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Oct. 20, 2016 issue

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Church started in former Esbon Grocery Store

JCCD director is guest speaker at Jewell Chamber meeting

Partridge is new nail tech at Hair and More

City-wide fall clean-up to be Monday in Jewell

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Church started in former Esbon Grocery Store

Monday through Saturday, when you walk through the front door into what was the Esbon Grocery Store, it first appears as just another remodeling project. Every Saturday afternoon, however, the construction zone is transformed into a completely different premises. All tools are put away, ladders, tables, saws, cords, lights are all stowed into one of the corners, lumber and sheet rock as well as paint and sheet rock paste containers are moved into the unused corners of the building.
Before your eyes, the Esbon Church of Christ appears. Pews with Bibles and church hymnals, a podium, the offering plate is put in its place and a small table to hold the communion service is moved out into the main part of the room, which has now been transformed into the sancutary. On the sides and in the back room, tables and chairs are set up for Sunday school classroom areas.
Sunday morning, the doors are opened with church commencing at 10 a.m. Each Sunday, Steve Grey, Miltonvale, an elder at the Beloit Church of Christ, brings the message. Edgar Marihugh, who is also an elder at the Beloit Church of Christ, reads the scripture, and Kenny Marihugh is the song leader.
At the present time, there are four pews for the congregation to use. Folding chairs are used to finish up the sanctuary area.
"The pews came from the Odessa Methodist Church that has been closed for awhile. Dennis Manning has refurbished the four that are here at the present time, but we have 12 more that will be added in time. The pews were purchased from Joan Broeckelman, daughter of Claire and Thelma Lamb. The Lambs owned the ground the Odessa Church sat on and Joan inherited the land," said Edgar. The podium also came from the Odessa Methodist Church.
Edgar was asked where the piano was and he said, "we sing a cappella. God loves to hear our voices sing him praise."
Chairs and tables are stored in the old Esbon High School gym, which is owned by Kenny Marihugh (Edgar and Veronica's son) and his wife. All have been obtained from schools in this community and other communities that have closed
All of this came about because of Edgar feeling the need for a Church of Christ in Esbon.
"I have organized and held Bible studies several different times. This past March I started another Bible study class and held it in the community center here in Esbon on Monday nights. We covered a series of lessons that lasted between two to three months and during that time there were about 10 people who were attending on a regular basis. Steve Grey and I visited about how many were attending and I shared that I felt there were several people in this area that were not attending any church at this time," said Edgar.
"Steve said to me, 'you need to start a congregation here in Esbon'. I looked at Steve and said 'you know, Steve, let's just do it', and that is how the Esbon Church of Christ began."
The first step for the Marihughs was finding a location for the church, so they purchased the former Esbon Grocery Store that had been sold to Farmway Co-op. Edgar and wife, Veronica, have been teammates, sharing input, thoughts and costs equally on the building of this church.
"The resurrection of this church is not just me. My wife is just as much a part of this as I am. We opened the Esbon Church of Christ doors for the first time June 5 of this year. Really this whole thing is a Beloit Church of Christ effort, All are helping in some way. The Beloit congregation wanted to see the church open and are very supportive," said Edgar. Veronica and Edgar attend Bible study at the Beloit Church of Christ on Wednesday nights. The Marihughs attended and were members of the Dentonia Church of Christ until it closed Sept. 30, 1998, and then they became members of the Beloit Church of Christ.
The Marihughs have lots of local people who are working on the construction and updating of the building.
"We vary. We don't have a set crew that is working on the update and repairs of the building. It is whoever wants to work shows up. Today I picked up nine dinners in Lebanon for the crew, Most every day there are six to nine people," said Edgar.
If Edgar had a lead carpenter of the crew he would have to name Brett Whettham. Brett works for different ones on their farms locally.
Two weeks ago the roof was treated with a rubber roofing compound. Inside about half the south wall had damage and has all been torn out and replaced with new material as well as insulation added, new sheetrock hung, and ready to paint.
There is still lots to be done to complete the most needed update. Lots and lots of painting. The present bathroom will be enlarged. A children's classroom will be finished in the southeast corner of the building. At this time Edgar and Veronica are not sure what will be done with the upstairs area. On the front of the church a sign will be placed with "Esbon Church of Christ, founded June 5, 2016" on it. Also on the front of the church there will be a drive under awning where parishioners will be able to drive under, get out and into the church without getting wet from the weather elements.
"This is an aged building and just like anything else I don't think we will ever have the remodel or update completely done. Structure-wise there will always be something that needs to be done. The church doors are open and we welcome all to come worship with us," said Edgar.

