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Corn Show results announced

Candidates sought for annual conservation awards



Corn Show results announced
In the parade division the results were as follows. Floats: 1st Trinity United Methodist Church; Jewell J-Janes; Jewell Christian Church. In the classic-antique vehicles, Raymond and Carol Wakefield received 1st place with their 1931 Ford Model A Car; 2nd was Charley and Linda Bowers in a 1954 2-door Chevy; and 3rd was Gene Coop in his 1965 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. Unusual entry category found 1st place David Smith in a 1920 Dodge Rat Rod; Gene Coop with Curtis Chamburg driving his Taxi Jr., and then a 1938 Model 2 Caterpillar, owned by Wendell Moyer and driven by Scott Moyer. In the horses and mounts Murray Horse Company with their black and white paint horses were first followed by Norman Greene with his mule drawn surrey. Antique tractor first place went to Chase Wagner with his 1942 Farmall H; 2nd, Nathan Saint with a 1939 John Deere A; and 3rd was Calvin Bohnert with his Farmall C.
Other parade entrants. Color guard; Rock Hills Jr-Sr marching band; parade marshals riding in Don Simmelink horse drawn wagon, driven by Michaela Simmelink; kids parade; Shrine clowns, Joe Brown and Gail Neilson; Eugene Dunstan and grandkids with small tractor; Tyler and Teri Dunstan following in cart; Jewell Grocery; Bob and Sally Engle in a 1929 Model A; Honda Gold Wing Trike with Everett LaCoe driving; Jewell 1st Responders; Bourbon trailers, Eric and Leroy Bourbon; 1902 Ford F100 Chad Woerner; 1971 Mustang, Don Robbins; old wagon, Terry Moyer; 50 model Mercury, James Keck; classic vehicle, Jean Rose; Jeep Rubicon, Curtis Ritz; '03 50th anniversary Corvette convertible, Galen Pahls; mini chopper, Bailey Hajny; 1969 4020 John Deere tractor, Steve Dunstan; antique car, Bert and Evelyn Warne; golf cart, Robin Griffeth and grandson; Rock Hills FFA; Kleppinger Funeral Home, driver Bruce Nutter; Candy cannon; John Deere 3010, Jesse Feldmann; Farmall Cub, Grant Arasmith; Mitchell County Hospital Resident Care Jewell resident riding; Bohnert Pioneer, Damon Bohnert and Shelby Smith; Jewell Implement, Jason Arasmith; NCK Tech, CDL, semi; Don Simmelink riding single mount.
Horticulture. Roy Hoffer, rose, white; Carol Divel, rose, white, mum, red; Abbey Schleifer, ornamental grass, red, rose, blue, blue, mum, red, marigold, red, basil, blue; wild flower, red; live forever, blue, berried branch, blue, blue, blue; Pat Zentz, ornamental grass, white, live forever, red, berried branch, red, blue, rose, white, red; Twila Means, rose, red, grand champion, red, blue, blue; Shirley Varney, rose, red, blooming potted plant, white, live forever, red, blooming potted plant, white, yellow, patio planter, white; Jada Eilert, rose, red; Jessie Eilert, rose, red, mum, blue; Becky Loomis, mum, blue, rose blue, zinnia, blue, petunia, red, ornamental grass, blue, mum, blue, marigolds, red, berried branch, white; Avery Loomis, mum, blue; Becky Cockroft, non blooming potted plant, blue; Jamie Underwood, patio planter, red; Marsha Knarr, live forever, red, marigold, blue.
Artistic Design. Youth: Ashlyn Loomis, artistic design, blue; Ashlyn Loomis, artistic design, blue; Ayden Loomis, artistic design, red; Abbey Schleifer, artistic design, blue; Jada Eilert, exhibitors choice, blue. Adult: Pat Zentz, corn show theme, blue, blue; Becky Loomis, corn show theme, blue, exhibitors choice, blue.
Canning. Marcia Duskie, canning, red; Bekcy Cockroft, red, red, red, red.
Quilts. Marla Koops, blue, blue; Abbey Schleifer, red, blue; Pat Zentz, red; Karen Boden, blue, blue; Barbara Heiman, blue, blue, blue; Elva Folsom, red, blue; Fawna Barrett, white.
Fine arts adult. Marla Koops, needlecraft, white; Ron Zentz, woodworking, blue, red, red, red; Karen Boden, crafts, blue; Jessie Eilert, photography, red; Jim Rice, woodworking, blue; Billie Arasmith, other, blue, blue; Kathy Mallory, needlecraft, blue; Elva Folsom, craft, blue; Becky Bolte, painting display only; Scott Dooley, photography, blue, purple; Myrna Shelton, other, blue, blue.
Exhibit only. Jessie Eilert, photobook.
