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Sept. 20, 2018 issue

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JCCI holds annual board meeting

Public meeting held to discuss hospital project

Women in Ag program well-attended

Residents can make a difference by 'Choosing Jewell County'

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JCCI holds annual board meeting

Jewell County Cinema, Inc., held their annual board meeting Aug. 27 at the Mankato Christian Church, called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Thadd Hinkle.
Members present were Thadd Hinkle, Lisa Goodheart, Phyllis Christie, Sarah Ortman, Jill Klos, Chris Klos, Belinda Jeffrey, Janis McDill and Kristin Underwood.  Guests were Deb Harris and Janelle Greene.
Jill Klos moved that the current slate of officers be accepted by unanimous ballot. Belinda Jeffrey seconded the motion, Motion carried. The 2019 officers are Thadd Hinkle, president; Kristin Underwood, vice-president; Janis McDill, treasurer; and Lisa Goodheart, secretary. The regular monthly meeting was held following election of officers.
Lisa Goodheart read the minutes of the July meeting. They were approved as corrected.
Janis McDill presented the treasurer's report covering the dates June 1 to Aug. 27. The report was approved as presented.
Phyllis Christie said she will turn in a report from Mankato Plumbing on what they have done in the theatre. Chris Klos said a grant application for the brick work on the back wall of the theatre will be submitted during the next round. 
The ice cream social and fundraiser went well. Janis said she would like to see an income report that splits out card fees and ice cream sales. Five season passes were given out as prizes, and the people who won will be the only ones allowed to use them. They will be signed for and laminated when presented and there is no cash value. Chris said FedEx is leaving items for the theatre on the bench in front. Janis said they have a key, so she will ask that they leave items inside the theatre.
Deb Harris and Janelle Greene were approved as new board members by consensus. Movie suggestions were discussed, and the consensus was the Oct. 21 movie following the Solomon Valley Transportation fundraiser should be family friendly. The local SVT committee will do the advertising.
Thadd said the IMB board in the projector has to be turned on at least every other day to get power to the battery. This was new information to him, and he will program it to turn on as needed. 
Phyllis said she visited with the Cashway salesman who provides concessions to the school. She said she can purchase 50 pounds of popcorn for $26.03, a large container of popcorn oil for $65 and popcorn salt for $5.96. She will continue to buy candy locally. 
Jill said we will not have a student cleaning the theatre during this school year. Deb Harris said Brodstone Memorial Hospital in Superior has a volunteer outreach program where they will provide a grill, food and personnel for events. Chris contacted Tammy Kimminau but SVT already has supplies for their fundraiser. Discussion was held on attracting more volunteers to work at the theatre.
Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be Monday.

