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Oct. 30, 2014 issue

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Bartley appointed emergency preparedness, 911 coordinator

Post Rock District named outstanding local unit

Ordinance for annexing property approved by Mankato City Council

Jewell County Hospital awarded tax credits for 2014

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Bartley appointed emergency preparedness, 911 coordinator

The Jewell County board of commissioners met Monday with Steve Greene, Dwight Frost and Mark Fleming present. Carla Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
The commissioners conducted office head meetings with the following: Gail Bartley, noxious weed director; Chris Petet, custodian; Nora Rhoades, district extension agent; Angela Murray, health nurse; Don Snyder, emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator; Chuck Latham, appraiser; Joel Elkins, general superintendent; Shannon Meier, ambulance director; Brenda Eakins, county treasurer; and Anna Standley, register of deeds.
Latham said he has completed the analysis and now is working on values for 2015.
Bartley said he is getting ready to shut spraying down for the year.
Elkins said they have been busy with rocking projects and putting in a few tubes.
Murray said her office has been busy giving flu shots and attending preparedness meetings.
Rhoades said the 4-H achievement banquet was Sunday. She also reported Jenae Ryan is coordinating a master gardener program and the Post Rock Extension District received the outstanding unit achievement award.
Snyder said he has been organizing the office and attending meetings. He said they have planned a test on the alert system at each fire meeting for next month.
Meier said they have been busy this month with runs and several meetings.
Eakins said the 2014 tax statements have been run and they are stuffing envelopes. They should be mailed out in a couple of weeks.
Waugh said she completed the tax checklist and turned the tax statements over to the treasurer. She also completed the tax abstract and submitted it to the Property Valuation Department. She said the clerk's office has been busy with early voting.
Fleming said he attended the juvenile justice meeting.
Frost said he attended the 4-H achievement banquet. He also announced the commissioners appointed Gail Bartley to the position of emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator position. This will be in addition to his duties as noxious weed director.
Don Snyder said the commissioners need to appoint a new representative for homeland security and send a letter to NCRPC with the effective date of the appointment.
Superintendent Elkins peresented bids for motorgraders. Chairman Frost opened the following bids: Victor L. Phillips, Case motorgrader, $316,217, with trade $256,217; Foley Equipment, Caterpillar grader, $269,300, with trade $219,500; Murphy Tractor, John Deere grader, $234,400, with trade $180,500.
Steve Waggoner submitted a bid to purchase the used 140G Caterpillar grader for $57,501.
Elkins will review all bids to verify they meet specifications and report back at next week's meeting. Scott Hartman, Victor L. Phillips; Chad Blackwood, Murphy Tractor; and Casey Fraser, Foley Equipment, were all present for the bid opening.
Elkins also had bids for culverts. Chairman Frost opened the following bids for culverts: D-C Wholesale $72,918.50; Welborn Sales $83,730.28; J & J Drainage Products $75,184.56.
The commissioners accepted the D-C Wholesale bid of $72,918.50 for culverts. Gary Montre, Welborn Sales, was present for the bid opening.
Chris Petet, custodian, discussed Glassman's maintenance agreement renewal. The board approved the agreement with Glassman for $1,220.
The board met last Monday with the three commissioners and county clerk present.
An executive session to discuss non-elected personnel was held with the commissioners, Gail Bartley and Carla Waugh present. After the closed session, it was unanimously approved to offer the emergency preparedness director and 911 coordinator position to Gail Bartley, effective Nov. 9.
Elkins reported routine maintenance. The commissioners reported road concerns. Elkins had a waterline agreement for Mike Higbee and Nancy Higbee to bore under the county road located west of 300 RD and O RD intersection. The commissioners approved the waterline agreement.
Sheriff McEntire discussed office operations.
Don Snyder discussed the page alert system for the fire departments.
The commissioners and Darrell Miller reviewed the list of delinquent real estate property taxes. Miller will prepare a resolution for a tax sale.

