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Oct. 23, 2014 issue

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Nominees announced for election to rolling hills board

County approves support for Solomon Valley Transportation

Grant funds available for rubber chips at Jewell playground

Deadline announced for EQIP funding in Kansas

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Nominees announced for election to Rolling Hills board

By Linnea Beebe
Candidates have been nominated to run for expiring board of trustee positions at Rolling Hills Electric Cooperatives, Inc. The trustee positions are three year terms that begin Jan. 1, 2015. Members will vote by mail ballot in December for the trustee position open in their district.
Nominees are as follows. District 1: Kenneth Becker (incumbent) Sylvan Grove, and Robert A. Fredrickson, Ellsworth. District 2: Bryan Boyles (incumbent), Burr Oak, and Paul R. Wilson, Burr Oak. District 3: Justin Trost (incumbent), Concordia.
Rolling Hills Electric board of trustees approved the nominees at a special meeting on Oct. 13. The board of trustees encourages members to become informed about the candidates and to exercise their right to vote. Trustee elections allow members to participate in the governance and have a voice in their cooperative.
The nominees were selected by nominating committees that met Oct. 13 at each of the three district offices ­­ Ellsworth, Mankato and Belleville. Each committee nominates at least one candidate to appear on the ballot for the expiring trustee position. The board would like to recognize the nominating committee members for their service: District 1 - Gene Meitler, Lucas, and Larry Hittler, Lincoln; District 2 - Mark Overmiller, Smith Center, and Tim Wiles, Hunter; District 3 - Arlan Benyshek, Cuba, and Nick Hansen, Belleville.
A trustee candidate must meet eligibility requirements specified in the cooperative bylaws, which include being a member of Rolling Hills Electric, residing in the district and receiving electrical service at his or her primary residence from the cooperatives.
Trustee nominations for election may also be made by petition according to the bylaws. Any member who wishes to file by petition must do so on or before Dec. 1, 2014, at any cooperative office. The petition must be signed by not less than five percent of the members of the district from which the member seeks to be elected.
All candidates for trustee positions are posted in each district office and will be published in the December 2014 issue of the Kansas Country Living magazine.
Trustee election ballots will be mailed to members the week of Dec. 8. Members may return ballots by mail in the return envelope provided or in person at any Rolling Hills office. Voting members must properly complete the information on the back of the return envelope to certify Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative membership. Envelopes with incomplete or missing certification will not be opened and enclosed ballots will not be counted. All ballots must be postmarked or received at the cooperative offices on or before Jan. 1, 2015. Ballots will be counted the week of Jan. 5, 2015.
Rolling Hills Electric Cooperatives, Inc., has offices in Mankato, Ellsworth and Belleville. Rolling Hills ranks in the top three Kansas electric cooperatives with nearly 11,000 meters. It was formed in 2002 from the consolidation of NCK Electric Cooperative in Belleville, Jewell-Mitchell Electric Cooperative in Mankato, and Smoky Hill Electric Cooperative in Ellsworth.

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County approves support for Solomon Valley Transportation
The Jewell County commissioners met last Tuesday with commissioners Steve Greene, Dwight Frost and Mark Fleming present. Carla Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
Jenae Ryan, home economist, discussed planting flowers in the courthouse yard. The commissioners gave their approval as long as she worked with custodian Chris Petet.
The board approved supporting Solomon Valley Transportation of Jewell County with $5,000 in matching funds for the USC 5311 KDOT grant, noting if the goal is not reached the county may be able to contribute additional funds.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, reported routine maintenance. Joel had bids for a mower tractor: Jewell Implement: 125 HP - $57,500; Jewell Implement:140 HP - $60,500; Sellers: 125 HP - $68,500; C&W: 115 HP - $58,300; Carrico:130 HP - $57,142.38; Carrico:125 HP - $75,083.15.
The commissioners approved the purchase of the 140HP Case IH for $60,500 from Jewell Implement. Elkins discussed the bid from Sellers Equipment on a Schulte FLX-1510 mower for $35,498. Commissioners approved to accept the bid of $35,498 for the Schulte FLX-1510 mower from Sellers Equipment.
Angela Murray, county health nurse, provided information on health nuisances. Angela discussed providing flu shots and said people should call ahead to ensure a nurse is available.

Grant funds available for rubber chips at Jewell playground

The Jewell City Council met Oct. 6 at city hall. All council members were present: Bruce Barrett, Darrell Bohnert, Max Burks, John Stoeber, Kris Williams. Bill Loomis, mayor, and Amy Arasmith, city clerk, were also present.
The 2015 trash contract renewal with Chief Disposal was approved.
Loomis reported that a grant application will become available in December that would pay half the cost of purchasing rubber chips for the playground in the park. Council members voiced approval to pursue the matter.
Mandy Fincham from the North Central Regional Planning Commission presented the final paperwork for the Broadway Street project.
It was decided the playground equipment located on the former elementary school playground will be sold.
The condition of Mechanic Street was discussed.
Domestic animals permits were approved for Gretchen Spitz and Daryl Cockroft.
New carpet will be purchased for the remaining three motel rooms; the carpet in No. 1 was replaced last year. City employees will tear down the brick building behind the city office because the roof is falling in.
The Jewell Apartment board of directors met following the city council meeting with the following in attendance: Bruce Barrett, Darrell Bohnert, Max Burks, John Stoeber, Kris Williams, Bill Loomis, Cindy Barrett and Amy Arasmith.
The remodeling in No. 109 is complete except for installing the new carpet.
The pet policy will be discussed next month.

Deadline announced for EQIP funding in Kansas

Eric Banks, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) state conservationist, announced an application evaluation cutoff date of Nov. 21 for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).
EQIP is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers through contracts up to a maximum term of ten years in length. These contracts provide financial assistance to help plan and implement conservation practices that address natural resource concerns and provide opportunities to improve soil, water, plant, animal, air, and related resources on agricultural land, such as cropland, rangeland, non industrial private forestland, as well as for animal feeding operations.
"This is a popular program in Kansas, and I know fall is a busy season. The NRCS wants everyone to have the opportunity to develop a conservation plan and submit an application in time," said Banks. Applications are accepted year round, but those received by Nov. 21, 2014, will be evaluated for fiscal year 2015 funding. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements.
"EQIP also helps address the unique circumstances of socially disadvantaged, veteran, limited resource, and beginning farmers and ranchers, who have natural resource concerns that need to be addressed on their land," said Banks. Qualifying Kansas producers compete separately and receive higher payment rates.
For more information, visit the website,, or your local U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) service center. To find a service center near you, check your telephone book under "United States Government" or on the Internet at Follow us on Twitter @NRCS_Kansas.

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