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May 28, 2015 issue

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New Boy Scout troop established

Mankato-Rock Hills alumni gather for reunion

Burr Oak-White Rock reunion held

Alumni gather for Jewell High School reunion

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New Boy Scout troop established

A group of nine boys, along with their parents and other community interested persons, have been working to organize a Boy Scout Troop. The VFW signed off on the charter of all Boy Scouts in the County. Having filed the necessary paper work with the Boy Scout Council Rock Hills Troop 46 has been formed.
"It is estimated that Boy Scouts in this area was disassembled about 20 years ago," said Roger Meier, Sr., Boy Scout Troop 46 scout master. Items found in storage that belonged to the Boy Scouts include a canoe and a sail boat.
"At the present time there are nine boys signed up for Boy Scouts and all have been through Cub Scouts. Of the nine boys, eight of them have the arrow of light badge which is the highest he can go as a Cub Scout," said Roger. "The ultimate goal of each boy is to reach Eagle Scout," said Scout Master Meier.
To be a Boy Scout a boy must have completed the fifth grade or be between the age of 11 and 18. Boy Scouts is not leader driven but more Scout driven. The Troop will probably be meeting once a week.
Obviously this newly formed Boy Scout Troop will need help financially to get things rolling. They have set a goal of $3,000 which will pay the charter fees $25, badges $20 to $30, book $12, Class A uniform $27, Class B uniform $13, Summer camp $200, fall and spring camps in Manhattan and Hays, local camping trips, tents, tarps, coolers, cooking supplies and equipment.
Each boy has to pay an annual fee of $24 per year to be a member of the Coronado Council of which Troop 46 are members. All other funds raised by the Troop stay within the Troop.
"Cub Scout 46 organization is helping us financially to get us started and will also be loaning us some tents," said Roger.
One of the fundraising activities is the collection of aluminum cans. A trailer is being built by the Scout leaders and will be placed in different places around the county to collect the cans. The Boys Scouts and the Cub Scouts will split the funds from this project 50-50.
Boy Scout Troop No. 46 will hold multiple fundraising activities, which have to be approved by the Boy Scout Council prior, with the first one scheduled, a bake sale, to be held in front of Weltmer Law Office Friday, 7:30 to 10 a.m.
A Boy Scout camp will be held June 14-20 at Camp Hanson, Kirwin Lake. At this camp the boys will have the opportunity to work on a lot of their badges.
Members of Rock Hills Boy Scout Troop No. 46 are Andrew Babson, Jacob Barry, Roger Meier Jr., Rylan Basart, Conner Cosand, Trevor Covalt, Rickie DeSpain Jr., Daniel McDill and Kole Vance.
Assistant scout masters are Stuart Vance and Josh Babson. Secretary-treasurer is Burgandy Babson. Committee members are Crystal Cosand, D'Ann Gardner, Amy McDill and Pamela Wirth.
Roger was in Cub Scouts as a boy but was not in Boy Scouts. He has lots of outdoor camping experience, has served in the Kansas National Guard for 24 years, been involved in auto mechanics all his life and at the present time is teaching diesel tech at NCK Tech in Beloit.
"I love camping and I know Josh and Stuart do also. I want to see the boys develop responsibility, comradeship, I'm looking forward to watching them grow up and earn Eagle Scout. Every young man is welcome to join. You know, a lot of today's leaders were in Boy Scouts," said Roger.