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JCCD director is guest speaker at Jewell Chamber meeting
The Jewell Chamber of Commerce met last Saturday with 35 members present. Bruce Barrett opened the meeting by thanking Trinity UMW Church for preparing the meal. Anita McChessney was welcomed as the new city librarian. A thank you for the Jewell Garden Club was read. The next meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 14. Dan Daniels offered the blessing.
Darrell Bohnert introduced guest speaker, Jenny Russell, Jewell County Community Development. Jenny is in marketing development and was asked by Brian Shulda to assist Jewell County communities. Jenny noted that although Jewell is small, it is well kept and well presented with its walking trail, lake, park and other community projects. She is working with Eric Bourbon regarding the school building and possible use of the building to benefit the community. Jenny said Jewell County is eligible for two grants a year. Next grant meeting is in November. Deb Bohnert presented Jenny Russell with a gift for winning the "Name Shocka" at the corn show.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Financial report was given by Frank Shelton and approved as amended.
Deb Bohnert reported there were 79 entries in the corn show parade and thanked everyone for their help and support throughout the events. Pair-a-dice run and star search were a success; the triathlon had more participants and made a profit for the run. The barbecue had more attendants than prior years, with approximately 200 attending the soup dinner Sunday. Rock Hills students were reportedly a big help with the park activities and Darica Bohnert helped with facebook posting for the Shocka Corn and Pair-a-dice contests.
It was noted that Betty James and Earl Varney have attended 74 Jewell Corn Shows!
Jamie Underwood noted the cookies at the library open house were made by Rock Hills FBLA.
Christmas Sampler was discussed. Gaye Daniels suggested a road rally for Christmas lights with a chili dinner following.
Cindy Trump suggested a snowman sale at Santa's Workshop.
Deb Bohnert encouraged everyone to get younger people to attend chamber meetings.
Darrell noted proceeds from the dance, supper and beer garden will go to the Jewell Fire Department.
Motion passed to have a dance next year at the corn show.
Following budget discussion the committee heads will meet with chamber officers for budget review.
Bruce Barrett reported there is $20,000 in Hansen grant funds available for clean-up and the city has asked for a chipper-shredder. Deb Bohnert asked for new lightweight benches.
Election of officers will be held at the November meeting.
Dan Daniels thanked the mayor for spreading mulch.

Partridge is new nail tech at Hair and More

Sherry Partridge is now in business as a nail technician at Hair and More Beauty Salon in Mankato.
From July to September Sherry attended Bellus Academy, Manhattan, for strictly the nail technician program. In September she was presented her certificate stating she had completed her course of study and has now received her Kansas Board of Cosmetology license as such.
"While attending the Academy one of my instructors was Gina (Claycamp) Bulthaup," said Sherry. Gina is the daughter of Darrell and Emma Claycamp, Mankato.
Completing the nail tech course of study was not just practicing on polishing nails. Students learned nail health, nail and skin disease and disorders, proper way to give nail care like filing, clipping of the fingers and toes. Proper way to apply polishes, shellac, and nail enhancements (acrylic nails). FYI: shellac or gel is a type of polish that when applied shouldn't chip or crack for two weeks, A UV lamp is used to set (cure) it, and it can not be removed with regular nail polish remover.
Sherry will be in the salon part of Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then on Saturday by appointment. Hair and More webpage will have photos of Sherry's work and the specials she is running.
Services Sherry will be offering are manicures with or without massage; pedicures with or without massage; enhancements; polish either with regular polish or shella., Customers may provide their own polish or choose one from the Hair and More selection.
"We have a massage chair and after each pedicure the foot massage basin and the message chair is disinfected and cleaned," said Sherry.
Anyone can have just a massage of their hands or feet and they don't have to do both. The massage can be a scrub or soak that will help with calluses; a mask which is moisture to your foot; or stone massage which is done with warmth and relaxation of stones. Most of these will last anywhere from one hour to one and a half hours.
Sherry and husband, Rob Partridge, are now living in Mankato. Rob is employed by KDOT. Son Cade is attending UNK where he is pursuing a degree in elementary education. Son Colton is living in Agenda and working for the Republic County Road Department.
"I'm enjoying what I'm doing and excited to begin taking clients, and so happy to be working back in my hometown. It's fun," said Sherry.

City-wide fall clean-up to be Monday in Jewell

The Jewell City Council met in regular session with members Darrell Bohnert, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Kris Williams and Wade Wilson present. Presiding was Bruce Barrett, mayor. Amy Arasmith, city clerk, was also present.
Minutes of the Sept. 6 meeting were approved.
In addition to their regular duties the city employees have been cleaning out the shed and installing PVC pipe for the border around the play equipment at Lake Emerson and patching streets.
Billing Ordinance No. 1048 was reviewed by the council and approved for payment.
Applications for the Dane Hansen grants were discussed.
Council approved appointments of the new librarian and prospective board members.
Some surplus items were to be sold at auction Oct. 13 at the community center.
The fall citywide cleanup day is scheduled for Monday.
2017 trash bids from Chief Disposal and Wasteco were reviewed. Council accepted the low bid from Wasteco.
Ordinance No. 639 providing for license and regulations of a cereal malt beverage special event permit within the city limits was approved by the council.
The council approved a CMB license for the Jewell Fire Department.
Council reviewed the applications that were submitted for the city clerk's position; the position will be offered to one of the applicants.
A request for a sewer hookup was discussed.
Jewell Apartment board of directors met with the following in attendance: Darrell Bohnert, Josh Burks, Max Burks, Kris Williams, Wade Wilson, Bruce Barrett and Amy Arasmith. Cindy Barrett was absent.
Minutes of the Sept. 6 meeting were approved.
There are currently seven empty apartments. A management review was scheduled for Oct. 11.
Water heater repairs were made over the weekend.
Repairs to the siding on the south end of the apartment building still need to be made.
Bills were reviewed and approved for payment.


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