Booth. 1st, Jewell Library; 2nd Trinity Methodist; 3rd J-Janes; 4th Southeast Coyotes; 5th Red Hats; Big Bear's Scroll Saw Art; CWF Christian Church; Rock Hills FFA display; Book Club; Jewell Youth Group; Jewell Christina Church; Kids For Christ; Pioneer; Citizens State Agency; Bourbon Trailers; American Legion Auxiliary; FCCLA; FBLA.
Fine arts junior. Shea McMillan, photography, blue, white, blue, white, blue, birdhouse, white, footprints, blue; Kynan Cross, crafts, red, footprint, red; Emerson Fuller, birdhouse white, footprint, red; Adien Jones, birdhouse, red, footprint, blue; Hallie McMillan, footprint, red; Jerod McMillan, footprint, red; Abbey Schleifer, other, blue; Jada Eilert, other, white, blue, crafts, blue, red, white, white, red, blue, blue, blue, blue; Jensen Eilert, crafts, red; Grant Arasmith, blade, red, wagon, red, woodworking, red, red; Matthew Rice, woodworking, blue.
Corn. Rhys Marihugh, Pioneer 1151, blue; Eli Koops, Pioneer P1151, purple; Isaac Koops, Pioneer 1151, blue; John Edwards, Pioneer 1496, blue, 1492, blue; Dick Edwards, Pioneer 84G62-1492, blue, 1492, purple.
Milo. Leon Boden, Triumph TR438, red, largest head Triumph TR438, blue, Fontanelle GH233, blue, largest head Fontanelle GH233, blue; Austin Eilert, Pioneer 85G43, purple; Wyatt Duskie, Pioneer 85G46, blue; Carlyle Saint, Pioneer 86G32, blue; Nathan Saint, Pioneer 86G32, blue; Curt Saint, Pioneer 86G32, blue; Ted Thummel, Channel 650B, blue, largest head, Channel 650B, purple.
Soybeans. Tyler Marr, Syngenta NK36B6, purple, Syngenta NK36B6, blue, Syngenta NK36B6, blue, Syngenta NK36B6, blue; Damon Bohnert, Pioneer P39T67R, blue; Shelby Smith, Pioneer P39T67R, blue; Tom Marr, Syngenta NK36B6, blue.
Garden. Jada Eilert, tomatoes, red, potatoes, purple, blue, peppers, blue, blue, cherry tomatoes, purple; Jensen Eilert, peppers, blue; Jessie Eilert, peppers, blue, mixed plate, purple, cherry tomatoes, blue, blue, tomatoes, red; Grant Arasmith, field radish, red, pumpkin, purple, blue; Roy Hoffer, eggplant, purple, cantaloupe, blue, black walnut, blue, blue, turnips, red, cucumbers, blue; Earl Varney, apples, blue; Bill Loomis, pumpkin, blue; Marsha Knarr, tomatoes, blue, pepper, purple; Logan Schwerman, turnip, purple, field radish, blue, blue; Thomas Schwerman, turnips, blue, field radish, blue.
Car Show results. Best of Show, Jim Keck, Burr Oak; Peoples Choice, Nick Pahls, Jewell.
Road Rally Results with 21 entrants. 1st Derek Birdsell car; 2nd Jesse Williams car; 3rd Darica Bohnert car.
Trap Shoot results. 1st Braden Black, Randall; 2nd Ian Birdsell, Jewell; 3rd Damon Bohnert, Jewell.
Avery Loomis was the winner of the A "Maze" ing corn contest.

Candidates sought for annual conservation awards
The conservation awards program will again be held in Jewell County according to Sandra Wick, K-State Research and Extension, Post Rock District agriculture agent, who serves as chairman of the committee to select candidates for awards.
"This program is being sponsored by the Kansas Bankers Association," said Wick. This year the KBA, K-State Research and Extension, and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism are proud to announce six award categories including energy conservation, water quality, water conservation, soil conservation, windbreaks and wildlife habitat. The awards will be presented at the Jewell County Conservation District annual meeting.
The purpose of this program is to stimulate a greater interest in the conservation of the agricultural and natural resources of Kansas by giving recognition to those farmers and landowners who have made outstanding progress in practicing conservation on their farms. Each year more than 200 Kansas producers and landowners are recognized for their efforts.
Nominations can be made by any person in the county. The nomination forms and more information are available from either the Jewell County Conservation District office or the Mankato office of the Post Rock Extension District and are due by Nov. 3. Completed forms should be returned to the conservation district office or the extension office. The wildlife award should be sent to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism district biologist by Nov. 3. Visit the following K-State Research and Extension website for more information:

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