Public meeting held to discuss hospital project

The Jewell County Board met Monday with commissioners, Keith Roe, Steve Greene and Mark Fleming present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was present for the meeting.
Steve Greene moved to appoint Darrell Miller, Gail Bartley, Shannon Meier, Don Jacobs and Carla Waugh to serve as the sheriff's office relief fund committee. Mark Fleming seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
Chris Petet, custodian, had estimates for window replacement of three windows in the sheriff's office: Jackson's Glass Shop. for 44 x 57 bronze over slider aluminum window, mirror pane glass, $4,825.54; with level 2 Lexgard, $11,726.14 for 38 3/8 x 25 (old frames);
with level 2 Lexgard, $7,328.09. The commissioners discussed the quotes with the sheriff. The sheriff discussed office remodel and repairs and personnel. The commissioners requested more information before deciding on an option to replace the windows.
Gail Bartley, emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator, discussed replacing the tower building.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed routine business. Joel had an agreement for the sign project. Steve Greene moved to approve the contract for Preliminary Engineering (PE) Design Services by Consultant, Cost Plus Net Fee Agreement (sign project) Project No 45 C-4934-01. Mark Fleming seconded. Motion passed.
The minutes of the Sept. 10 meeting were approved.
Dwight Frost telephoned about V Road between 70 and 80 roads. Dwight said he needs the road department's assistance to remove trees in the ditch as they are replacing fence on the north side of Section 31 of Walnut Township (Z Road).
Elkins returned for additional signatures on documents. The commissioners advised Joel of Dwight Frost's telephone call concerning roads.
Elaine Peters telephoned with her concerns of the condition of 250 Road (Randall Road). The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m.
The commissioners met also last Tuesday. Commissioners Steve Greene and Mark Fleming were present. The minutes of the Sept. 3 meeting were approved.
Greene opened the public meeting at 9 a.m. for comments on the proposed pre-application with USDA Rural Development for financial assistance for an addition or renovation to Jewell County Hospital. Lori Slate said she wanted to thank the community for the support of the hospital project as the hospital is a vital part of the county. Jerry Anderson asked if there were plans to view and exactly what was going to be done. Cynthia Clark and Shannon Meier reviewed the process and current plans. Anderson said he thinks it needs to be made available for the public. Janis McDill asked about the time frame for the project. Clark said the estimated time frame is 12 months. Greene asked for other comments and none were made. The public meeting closed at 9:12 a.m. Those present for the public meeting were Jerry Anderson, Shannon Meier, Cynthia Clark, Janis McDill, Jenny Russell, Paula Hancock, D'Ann Gardner, Lori Slate, Susan Broeckelman, Julie Kennedy, Carole Simon, Kristin Little, Susan Abel, Lisa Goodheart and Lila Frost.
Jenny Russell, Jewell County Community Development, discussed funding options for the assisted living facility in Mankato. She also discussed the Crestvue apartments. Lisa Goodheart was present for the discussion.
Goodheart discussed usage of the buildings at the fairgrounds for events. Carla Waugh said the event sponsor would need to have liability insurance.
Fleming moved to appoint himself as voting delegate for KCAMP and KWORCC at the 2018 annual meeting, with Roe as alternate. Motion passed. Elkins discussed routine business. Sheriff Jacobs discussed operations and personnel.
The commissioners received a letter from USDA notifying that as of Aug. 28, a loan in the amount of $7.5 million has been reserved for the hospital project.
The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m. The commissioners and clerk went to Osborne to the multi-county meeting hosted by Osborne County with Smith, Mitchell and Jewell counties in attendance. Sherry Koster, sanitarian, provided the progress and financial reports for January through June of 2018 as well as the yearly financial report for July 2017 through June 2018. Chad Hallack, KDNS, asked that counties consider contacting the local radio station in emergency situations as they can help get information to the public quickly and accurately to assist local law enforcement. Other topics discussed were Mitchell County's causeway project; active shooter plans; bed tax; state appraiser and independent prosecutors. The next meeting will be hosted by Smith County in December.

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Women in Ag program well-attended
The Community Center in Esbon was buzzing with conversation and engagement among the participants from north central Kansas at the Women in Ag program. They joined in welcoming featured speakers from K-State Research and Extension, Dan O'Brien, NW Region ag economist, and Charlotte Shoup Olsen, family systems specialist. They not only shared their personal stories from on the farm, but also provided an evening of learning about the crop markets along with knowing your farm financial stability and working together as a family! The evening was filled with networking and sharing with others.
Information included specific market outlooks for corn, soybeans and wheat along with how the recent tariffs have impacted the commodities prices in combination with the past and future weather and global crop supplies. Participants were provided with K-State Research and Extension resources to help in their farming operations.
Jacob Underwood along with Grace and Greta Ayers led the "Kids Break-out session."
Door prize winners were Lori Bohnert and Brynlee Jeffery.
The Women in Agriculture program was a collaboration of partners of USDA agencies, including K-State Research and Extension, Post Rock District, along with FSA, NRCS and the Jewell County Soil Conservation District.

Residents can make a difference by 'Choosing Jewell County'

By Jenny Russell
Jewell County Community Development is currently running a "Choosing Jewell County" campaign. What does it mean to choose Jewell County? It's re-committing to shopping in Jewell County on most weekends, instead of driving out of town. And more. Here are some ways you can choose Jewell County every day.
Jewell County is making a comeback and you have the power to make it happen more quickly. Make conscious choices to buy more in Jewell County and to spend your energy here for a cause that you care about. Choosing Jewell County every day.
Choose to volunteer at home in Jewell County instead of spending your energy outside the county where you work or your children go to school. Bring your energy home. Jewell County needs you!
Do you want to choose Jewell County? Make the choice to travel home after work outside the county to shop in Jewell County instead
A great way to choose Jewell County is to designate a five percent gift in your estate planning to the Jewell County Foundation. Give 95 percent of your estate to your family and the rest to your community. Or consider a living gift pledge every year for Match Month in March. E-mail Trevor Elkins, Jewell County Foundation president, at for more information.
Choose Jewell County by making a conscious effort to buy less online this year. We know it's convenient to buy online but spending more dollars in Jewell County helps to support our businesses and can make our downtowns grow, creating a better atmosphere! Your choices do count.
Did you know the Jewell County Record has office supplies? Check them out next time you run out.
Why is it important to choose Jewell County? The tax dollars that are received from your purchases in Jewell County are used to finance streets, infrastructure upgrades and city services. It goes to improve your town instead of someone else's! For more information on Jewell County Community Development, go to, follow on Facebook or call 785-378-7036.

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