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Feb. 22, 2018 issue

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County attorney, board discuss burn ban

Dryness causing fire hazard

Mankato Council discusses Highway 36 speed limit

Mankato clean-up will be April 21

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County attorney, board discuss burn ban

The Jewell County Board met Tuesday with commissioners Steve Greene and Mark Fleming present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
Minutes of the Feb. 12 meeting were approved.
Shannon Meier, ambulance director, provided the monthly report for January with 28 responses for the month. He discussed equipment.
Donald Jacobs, sheriff, discussed the part-time officer position. Don said he is applying for a grant to upgrade the dispatch equipment.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed road maintenance. The commissioners discussed road concerns. Joel reported that 37 miles of dirt road has been built up in the past year.
Anna Porter, county appraiser, reviewed preliminary values for change of value notices that will be sent out soon.
The commissioners approved Abatement Nos. 2324 and 2325.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, discussed the county's burn ban and other legal matters.
Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Dryness causing fire hazard
Because of the dry weather in Jewell County and the rest of the state, fires are a hazardous situation. Sunday, every volunteer fire department in the county were called out to a fire.
Formoso Volunteer Fire Department answered a call at 9:15 a.m. at Fleming Game Birds, located one mile south of Lovewell Dam. A brush pile that was burned 10 days ago had reignited, with the Sunday fire cleaning out a waterway and burning some old timbers.
At the other end of the county, Esbon Volunteer Fire Department answered a call at 11:45 a.m. asking for mutual aide from the Downs Fire Department. There were eight departments ­­ Lebanon, Smith Center, Downs, Osborne, Cawker City, Tipton, Burr Oak and Esbon ­­ called 10 miles south of Esbon and in Erving Township on the county line. The fire traveled both directions and burned 120 acres or more of CRP, pasture and a variety of cover crops and stubble. No structures were involved. The origin of the fire was from a tree pile that had been burned 10 days ago reigniting. The Esbon Department returned to their fire house three hours later.
Around 1:36 p.m., Randall Volunteer Fire Department answered a fire call four miles east, one mile south, and one-half mile east of Randall. The wind had rekindled a tree pile burned 10 days ago belonging to Kenny Novak. Sunday's fire burned the tires off a hay trailer sitting in the area.
At 1:47 p.m. Jewell Volunteer Fire Department received a call of a fire on L Rd. and 130 Rd. The fire actually started one-half mile north on K Rd. on Loomis farms where because of high winds a week old brush fire had reignited. Mankato Volunteer Fire Department was called for mutual aide at 1:55 p.m. On their return trip from the fire located in Erving Township on the Jewell County line, Esbon Volunteer Fire Department stopped at this fire for a short time and helped with their quick attack and then were sent on home by Jewell Fire Chief Darrell Bohnert. Burned were 200 to 250 acres of grass and corn stalks. The fire was stopped at M Rd. after it had traveled over Loomis farms property, Don Grelinger property and some of Fred Eilerts property. Eilert brought two tractors and discs to assist with the fire. Jewell Volunteer Fire Department returned to their fire station at 6:30 p.m.
On Saturday, the Superior Rural Fire Department was called to a field fire south of Olive Hill Church.
Feb. 7 at 4:54 p.m., Mankato Volunteer Fire Department was called to a fire at 514 N. Commercial, the home of Julie Bourbon. A fire started in the kitchen of the home with damage to the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms on the main floor of the two story home.
Feb. 13 at 3:34 p.m. Mankato Volunteer Fire Department answered a grass fire call at Highway 36 and 130 Rd., property owned by Fred Eilert. Burned were less than 10 acres.
Feb. 16 at 11:58 p.m., Mankato Volunteer Fire Department was called to a extrication assist vehicle rollover at 280 and S Rd.

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Mankato Council discusses Highway 36 speed limit
The Mankato City Council met for their regular monthly meeting Feb. 6. Council members present were Susan Abel, Sam Becker, Lyle Dauner, Chris Klos and John Tyler; as well as Darrell Miller, city attorney. Minutes of the Jan. 9 meeting were read and approved.
Don Jacobs, sheriff, was present to discuss any concerns of the council. Discussion was held regarding the highway crosswalk and Highway 36 speed limits through town. After meeting with the KDOT area superintendent, the city administrator will draft a letter requesting the west bound speed limit reduce to 30 mph further to the east.
Jenny Russell presented a 2017 report for Jewell County Community Development and updated the council on park trail fundraising and the assisted living facility.
Neil Bouray and Nate Saathoff were present to discuss a variance on setback requirements for new construction at Mankato Livestock and vacating the alley on the east side of the property. Council approved a zero setback for the new construction. An ordinance vacating the alley from Case Street to the north will be voted on at the next meeting.
Sealed bids for the mowing contract were opened by the city administrator and read aloud: Chase Warne, park and pool per time $375, community center per season $3,600; M&M Lawn Care, park and pool per time $240, community center per season $2,025; Roy Alcorn, park and pool per time $400, community center per season $4,000. After discussion, the council voted to contract with M&M Lawn Care for the described mowing services.
Chris Klos brought up community concerns about blighted properties in the city. Discussion was held regarding possible courses of action for dealing with the properties. The city administrator will contact property owners to discuss plans for specific cases.
Council was presented with information regarding pay for council and mayors in the state of Kansas and specifically in the local area. Discussion was held. Council approved to pay the mayor $60 per meeting and council members $50 per meeting effective April 1.
Information was shared with the council about the power contract with KMEA. No action was necessary.
Discussion was held regarding salary adjustments for two non-elected personnel based on the most recent League of Municipalities salary survey. Council accepted the proposed salary adjustments.
Discussion was held regarding the contract for the 2017 financial audit. More information will be presented at the next council meeting.
Information was shared with the council regarding the Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurance renewal. No action was necessary.
Discussion was held regarding additional work to be done as part of the KDOT Airport Improvement Grant. Council approved the supplemental work contingent upon review by the project engineer.
Information was shared with the council regarding replacement cost of a wall furnace in the property at 205 N. Commercial St. No action was taken at this time.
A sealed bid for the Johnson Addition hay lease was opened by the city administrator and read aloud. The bid from Chase Warne of $450 was approved.
Council approved Ordinance No. 717 to move council meeting start times to 7 p.m. Correspondence was shared with the council.
Council member Becker shared information regarding potential funding sources for the quick attack truck conversion with no action necessary.
Council approved the bills.

Mankato clean-up will be april 21

The regular monthly meeting of the Mankato Chamber of Commerce was held on Feb. 14 with 15 members and one guest present.
Jason Ortman, president, called the meeting to order. Monica Walker, secretary, read the minutes of the January meeting. Sara Reiter gave the treasurer's report. The 2018 membership drive was reported on. Twenty-five members have paid dues so far. Reminder letters will be sent out in March.
April 21 is the date for our annual community-wide clean-up.
Posters were handed out to advertise the community garden. Ads will be placed in the paper in the next few weeks also. Don Koester will be tilling the garden for us and weather permitting it will be ready for planting by March 15.
The race series was discussed with the group. Several towns have agreed to be a part of it and a meeting will be organized for all interested towns. The Fun Run committee will be working on this and report at the March meeting.
Scholarship applications have been sent to the school. No changes were made to the application this year.
Brent Cunningham from Cunningham Telephone and Cable was our guest speaker. He gave an informative talk with a question and answer period following.
Next meeting will be held March 14 at noon at Bob's Inn.

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