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More thqan 14,000 concealed carry permit applications received

Becker reunion held in Mankato



More than 14,000 concealed carry permit applications received
The attorney general's office received more than 14,000 applications for concealed carry licenses in the recently ended 2014 fiscal year, according to Derek Schmidt, Kansas attorney general.
Between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, the Concealed Carry Licensing Unit received 14,205 applications. This was the second highest year on record, following the 25,316 applications received during the 2013 fiscal year. Since the licensing program first began in 2006, the office has received more than 90,000 applications.
"The concealed carry program continues to be popular for Kansas citizens interested in becoming trained and licensed to protect themselves and their families," Schmidt said. "Our office will continue to administer this program as the legislature intended."
Since taking office in 2011, Schmidt has expanded the number of states that recognize Kansas concealed carry permits from 24 to 36. A law passed last year by the Kansas Legislature, recommended by Attorney General Schmidt, allows all valid out-of-state permits to be recognized in Kansas when the non-resident permit holder is traveling temporarily in Kansas.
Currently, more than 83,000 Kansans have active concealed carry permits.

Becker reunion held in Mankato
The 54th Becker reunion was held Sunday at the Mankato Community Center. Those attending were Marci Richardson and family, Robert and Diana Feldmann, Smith Center; Kevin and Tony Standley, Eric Standley and Shelly Tichenor, Downs; Kenny Standley, Lebanon; Kimmey Standley, Beloit; Dan, Kylee, and Knox Eilert, Jewell; Jack Alcorn, Kearney; Janice and Glenn Tucker, Denver, Colo.; Kent, Kylee, Erica Rahmeier, Cindy Brozek, Matt and Izaac Hanson, Sylvan Grove; Donovan, Marica Walton and family, Kansas City, Mo.; Nick and Cindy Becker, Caitlyn May, David, Jamie and family, Shirley Eilert, Deb Hatfield, Merrill and Anna Standley, John Tyler, Sam and Marilou Becker, Wilbur and Betty Becker, all of Mankato.
The group also celebrated Sam Becker's birthday which was the same day.

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