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Mankato-Rock Hills alumni gather for reunion
Those alumni and guests attending the Mankato and Rock Hills Alumni gathering at the Mankato Community Center Saturday Evening were:
Don Walker, Class of 1945.
Attending from the Class of 1947 were Betty Crouch May, Dick Schwieger and Bill Smith.
From the 1948 class was Marjorie Freeby Wilson and Gale Wilson, Sweet Home, Ore.
Present from the Class of 1949 was Dean Blair, Buckeye, Ariz.; Richard Diamond; Lewis and Shirley Myers, Hastings; Jack and Beverly Smith, Salina; and Darlene Queen Walker.
Those attending from the 1950 class were R.D. "Frosty" Clegg; Rosella Lagergren Damon and Roy Damon; Donald Hamilton; Wayne and Ann Hanson; Faryl McDill Lange and Raymond Lange; Harold Keith Megill and Vi Megill, Seneca; Burton Nichols, Marion, Texas; Milton Rafferty, Springfield, Mo.
Those from the 1952 class were Gerald Carpenter and Betty Carpenter, Superior; Marvin McDill, Belleville, Gerald Sanders and Joyce Sanders, Topeka.
Attending from the 1953 class was Lola Jean Graham Blair; Robert Boyd and Dianne Boyd, Hill City; Pauline Thompson Robinson and Ken Robinson, Glasco.
Gayle Fuller Molzahn; Dwayne Nichols, Manhattan; Coleen Nelson Peterson, Smith Center; and Verla Graham Roe were all attending from the Class of 1954.
Present from the 1955 class was Dick Boyd and Mary Beth Boyd, Norton; Pat Sloan Czirr, Superior; Melba Voss Engel, Ellis; Barbara Case Goodrick, Overland Park; Suzette Standerwick Mcphail and Ralph Bauer, Tucson, Ariz.; Lyle Olena and Joyce Olena, Geneva; Harlow Vader; and Leo Zadina, Superior.
Class of 1956 attendees were Gene Ahrens; John Murray; Emma Jean Frink Rafferty, Springfield, Mo.; Lloyd Scarrow and Sharon Scarrow, Fairbury; Shirley Hancock Smith and Don Smith; and Kenneth Voss and Billie J. Voss, Vancouver, Wash.
With the Class of 1957 were Donna Queen Colm and Earl Colm, Golden, Colo.; Johnie Warner and Ruth Warner, Wheatridge, Colo.
Attending from the1958 class were Myra Frye Bolt; Janice Reece McCune and Bob McCune; Jon Menhusen and Rosalie Menhusen; Jewell Murray, Topeka; Karen Morris Ross and John Ross; and Barbara McCammon Thomas and Bill Thomas.
Present from the 1959 class was Leroy Eaton; Adolph Laluk and Connie Laluk, Superior; Joan E. Fuller Mickelsen and Clyde Mickelsen, Kearney; Rodney Queen and Donna Queen, Harrah, Okla.; Ronald Von Scarrow, Lindsborg; and Twana Mahaffy Seirer.
The 1960 class members attending were Marilyn Eaton; Larry Neilson and Sandy Neilson, Moundridge; and Joan Hills Ogle, Hickman, Neb.
Attending from the Class of 1961 were Arnold Mendenhall and Agnes Mendenhall, Hickman; and Curtis Rafferty and Sandi Rafferty, Lee's Summit, Mo.
Present from the1962 class was Marj Love, Burlington, Colo; and Sharon Means Tullar, Jewell;
The1963 class members attending were Linda Clemons and Carol Clemons, Boise, Idaho; and Margaret Nichols Manhattan.
Class of 1964 members attending were Gordon Murray; Sharon Loomis Murray and Alethia Loomis, Kansas City, Mo.; Delmer Rothchild and Glenda Rothchild, Downs; Lynn Scarrow and Sonja Scarrow; Teresa Graham Snyder and Tom Snyder, Manhattan; and Betty Moon Thompson.
Those attending from the Class of 1965 were Joyce Cranston, Michael Cranston and Margie Cranston, Bend, Ore.; Edwin R. Dunstan and Cle Dunstan, Brooksville, Fla.; Bruce W. Franklin and Sharon Wolfe, Independence, Mo.; Dennis Hancock, Wichita, Kan.; John Hunter and Diana Hunter, Fort Worth, Texas; Kerry Marie Kramer, Chuck Santangelo, Reah Santangelo, Kathleen Kramer, Pueblo, Colo.; Dorian "Mike" Meyer and Kathy Remus, W. Jackson, Wyo.; Donna Hills Ramey; John Robert "Bob" Shirley and Nelda Shirley Saginaw, Mo.; and Richard Wakefield and Nancy Wakefied, Mcpherson.
The Class of 1967 members attending were Delvin Hanson and Nancy Hanson.
Attending from the Class of 1969 was Linda Alene and Kramer Silver, Lavista, Neb.
Present from the class of 1970 was Lyndell Hanson and Susan Hanson; Cynthia Hesser Martin, Kansas City, Mo.
Nelson Moser from the Class of 1971 attended.
Attending from the Class of 1973 was Jack Alcorn; Steve McAtee and Gerald McAtee, Pineville, N.C.
Those present from the Class of 1975 were Wes Alexander, Shawnee; Lynette Bradrick Balch, Woodward, Okla.; Denise Dahl Behrends and Richard Behrends, Webber; Richard Blair and Becky Blair; Bill Conner, Loveland, Colo.; Steve Dunstan, Formoso; Loreita Esslinger Dunstan, Formoso; Lisa Nelson Goodheart and Todd Goodheart, Glen Elder; Jeffery Keeler, Goehner, Neb.; Camilla Meyer Saint and Larry Saint, Estes Park, Colo.; Mary Rothchild; Susan Harder Sheehan and John Sheehan, Topeka; Chris Turner Stites, Robert Stites and Bob Turner, Plano, Texas; and Marty Zadina and Vickie Zadina.
From the Class of 1976 was Tammy McCammon Davis and Blaine Davis, Garden City.
Attending from the Class of 1977 was Mona Hancock.
Present from the class of 1979 was Shrley Becker Fischer; and Barbara Lange Railsback.
From the Class of 1985 was Gregory Doud, Lothian, Md.;
Attending from the Class of 1986 was Mike Neilson, Oxford, Kan.
Present from the Class of 2015 was Mary McMichael.

