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July 24, 2014 issue

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Contest winners announced from annual threshing bee

Sandcastle contest results announced

Bids awarded for Mankato housing rehab grant

Beef conference hits the road for 2014

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Contest winners announced from annual threshing bee

Winner of the drawings and games held Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with the Jewell County Historical Society Threshing Bee and Antique Farm Machinery Show were as follows.
Brian Underwood, Salina, was the lucky winner of the drawing for the 1954 Massey Harris Model 33 tractor.
Hunter Hayes, Lubbock, Texas, had his name drawn as the winner of the Massey Ferguson Model 8650, pedal tractor.
The sterling silver windmill necklace drawing was won by Karen Boden, Ionia.
The washer hunt game winners for Saturday were: A.J. Backfish, Lawrence, Kan.; Kaedrik Silsby, Topeka; Tyler Hansen, Mankato; Cooper McDill, Mankato; Haven Silsby, Topeka; Clayton Underwood, Beloit. Winners of the game on Sunday were: Ty Vance, Mankato; Daniel Novovsky, Overland Park; Annika Ruthstrom, Mankato; Jayden Moser, Beloit; Landon Worm, Webber; and Peter Smith, Scottsville.
Tractor Pull
The tractor pull for both days at the Jewell County Threshing Bee was organized by Karen and Brad Cockroft. Helpers throughout the weekend were: Curt Saint, David Reiter and Grant Arasmith. Jewell Implement supplied the pull back tractor.
Saturday winners. Small Class: Jack Baker, John Deere B, 1st; Waude Underwood, Farmall C, 2nd; Oren Underwood, John Deere MT, 3rd. Middle Class: C.J. Walker, Massey-Harris 44, 1st; Leon Boden, Massey-Harris 44, 2nd; Chase Wagner, Farmall H, 3rd. Large Class. Chase Wagner John Deere 630, 1st; Vic Schoenberger, Cockshutt 510, 2nd; Chad Winslow, Super Farmall M, 3rd. Heavy Class: Quentin Underwood, John Deere 830, 1st; Oren Underwood, John Deere R, 2nd; Ernest Scheor, Case LA, 3rd.
Sunday winners. Small Class: Terri Garman, John Deere MT, 2nd; Waude Underwood, John Deere MT, 2nd; Grant Arasmith, Farmall A, 3rd. Middle Class: Leon Boden, Massey-Harris 44, 1st; Chase Wagner, Farmall H, 2nd; Oren Underwood, Farmall H, 3rd. Large Class: Chase Wagner, John Deere 630, 1st; Chad Winslow, Super M Farmall, 2nd; Terri Garman, Super W6, 3rd. Heavy Class: Terri Garman John Deere 830, 1st; Waude Underwood John Deere 830, 2nd; Quentin Underwood, John Deere 803, 3rd.
Best pull of the weekend was Terri Garman, 10,555 pounds.




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Sandcastle contest results announced
Seven teams of families and friends participated in the annual sandcastle and sculpture contest hosted by Lovewell State Park on Sunday. Team choice of prize packages were given for first and second places for the best sand castle and best sand sculpture.
First place in the sand castle category was the Hayden family of Decatur Texas. Second place sand castle was the Todd Allen family of Courtland. In the sand sculpture category, first place winners were the  Burks, Gracik and Liggett families of Mankato with their polar bear and igloo sculpture. Winner of  second place was the Collette Clan of Concordia with a turtle sculpture. Photos of the entries may be viewed on the official Lovewell State Park facebook page: Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - Lovewell State Park.

