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March 23, 2017 issue

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Local FHSU shooter to compete at nationals

County will seek burn ban input from fire chiefs

School board approves technology purchases for next year

Former Jewell man part of relief convoy

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Local FHSU shooter to compete at nationals

Michael Saint, a member of the Fort Hays State University shooting team, has qualified and will be attending the national shooting competition Sunday through next Monday in San Antonio, Texas.
To be eligible for the national competition Michael had to place third or better in an international competition. On March 12, competing against more than 80 other shooters, Michael won the trap shoot held in Tucson, Ariz., with a score of 102 out of 125, and placed third overall. That same competition, FHSU had two others also qualify for San Antonio.
In international competitions, shooters are allowed to shoot two different ways. The shooter is allowed to call for their target while the gun is mounted at the shoulder or while the gun is mounted in the stomach area.
"After the shooter calls for the target, if you mess with your gun before you shoot, or flinch, you lose the target in scoring," said Michael.
When the Jewell Gun Club reorganized and restarted is when Michael started shooting. That would have been when he was an eighth grader.
"Every second Sunday of the month the gun club would meet in Jewell and I would go with my dad and brother, Nathan," said Michael.
To be a member of the FHSU shooting team, one has to be an all around shooter.
"I didn't have a specialty in anything. I just shot strictly trap and I was wrong. I thought I was a pretty good shooter, but I learned I wasn't. I joined the developmental team at FHSU where I shot for a whole year. Coach saw that I was willing to be coached and told me one of the things I needed to do was extend the length of my gun because the gun I was using didn't fit me well," Michael said. "Dad and I went shopping for a new gun. I got an over-under, double barrel, Browning Stori crossover. Dad really got into this with me and at that time probably wanted me to do it more than I did. He's the one that found the gun."
In the spring of 2015, Michael, his dad and brother, Nathan, started also going to the Osborne Gun Club to shoot skeet. With the new gun and more time practicing, Michael said he felt he was starting to get pretty good.
"My entire family is really who got me started in the shooting. Dad comes to just as many shoots as he can. My uncles, Larry and George, come to what competitions they can, as well as my mother when she can, and my brother, Nathan, when he can," said Michael.
That fall when school started, Michael devoted a lot of time to practicing. For the college, the competitions start the second week in September. This year the first one was at Wichita. At these competitions, they shoot trap, skeet and sporting clays. Throughout the months of September and October, the team travels to competitions in Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Missouri and, finally, Ohio. For the most part, the competitions are held on weekends. Halloween, the fall nationals are held in Ohio.
"FHSU won Division II SCTP this past year at Ohio," said Michael.
FHSU has a lot of shooters that atarted in the sport during their 4-H years. To make the team, individuals have to shoot 93 percent in trap and 88 percent in skeet, be a full time student enrolled at FHSU and carry a 2.0 grade point average. Team members are also required to perform volunteer work throughout the season.
"Our team helps with 4-H, Pheasants Forever and Wounded Warrior shoots," said Michael.
Team members pay for their entry fees and their food. Travel, shells and hotels are paid for by the team. The main coach for FHSU is Mr. Shepherd. Sometimes past shooters, of which one is a national finalist, will help as well. All members help each other out. There are 19 shooters on the team. Seven women are out for the sport, so they have a full squad. In competition, the team can be made up of men and women.
"In shooting, it doesn't matter on the gender; I have been out shot by women," said Michael.
During the regular season, the team competes individually and as a team. Twenty shooters will be placed on the roster for the national competition, which puts the FHSU team in Division II. Of the trap, skeet and sporting clay competition, Michael says his favorite is skeet. "You are able to have more inter-activity with the other contestants. Hadn't shot skeet before, but now it's fun, trap is fun, sporting clays are difficult."
At Fort Hays State University, Michael is pursuing a degree in business management. He could possibly graduate in December 2017 but says he will probably stay longer to get his master's degree in the program. He would be eligible to continue competing with the FHSU Gun Club for up to six years.

