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Aug. 16, 2018 issue

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Rock Hills welcomes new faculty, staff

Classes start today at Rock Hills

Annual Sam's Fest held in Esbon

Jewell Council agrees to sell former museum building

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Rock Hills welcomes new faculty, staff

There are five new faculty or staff members this year in the Rock Hills School District.
Sherry Partridge is the new library para and data clerk. She grew up in Mankato and she and her children, Colton and Cade, all walked the halls of what are now the Rock Hills elementary and junior-senior high schools. Her husband, Rob, works for the Jewell County Highway Department on the bridge crew. He is also a welder and farrier. The couple will be gaining a daughter-in-law in June. In 2016, Sherry went to school to become a licensed nail technician and currently practice at Hair & More.
"Through the Rock Hills AR program ­­ and having a child who didn't like to read ­­ I learned to like reading and am often found with my nose in a book in my spare time," Sherry said. "I am looking forward to this challenging, yet rewarding, role within the Rock Hills school system!  I like children, like to read and like to learn new things, so this should be exciting! I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to meeting and getting to know all of the students and staff."
Jeremy Luedke graduated from Fort Hays State University with a B.A. in history in 1997. He graduated from FHSU in 2009 with a master's in educational administration and has been in education for 21 years.
"I have taught 6-12 social studies, coached football, wrestling, track and been a class sponsor in several districts that I have been in. Out of the 21 years in education, 10 of those years have been in administration. I have been an assistant principal and head principal. At Rock Hills I will be teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade social studies. I am super excited about that," Jeremy said. "I will also be athletic director, and K-12 assistant principal.  I am excited about that as well. It is going to be a great way to learn more about education and see the process occurring on a broad level. I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me by USD 107 and the current administrative team, that I now get to be a part of."
Jennifer Bruns grew up on a farm outside of Kensington. After high school, she attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney and earned bachelor's degrees in psychology and English. She later attended graduate school at Minnesota State University and earned a master's in English, with an emphasis in technical communication. Jennifer will be teaching English, college psychology and speech at the junior-senior high school.
Benjamin Enns is a second year teacher from Missouri. He graduated from College of the Ozarks with a bachelor's in chemistry and then received a master's in chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After that, he went to Chadron State College to get a teaching certificate in general science and chemistry. He recently got married and moved to Belleville to be closer to his relatives, the Strnads.
"I have been here all summer and have enjoyed it so far, however I am excited to start school and to teach my second year of high school," he said. Benjamin will be teaching physical sciences at the junior-senior high school.
Alicia Brown said she's had an extremely warm welcome in the district and community. She will be teaching 5th grade English language arts as well as kindergarten through 5th grade technology. "My degree is from Fort Hays State University to teach birth through 3rd grade in special education and up to 6th grade in general education. I just got married to my husband, Matt Brown. I was born and raised in Longmont, Colo., and moved to Smith Center in March of 2017. I have always wanted to live in a rural area and am proud to live in rural America. I look forward to being in the community and in the district," Alicia said.


Classes start today at Rock Hills

The first day of classes for Rock Hills students will be today (Thursday). The list of staff for Rock Hills is as follows.
This year's teachers will be: Megan Badger, 2nd grade; DeeAnn Beam, 1st grade; Alicia Brown, 5th grade English language arts and K-5 technology; Jennifer Bruns, 6-12 English, college psychology and speech; Ashton Cates, 1st grade, Billie Cox, 9-12math and 11-12 yearbook; Travis Cox, 9-12 social studies, college sociology and western civ.; Cathy Dauner, kindergarten; Trenton Duskie, 3rd grade; Barbara Elbracht, K-12 vocal and 5-12 band; Benjamin Enns, 6-12 physical sciences; Jody Hadachek, 6-12 life sciences and 11-12 CTE; Jamie Harvey, 9-12 math and 6-12 PE; Belinda Jeffery, 2nd grade; Gina Jeffery, 4-8 PE, 5th social studies, science; Jeremy Luedke, 6-8 social studies and PreK-12 assistant principal; Amy McDill, 6-9 English; Virginia McKeown, K-12 art; Brock McMillan, K-3 PE, 6-12 PE, weights; Janice McMillan, kindergarten; Kevin Ost, 8-12 cabinet making; Nikki Ost, 3rd grade; Barabara Railsback, 7-12 business; Matthew Railsback, 8-12 vo-ag and 6-12 PE; Jessica Shulda, PreK; Sarah Warne, 4th grade; Katie Whelchel, 5-8 math, 6-8 PE.
Paras are: Terrence Jones, jr-sr high; Maureen Lewis, elementary; Daphne Manning, jr-sr high; Amy Rice, elementary; Kristin Thronson, para elementary.
Special education teachers are: Breetta Moe, jr-sr high; Christina Boyles, elementary.
Special education paras are: Heather Garst, jr-sr high; Chandra Wagner, jr-sr high; June White, jr-sr high; Myriah Jacobs, jr-sr high; Destiny Walker, jr-sr high; Barbara Mizner, elementary; Carol Page, elementary; Stacey Smith, elementary.
Other Personnel are: Delores Angleton, jr-sr high school secretary; Becky Cockroft, elementary cook and bus driver; Joe Colson, bus driver; Brenda Flinn, jr-sr high cook; Elaine Foster, special education route driver; Suzette Gile, .5 district substitute; Sara Grout, licensed social worker; Jonathon Harkness, bus driver; Kelly Iman, maintenance; Janet Kriley, PreK-5 counselor; Sheila Lorence, jr-sr high cook.
Sherry Marr, bus driver; Joni Meier, elementary cook; Laurie Neilson, jr-sr high janitor; Sarah Ortman, elementary secretary; Sherry Partridge, library para and data clerk; Bethany Remus, 6-12 counselor; Erik Rothchild, special education route aide; Bob Roush, maintenance, transportation director; Sandy Schoenberger, bus driver; Tandra Sholtz, elementary janitor; Jennifer Urbaniak, board clerk; Steven Weber, jr-sr high janitor.
Sam Meyers, 6-12 principal. Nadine Smith, superintendent, K-5 principal.

