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Sept. 18, 2014 issue

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Burr Oak Library Plans New Building

PA Joins Mankato Medical Community

Rolling Hills Moving Toward Consolidation

Pleasant View Cemetery Gets New Directory

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Burr Oak Library Plans New Building
By Tammy Finnell
After lots of meetings, phone calls and planning, the Burr Oak Community Library has an official plan of action.
The library board has decided they will not be renewing their lease in the current location of the Burr Oak School because of irreconcilable differences with the landlord. After looking at many options, the board has decided to build a new facility. The City of Burr Oak has agreed to donate a parcel of land for the location of a library building. As you can imagine, this is going to take time, funding, and community support.
A temporary home has been established at the Burr Oak Country Bar and Cafe on Main Street. The owner of the cafe offered to house the temporary library on the south side of the cafe in what used to be the bar area. The library will consist of a collection of children's books for all ages and assorted genres of adult books as well as audio books, video games and DVD collection. There will also be Inter Library Loan services. Books and materials may be requested, and the Burr Oak Library staff members will order them. In most cases those items will arrive in seven to 10 days.
Beginning Nov. 3, the new hours of operation will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, from noon to 2 p.m., and Wednesdays from noon until 6 p.m. The library members will be moving the telephone lines and internet to the new location. The phone number will remain same as before.
Fund raising efforts will begin immediately. The library is applying for several grants to help build the new facility. These grants all require "match money."
The current library will be closed for business the month of October so that books can be packed and shelves disassembled. Anyone interested in helping pack up to move can stop by, call, or leave a message on the Burr Oak Community Facebook page.

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PA Joins Mankato Medical Community

Monday morning as the Jewell County Rural Health Clinic opened their doors to receive patients, Joe Black, PA-C was among the physicians offering services.
Having worked 14 years at the Pulmonary Critical Care Clinic connected to Via Christie, Wichita, Black has lots of experience in both cardiovascular and pulmonary disease plus critical care medicine. He received a bachelor of science degree from Wichita State University as a physician assistant and then obtained a master of physician assistant studies from the University of Nebraska.
A resident of Newton, Black at the present time is staying at the family farm located six miles south of Randall. Having been raised on this farm by his parents, Dewayne and Gloria Black, as a small boy he attended the First Christian Church in Randall where he played the piano during the church services.
"This is home and I look forward to being back in the rural community I grew up in," said Black.
His wife, Diana, who grew up in Oberlin, is a Professor at WSU. The Black's have three children, two daughters and a son, and the family has also been blessed with a granddaughter, Ruby, who is five months old.
Black will be on duty at the Jewell County Rural Health Clinic three days a week, sometimes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and other weeks Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Rolling Hills Moving Toward Consolidation Plan

Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative continues to move forward on the plan to consolidate offices at Beloit.
In August of last year, the cooperatives membership voted a controversial centralization plan.
The first phase will build a satellite facility in Osborne for a four person field crew. Rolling Hills expects to award a construction contract in October. Construction could begin immediately after the contract is awarded. It is anticipated the facility will be operational in early 2015.
Rolling Hills has purchased land for the main office facility to be constructed near the intersection of Highways 9 and 24 at Beloit.
"Looking at our service area, Beloit offers the most central location to bring together all of our office personnel and half of our linemen, who currently operate from distant locations. The piece of land is well situated for the access we need." said Doug Jackson, the cooperative's manager.
The board selected the design build process over the traditional design bid build process.
Under this process, a team of design architects and engineers work together with a construction management firm from the beginning of the project.
The board considered experience, expertise and bench strength in the selection of a design build team.
"We wanted a team that knows the electric cooperative business and how to design facilities for efficient operation, a team with a demonstrated track record of success, a team with good bench strength, sufficient qualified personnel to execute a successful project, a team that will design and construct a facility within our budget," said Gary Frieling, trustee and board president. Based on those considerations, the board selected the design build team of Cooperative Building Solutions, M+H Architects, and Paric Corporation.
The 2014-17 construction work plan of $17.1 million will upgrade the existing system.
The plan includes approximately $3.2 million specifically for transmission system upgrades in the Lovewell and Hunter areas.


Pleasantview Gets New Directory

A cemetery directory has been added to the Pleasantview Cemetery located southeast of Montrose. This directory was made possible through the generosity of memorials given in honor of Jerry Kinsey, who died in May of 2013, and donations made by others with connections to Montrose and the surrounding area.
The frame was constructed by Darrell Bohnert of Jewell. The installation and finishing work was done by Todd Kimminau with the help of the Walt Holdren family, Roger Rightmeier and Jerod Kinsey. Roxanne Holdren Kimminau compiled and prepared the color coded cemetery plot information.
The directory sits in the east section of the cemetery near the south fence.

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