Bids awarded for Mankato housing rehab grant

The Mankato City Council met July 8. Don Koester, mayor, and council members Sam Becker, Jim Ross, Dave Warne, Mac McCammon and Lyle Dauner were present. Darrell Miller, city attorney, was also present.
Visitor Keith Roe was present regarding development of Lots 2 and 3 in the Sunflower Addition. Roe presented plans for residential development of Lots 2 and 3. Discussion was held. City attorney Miller was asked to review the existing development guidelines and zoning regulations for possible modification.
Phyllis Liggett made a presentation of the investment strategy of library funds. Tammy Finnell presented the 2015 budget requested information. The city administrator was asked to review the current financial distributions to the library fund and communicate findings to Mrs. Finnell and Mrs. Liggett.
Rick Diamond, representing the Mankato Housing Board, presented bids for the Mankato Housing Rehabilitation Community Development Block Grant. Bids were approved for: $20,550 to M&R Buildings, Abilene, for 418 S. Lincoln; $22,940 to Snell Contracting, Abilene, for 408 N. Commercial; and $25,525 to Snell contracting, Abilene, for 218 S. Clinton St.
The award for 218 S. Clinton is contingent on the City receiving 25 percent matching funds from the landlord. Awards to Snell Contracting are contingent on his firm being under contract on one of the three contract awards from January 2014. Should he fail to execute a contract by Aug. 1 these awards and the awards from the first round will be revoked. There was no award on the property at 605 N. High.
Discussion was held. Rick Diamond noted that bids for the property at 605 N. High were far above current funding levels and suggested should the property owner be unable or unwilling to contribute sufficient funds to make up the difference that unused funds be applied to other projects within the scope of the grant. Diamond said disbursement of unused funds would require additional time exceeding guidelines set by the grant but that an extension to the timeframe could be requested. Council approved to request a six month extension to the grant timeline should the property owner decline the necessary financial contribution and that unused funds be directed to other projects within the scope of the grant.
Correspondence was received from the Jewell County Clerk concerning the Jewell County tax exemption policy. The city administrator was asked to review the policy and report at the August council meeting.
Discussion was held concerning the purchase of a new computer and software for city treasurer business. The city administrator was asked to visit with the treasurer and ascertain specific requirements of hardware and software necessary and to present findings at the August council meeting.
Discussion was held concerning engaging Data Tech to supply software training for the city with training held on site at the rate of $550 per day plus expenses. The council approved.
Cereal malt beverage applications were received from Bob's Inn to operate July 25 and Aug. 29 at the city park in conjunction with the Arts in the Parks program. The applications were approved.
An executive session was held concerning non salaried personnel. Coming out of executive session, the council approved to offer the open position in the water department to Matt Badger with an increase in hourly wages of $1.
A draft copy of the proposed city budget was presented with discussion held. The city administrator was instructed to make estimates on an additional oil storage tank and street improvements on Sunflower Ave. for possible inclusion in the 2015 budget.

Beef conference hits the road for 2014

By Neil Cates,
Post Rock Extension District
Instead of producers coming to Manhattan for the day, specialists will be hitting the road, traveling to six different locations across the state for the 2014 K-State Beef Conference. The Post Rock Extension District has teamed up with the Central Kansas, Midway, and River Valley Extension Districts to host the conference in Salina.
The goal of the meeting is for extension expertise to interface with cow-calf producers on a range of timely and economically impactful topics. State extension educators and collaborating district extension experts will provide a fast paced program that will get to the heart of a number of common myths and conclude with a town hall style question/answer session. Speakers will include state extension specialists Jaymelynn Farney, Dale Blasi, Charlie Lee, Sandy Johnson, Chris Reinhardt, Justin Waggoner and Bob Weaber.
Some of the myths that you might see busted will include: Trichomoniasis is a regulatory problem; antibiotic restrictions won't affect me; operation is too small for a planned breeding program; record keeping has to be complicated; I don't need to body condition score my cows; producers need 1,400 pound cows to make 1,400 pound fed steers; I can change a trait without affecting others; heterosis isn't important in today's beef business; all info in a bull sale catalog is important a bull's actual birth weight is a good selection tool; anything with a uterus is a replacement; Ionophores (Rumensin or Bovatec) are too expensive to be practical in my operation; I don't need to pay attention to wildlife or endangered species on my property.
The conference will be held Aug. 14, Salina, from 4:30 to 9 at the K-State Salina Campus Center. There is a cost. For more information or to register contact: Neil Cates, Livestock Extension Agent for the Post Rock District at

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