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County will seek burn ban input from fire chiefs
The Jewell County Board met Monday with commissioners Steve Greene, Mark Fleming and Keith Roe present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was also present for the meeting.
Angela Murray had the grant application for the Aid to Local program for approval. The commissioners approved the grant application for July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018.
Clark Howland discussed road concerns on O Road.
The commissioners approved Resolution 17-03, pertaining to financial statements and financial reports for the year ending Dec. 31, 2017.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, discussed the burn ban. He also discussed applying for a grant for use in upgrading equipment.
Minutes of the March 13 commissioners meeting were approved.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed road and bridge maintenance. Mark Fleming reported Clark Howland's concerns about O Road and Paul Dahl's concerns.
Chris Petet, custodian, reported the fire extinguishers were inspected last week.
Carla Waugh had a proposal from Manatron, Inc., for upgrading the AS400 server to IBM Power 8 Solution Edition server with tape drive and tapes, three years software and hardware maintenance on server and three years hardware maintenance on the tape drive and installation for a total of $25,529.40. Carla said the current server is no longer supported by IBM. Commissioners approved the agreement with Manatron Inc.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, discussed the burn ban with the commissioners and Gail Bartley, emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator. The commissioners asked Bartley to contact the fire chiefs for input on the burn ban. Bartley reviewed a letter he prepared to send to the fire chiefs.

School board approves technology purchases for next year

The Rock Hills School Board met March 9 with the following in attendance: Brenden Wirth, Lori Yelken, Todd Mauerhan, Janelle Greene, Lori Slate, Bobi Fogo, Nadine Smith, Sam Meyers, Bob Rousch, Billie Cox and Jennifer Urbaniak.
Billie Cox, district technology coordinator, reviewed the quarterly technology report and requested approval for the technology purchases recommended by the technology committee. The board unanimously approved technology purchases in the amount of $93,374.
The board also approved service agreements with Cunningham Cable and Nex-Tech totaling $31,295.34.
Board members approved two bids from Walt's Furniture. One in the amount of $3,435.39 is for replacement of the carpet in the elementary library. The other, in the amount of $2,982, is for new tile in the elementary basement hallway.
A bid was approved in the amount of $15,070 from Topeka Foundry and Iron Works for 20 new doors for the high school gym area, including doors, door pulls, closers, hinges and installation.
The board convened in executive session to dicsuss matters affecting students. No action was taken as a result of the closed sesson.
Two more executive sessions were held to discuss non-elected personnel. After the second session, it was approved to name Belinda Jeffery as the high school golf coach for the remainder of the school year.
The board also met twice in executive session to discuss employer-employee negotiations. Afterward, it was approved to have Jennifer Urbaniak draft and send the 2017-2018 negotiations letter to the Rock Hills Education Association.
The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on April 10 at the district office in Mankato.

Former Jewell man part of relief convoy

Gene McIntyre, who grew up in Jewell and still has family there, was part of a 20 truck caravan that traveled from Missouri to the Ashland, Kan., area to deliver hay, fencing supplies, feed bunks, etc. to the devastated ranchers in the area.
McIntyre posted on social media that he had a semi load of round bales to donate, but did not have a semi to haul them. Within a short time connections were made and a convoy formed that left for the area on Saturday morning. The convoy was made up of flatbed trailers, gooseneck trailers and semi trucks. When they reached Bucklin they were turned south and unloaded in a large pasture on the Gardner Ranch. Shortly after they unloaded they started on their return trip and McIntyre was back home in Latour, Mo., by Sunday night. He reported that one rancher was feeding 30 big bales a day to keep his herd going. They are reportedly in need of hay, fencing supplies, money, milk replacer for calves and many other supplies.
McIntyre is the son of the late Keith and Daisibel McIntyre. His siblings, Steve McIntyre and Marsha Slate, still live near Jewell. He is married to the former Cheryl Wilson, also from Jewell.

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