Burr Oak-White Rock reunion held

The 2015 Burr Oak and White Rock Alumni Banquet was held at the Burr Oak Community Center, Saturday.
Greeters were Oren and Carla Underwood. Cheryl Hillman was at the registration table.
Organizers for the event were Mary Ann Foley, Cheryl Hillman and Glennys Barnes.
Mary Ann Foley opened with a welcome. The Rev. Charles Seamans gave the invocation. Colors of green and white were carried out with the table coverings, napkins, dishes, table runners, flowers and candles in Mason jars. A meal consisting of chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans, lettuce salad, roll and cake was prepared by the Willitts family, Dianna, Walt, Anastasia, Victoria, Valencia and Shantel Modlin.
Following the meal, Mary Ann took roll call. Sixty-five alumni were recorded. There were also 24 guests present. Classes holding reunions were 1950 with four present; 1955 with seven attending; 1963 with five present; and 1965 with 12 in attendance. The oldest alumni present was Alma Garman from the Class of 1944. Youngest from the Burr Oak High School in attendance were John Garman, Class of 1973, Cindy Korb Adamson, Ckass of 1975; and from White Rock High School, Jillinda Franco Cook, Class of 1986.
The minutes of the 2014 meeting and the treasurer's report were given by Cheryl Hillman. They were approved as read.
Glennys Barnes read some news items from the 1955 school paper, The Tomahawk. Mary Ann Foley read class prophecies from the 1950, 1955 and 1963 yearbooks.
A short business meeting was held. Peggy Wilson made a motion that the alumni association make a donation of $200 to the Burr Oak Community Club to be used toward the two, $500 Burr Oak Community Scholarships for 2016. The motion was seconded and carried. 2015 scholarships were awarded to Emily Reed, Esbon, and Grace McNichols, Burr Oak.
A question was asked concerning the status of the old limestone grade school building which houses the Burr Oak Museum. Peggy Wilson said there are repairs that need to be done and donations are welcomed. She also said that Becky McNichols has offered prepare grant applications as soon as her involvement with the new library building has slowed down. Peggy also announced that the museum had been open during the afternoon that Saturday and several visitors from the alumni group had been there. She also said the museum was open from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday.
Mary Ann said the Memorial Day service at the cemetery would be at 10 Monday morning.
A request was made for volunteers to organize the 2016 meeting. No one responded at that time but after Glennys Barnes asked if the alumni wanted to discontinue holding the reunion, several people offered to help Mary Ann with the 2016 banquet. They were Gayna (Korb) Schoenrock, Cindy (Korb) Adamson, Gloria (Boyles) Schlaefli and John Garman. The 2016 banquet will be held on May 28.
The meeting was closed by singing the Burr Oak High school song, "Green and White" led by Glennys Barnes.


Alumni gather for Jewell High School reunion

Saturday evening Jewell High School alumni gathered at the Jewell Community Center for the annual catered banquet. Bruce Barrett (1973), president, welcomed the 140 plus graduates. Kerma Crouse, vice president, gave the invocation. Barrett also conducted the business meeting. Pat Oplinger Zentz, secretary-treasurer, gave her reports. On a motion, the annual dues were raised to $4 plus the cost of the meal.
Linda Hutchcraft Woerner and Steve Bartsch have compiled a history of the school which is available in compact disc format for viewing at the Jewell Public Library. It is a work in progress to be updated yearly.
Officers for next year will be Kerma (Headrick) Crouse, 1968, president, Arlan Folson, 1967, vice president, and Pat Zentz, 1959, secretary-treasurer.
Marsha Willmeth Bartsch, 1971, served as a lively master of ceremonies and related several amusing stories from her childhood and school years. She introduced Larry Divel, Class of 1965, a member of the honored 50-year class. Each class member present told a little about his or her life since graduation. Those present were Robert Abram and wife, Beth Bohnert, Kay Dillon and husband, Karolyn Knarr Thacker, Nancy Knowlton Anderson and husband, , Linda Smith Perdue and husband, Mary Stapleton Smith and husband and Richard Zentz. Linda read a tribute to a deceased member, Iris Ozmun. Larry spoke of other deceased members, Wayne Abram and Chester Smith. He shared an email from Jackie Abram Sharpen and gave an update on Jerry Divel, absent members. Larry shared some thoughts from 25 years ago, when he was the master of ceremonies and noted the businesses and people in Jewell which supported the school.
Special recognitions included the oldest graduate, Kathryn Gallagher Eilert, 98, Class of 1934. Amber Bartsch Loomis, Class of 2001, youngest graduate present. The John Edwards family had the most graduates present including John and his children, Gina, Cheryl, David and wife, Judy (Westgate) and Dick.
The Class of 1975 had 10 members present. The Class of 1965 had nine members present. Gina Edwards Lee, 1969, Seattle Wash., came the greatest distance. Former teachers present were Lola Abram, Bob Engel and Susan Greene. Present and former military members were recognized with applause as they stood.
For entertainment, Bruce had prepared a Jeopardy game and each table became a team. Topics were related to school history. Lively competition followed with the table of younger graduates capturing the win. Following a pause for remembering deceased graduates, Linda Woerner led the singing of Orange and the Black.

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