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Annual Sam's Fest held in Esbon
The fourth annual Sam's Fest was held Saturday, in Esbon. The morning started at Sam's Place with coffee and cinnamon rolls and registration for the poker run at 9 a.m.
Around 40 bikes and half a dozen vehicles left Esbon at 9:30 a.m. to start the approximately 135 mile trip. The first stop was at the Lovewell Lake Marina then onto Pinky's in Courtland. Lunch by Kevin Thompson was available at the third stop at Emerson Lake, Jewell. Outdoor Memories Taxidermy and Sporting Goods (formerly Wayne's) Glen Elder was the fourth stop, with the final stop at Sam's Place, Esbon.
Shawn Frost and Merrill Standley were the score keepers for the poker run with approximately 60 entries. A 40-40-20 split of the winnings with 20 percent of the proceeds going to the American Legion Building Fund. Mary Kennedy, Kenesaw, had the high score and C.W. Remus, Cawker City, had the low score,
Local musician, Mark Diecker, provided music for the afternoon's events.
Registration for the horseshoe tournament was at 4:30 p.m. with 10 teams entered. The first place team was Delbert Elliot and Kris Dannenberg; second place team, Matt Hesting and Kim Hesting; third place team, C.W. Remus and Mark Hake.
A barbecue pork dinner with all the fixings was served starting at 5 p.m., and at 8:30 p.m. a dance featuring the band, Kill Creek Rising, was held until midnight.


Jewell Council agrees to sell former museum building

The Jewell City Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m. last Monday at City Hall. Those in attendance were the mayor, Darrell Bohnert; council members Max Burks, Wade Wilson, Gaye Daniels and Derek Birdsell; and city clerk, Amber Loomis. Council member Josh Burks was absent.
Mayor Bohnert called the meeting to order. Minutes of the July 2 meeting were approved.
Dave and Rachel Engel discussed their interest in acquiring the old Palmer Museum (108 Washington St.) and the attached plumbing shop (106 Washington St.). The Engels would like to restore the front of the buildings and use the back portion for storage. The council informed them there are still a few items belonging to the Palmer Museum that would need to be removed. After further discussion, it was approved to sell the former museum building and former plumbing shop to Dave and Rachel Engel for $1,000, plus any legal fees needed to complete the purchase.
The Jewell County Sheriff arrived to discuss any questions and concerns. He provided information about the SAFE program, which is designed to bring awareness to the importance of wearing seat belts. A motion was made and seconded by Burks and Daniels to donate $100 to the program. All approved. The sheriff also informed the council about two sheriff's sales that will take place: Thursday at the Jewell Community Center, 10 a.m.; and next Thursday in Mankato at the courthouse at 10 a.m.
Billing Ordinance No.1070 was approved as presented.
David Knappart was not present to give a maintenance report.
Clerk reports were presented by Loomis.
A donation was given to the City of Jewell on behalf of the Neil and Martha Lienberger Estate. Loomis suggested establishing a separate fund for the money and visit with family for guidance as to how the money should be used.
The day care agreement with Kathy Mallory was discussed. As of this meeting the agreement had not been signed.
The council approved increasing Linda Kohn's hourly rate, for cleaning the Community Center and Jewell Inn.
The September Jewell City Council meeting will be held Sept. 4, because of Labor Day.
Meeting adjourned.
The Jewell Apartments board of directors met immediately following the council meeting.
Attending the meeting were Darrell Bohnert, Gaye Daniels, Max Burks, Derek Birdsell, Wade Wilson, Zachary Gibson and Amber Loomis. Josh Burks was absent.
Bohnert called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the July meeting were approved as presented.
Discussion was held regarding who to call on future maintenance jobs, as Jerod McMillan is no longer available to. It was approved to call Derek Birdsell to do any maintenance jobs that Zach is not able to.
Meeting adjourned.

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