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Another earthquake shakes Jewell County

Phillips picked as district magistrate


Another earthquake shakes Jewell County
What's a week in Jewell County without an earthquake? An abnormal week it appears. Apparently two more have been recorded in the past eight days. The latest came at 2:02 a.m. Monday morning and was located 6 km west, northwest of Mankato, a different area. Most of the previous earthquakes have been located south, southeast of Mankato.
This week's quake measured 2.9 and was said to be centered about 5 km below the surface, a common depth for the recent quakes.
It was the eighth quake in 30 days and the 26th quake in the prior 365 days.
Thus far little, if any apparent damage has been attributed to the quakes.

Phillips picked as district magistrate
The 12th Judicial District Nomination Commission has selected Kevin L. Phillips to fill the magistrate judge vacancy in Jewell County.
The commission conducted public interviews of applicants for the position Friday in Mankato.
Phillips, Mankato, is a lawyer in private practice. His new position as magistrate judge will be effective upon his swearing in.
The 12th Judicial District includes Cloud, Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Republic and Washington counties. The vacancy was created by the January retirement of Magistrate Judge John Bingham.
Kansas law requires that a magistrate judge be a resident of the county at the time of swearing in and while serving; be at least 30 years old; have graduated from a high school, secondary school, or the equivalent; and either be a lawyer admitted to practice in Kansas or pass an examination given by the Kansas Supreme Court and become certified within 18 months.
The 12th Judicial District Nominating Commission consists of Justice Caleb Stegall of the Kansas Supreme Court as the nonvoting chair; Dana E. Brewer and J. Bradley Lowell, both of Concordia; Carol K. Good, Barnard; Jerry L. Harrison and Dwight L. Daniels, both of Beloit; Daniel D. Metz, Lincoln; Tanner M. Johnson, Courtland; Darrell E. Miller and Rick Diamond, both of Mankato; Douglas G. Simms, Belleville; Regine L. Thompson, Scandia; Bruce E. Meyer, Palmer.

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