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Post Rock District named outstanding local unit
By Nora Rhoades,
Post Rock Extension District
The Post Rock Extension District has been recognized as K-State Research and Extension's outstanding Local unit.
The district's board members, office professionals, program assistants, and agents received the honor from John Floros, dean of the College of Agriculture and director of K-State Research and Extension, at the annual conference awards luncheon held Oct. 23.
"This award is a testament to the commitment demonstrated by our staff and board members," said Aliesa Woods, district director. "We extend a special thank you to the communities in Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Osborne, and Smith counties. Without strong community partners our work to improve the lives of Kansans would not be efficient or sustainable."
The award is given to a local extension unit for excellence in three areas: program, personnel and budget. 2014 is the inaugural year for a series of outstanding service awards recognized at the state-level on an annual basis; the Post Rock District is the first to receive the outstanding local unit award.
The review committee looks for evidence of: active programming efforts related to the five grand challenges facing Kansas citizens (water, health, global food systems, community development, and developing tomorrow's leaders); engagement with program development committees to evaluate community strengths and areas of potential growth; sharing outcomes and impacts achieved through extension resources to community members, stakeholders and government officials; wise budget management; trained and specialized staff members; and involvement and support of volunteers.
The theme of the conference was "Honoring the Past, Forging the Future." For 100 years, K-State Research and Extension has worked closely with land-grant universities across the nation to provide practical education you can trust ­­ to help people, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills, and build a better future. The Post Rock District celebrates extension's past and focuses on the contemporary application of its transformational educational programming into the future.

Ordinance for annexing property approved by Mankato City Council

The Mankato City Council held a special meeting Sept. 14 with the object of the meeting being to consider an application to annex property into the City of Mankato. Lyle Dauner, president of the council, presided. Members present were Dauner, Jim Ross, Dave Warne and Mac McCammon. Darrell Miller, city attorney, was also present. Ordinance No. 707 was read, discussed and a vote was cast with the Ordinance passing 3-0.
The regular scheduled city council meeting was held Oct. 7 with Don Koester, Mayor, presiding. Council members present were Jim Ross, Dave Warne, Lyle Dauner, Mac McCammon and Sam Becker. Darrell Miller was also present.
Julie Willoughby requested the council to proclaim October as Domestic Violence Awareness month. The proclamation was read and signed by the mayor.
Carol Torkelson from the North Central Regional Planning Commission reported progress on the housing rehabilitation grant and presented bid results for apartment rehabilitation. The council approved the low bid of $135,841 from All Phase Construction.
Leland Orr, ATC accounting, presented a favorable audit for the City of Mankato and the Mankato City Library.
The council considered financial support for the expansion of Solomon Valley Transportation into Mankato and Jewell County. Discussion was held. Council approved to contribute $2,000 toward matching funds for the KDOT grant.
The council considered and approval was given for the slate of Mankato Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.
The council also considered the bid from Midlands Construction for relocating the manhole and lining the existing sewer line in conjunction with the Highway 36 reconstruction. Discussion was held and the bid of $42,284 was approved.
Following review of the bills, they were approved.

Jewell County Hospital awarded tax credits for 2014

The Kansas Department of Commerce announced that Jewell County Hospital was awarded $130,000 in tax credits for the 2014 tax year. These credits will either go towards building a new health clinic or renovating the existing clinic depending on the amount of tax credits purchased.
How can you help?
Any business or individual who owes income taxes to the State of Kansas for the 2014 tax year are eligible to purchase the tax credits that will go toward benefiting the hospital and Jewell County residents.
The tax credits are valued at 70 percent of donations. If you have a State of Kansas tax liability, you would receive a 70 percent credit and the other 30 percent can be claimed as a charitable donation on your federal income tax. Those who do not have Kansas tax liability, but want to support Jewell County Hospital, can also donate as a charitable donation that may also be tax deductible. Please see your tax professional. Any amount will be beneficial to Jewell County Hospital. If you are interested in purchasing tax credits or have additional questions, contact Doyle McKimmy.

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