cook beef, drain grease and chop it up, chop up the turkey and add both to the sauce, simmer, it will be special. When spaghetti is done put in strainer to drain the water, put it in a bowl then the sauce and serve.
Carlton Wright: make celery, rinse in water, put cream cheese and peanut butter on it. Also pumpkin pie. put in spinning bowl cook it and eat it.
Tyler Hanson: turkey. buy it or hunt it, thaw, cook in pot with water and thermometer on top. Dad probably uses olives, tomatoes, onions, cook one hour and then one hour and keep going until done. Use wood seasoning and sprinkle all over.
Brody Head: grilled cheese. one side bread put butter and then other piece bread put butter, then one or two slices cheese, put other bread on top and then cook until cheese melts.
Hannah Simmelink: egg white cookies. soft and gooey. break eggs apart, add butter and flour, sugar, vanilla, salt. mix and put on cookie sheet and back at 350 degrees.
Aaron Sterling: peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Jif peanut butter, no crunch, grape jelly and white bread.
Kale Whelchel: grilled turkey. 20 minutes rotate and 20 minutes rotate again. use barbecue sauce-sweet and zesty, but go easy or it will burn, cook total of 30 minutes.
Riley Westgate: frozen corn dog. put on a plate put in microwave, cook for one minute eat with ketchup and chips.
Isabella Volker: stuffing. use honey wheat bread and cut in small chucks alot of seasoning, minced onion, Italian seasoning, black pepper, butter and baking spray, bake 315 degrees for 12 minutes.
Alyssa Vanderpool: spaghetti, break up noodles with hands, put in large pot that has water in it on stove at 150 degrees. cook meat until done. Mom and I check our spaghetti by throwing a handful against the wall. Make spaghetti sauce put in meat drain serve to eat.
Fifth grade
What does Thanksgiving day mean to you?
Evie Wilkins: eating turkey, stuffing and ham. Best thing is being with family, friends and cousins.
Garrett Barry: no school.
Samuel (Grant) Meyers: spending time with family.
Davin Coil: giving thanks for what you have.
Selena Luong: seeing family.
Hayden Callaway: seeing family in Nebraska.
Samuel Saltzman: no school.
Kayle Wagner: family.
Troy Duskie: being with family.
Case Scarrow: family.
Katie Stevens: being with brothers and mom.
Dayton Garst: just Thanksgiving and being thankful.
Aubree Whelchel: spending time with family and eating food.
Haley Garst: getting to see family and eating.
Lauren Whelchel: getting to see family.
Josiah Frampus: seeing family in Oklahoma.



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