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Aug. 28, 2014 issue

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100th anniversary celebrated at RFCU annual meeting

Commissioners approve 2015 county budget

Lucille Spooner celebrates 100th birthday

Scott Chapman receives honors

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100th anniversary celebrated at RFCU annual meeting

In 1914, Randall Farmers Union purchased an elevator from the Hart family for $5,000. Today, the feed mill is located in that original elevator. It was a few years before the current name, Randall Farmers Co-op Union, was adopted. Last year, it was shortened to RFCU. Honoring the 100th anniversary, cake and a catered meal were served Thursday at the annual meeting, held at the Jewell Community Center.
President Joey Behrends introduced Sid Ewing of Lindberg, Vogel, Pierce and Faris, who presented the auditor's report. He thanked the office girls for their assistance.
Board members present were Curt Saint, Jerry Anderson and Brad Barrett. Behrends and Robin Griffeth were re-elected to the board.
Archie Thompson, manager and a 40-year employee of the co-op, was introduced and given a standing ovation. He began working there June 24, 1974, and recounted his assignments before becoming manager. He said they are continuing to upgrade the facilities. He introduced employees Roger Houghton, Jerrod Alvord, Jeff Williams, Tony Montgomery, John Bauer, Frank Bolte, Tim Boudreaux, Mack Gormly, Josh Rhodes, LeRoy Buser, Jeremy Howland, Jerry Houston, Gavin Colson, Derek Montague, Dan Waterman, Jennifer Flavin, Lesa Wright, Kris Williams and Debra Worm.
Former employees included former manager Charles Houghton, Sharon Tullar, Dennis Conn, Dave Blackmore, Larry Behrends, Marsha Slate, Elaine Peters and Joel Kemmerer. Past directors Don R. Barrett, Larry Behrends, Greg McMillan, Don Bigham, Don Robinett, Mark Novak and Steve McIntyre were recognized.
Among other guests were Jeff Sharp, AgMaak, Tom Naasz, Ella Pachta with CPS, Clint Scheck, Hubbard Feeds, Joe Allen, KFSA Insurance and J.D. Pruitt, safety director with KFSA.
Thompson reviewed sales and said two new Freightliner trucks had been purchased, along with a new storage shed, new card operated gas pumps in both towns; and two new bins with a capacity of 600,000 bushels will be built in the near future.
Joe Allen presented a plaque to Behrends and Thompson honoring the 100th anniversary and contributed $100 for the cash drawings. Winners of cash were Phyllis Greene, Dawna Gaye Robinett, Shirley Varney, Patti Blackmore, Doris Greene, Elisha Bolte, Janice McMillan, Nevada Vetter, Stacy Behrends, Mildred Reece, Sharon Nelson, Vaughn Prather, Damon Bohnert, Bill Smith, Challen Ramsey, Greg McMillan, Richard Anderson, Jeffery Anderson, Blake McMillan, Joe Eilert, Don R. Barrett and Paul Matter.
Other gifts were presented at the end of the evening.

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Commissioners approve 2015 county budget
The Jewell County commissioners met last Monday with Steve Greene, Mark Fleming and Dwight Frost present. Shena Mizner, deputy county clerk, was also present.
Don Snyder, emergency preparedness coordinator, discussed the final mitigation plan meeting held Aug. 21.
The commissioners read a letter from a concerned citizen about the appearance of the courthouse lawn and other concerns.
The commissioners discussed with Chris Petet, custodian, the courthouse lawn. He will contact B-Green Lawn Service to see about getting the lawn sprayed.
Brenda Eakins, county treasurer reported on the progress of the monthly check reconciliation.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed the City of Randall requesting asphalt. The commissioners gave their approval. Steve discussed road maintenance on 290 Road at the request of Kenny Novak. Joel will look into it. The commissioners also reported on miscellaneous road concerns. Joel reviewed a price quote from Clint Offutt for GIS services. The commissioners gave their approval. Steve asked Joel to look into the intersection west of the Athens Cemetery. Joel had quotes for replacing the lights on the county tower.
Pierce Electronics: medium intensity red LED lighting system, labor to remove old lights, shipping and keeping paint on the tower $8,185; Pierce Electronics: medium intensity dual strobe lighting system, labor to remove old lights, shipping (this system would require no paint upkeep), $10,163.20. The commissioners tabled this decision.
Chairman Frost opened the 2015 county budget hearing at 10 a.m. for comments. Arnold Ross, Matt Loomis, Bryan Boyles and Bill Shoemaker were present for the hearing. The 2015 county budget was approved as presented.
Bryan Boyles discussed a road that was being patched. He also discussed a tube on Birch Road.
The board approved accepting the old Dubuque building from the city of Mankato for $1 plus closing costs.
The commissioners met Monday with Dwight Frost, Steve Greene and Mark Fleming present. Carla Waugh, county clerk, was also present.
The commissioners conducted office head meeting. The following were present for the meeting: Chuck Latham, county appraiser; Chris Petet, custodian; Brenda Eakins, county treasurer; Jenae Skelton, district extension agent; Gail Bartley, noxious weed director; Angela Murray, health nurse; Joel Elkins, general superintendent; and Don Snyder, emergency preparedness director.
Chuck Latham said he continues to work on grading and CDU. He has the towns completed along with one third of the townships.
Gail Bartley said he has been spraying. He plans to work at the weed director's booth at the state fair.
Jenae Skelton provided information letters to the commissioners for the 4-H achievement banquet. She said they have been busy finishing up the year and will start working on the extension program for next year.
Angela Murray attended the mitigation meeting and plans to attend a meeting in Beloit this week.
Brenda Eakins said she is working on finishing up the tax roll year.
Joel Elkins said they are working on clean up from storm damage and finishing up asphalt project.
Mark Fleming said he attended the City of Mankato meeting with Joel Elkins. Mark also attended the RC&D meeting this month.
Steve Greene said he attended the table top exercise, the economic development committee meeting and the juvenile detention center meeting.
Chris Petet, custodian, said B Green Lawn Care reported they need to wait three weeks to spray the lawn so it won't kill the grass.
Don Snyder, emergency preparedness director; Bruce Hardesty, R&S Digital Services, Inc., and Chuck Latham, county appraiser, discussed remediation of the 911 centerline files. They need approval for R&S Digital Services to do the remediation of the data. Chuck said the GIS will need to be moved to communications or 911department. The commissioners approved to allow R&S Digital Services to do Jewell County's remediation of the 911 centerline files.
Don Snyder discussed the draft of the mitigation plan.
The commissioners and county clerk attended the multicounty meeting at the Smith County Courthouse with Smith, Osborne and Mitchell counties. Sherry Koster, sanitarian, provided progress reports. The group discussed the following topics: Mitchell County jail cost per day; indigent burials; emergency management director and zoning around cities. The next meeting will be hosted by Jewell County on Jan. 26, 2015.

Lucille Spooner celebrates 100th birthday

July 17 Lucille Loomis Spooner celebrated her 100th birthday.
When you hear the words "let's go" what's your first reaction? For Lucille she would reply "let me get my purse." To this day she still enjoys going for automobile rides and each time sees something new or interesting.
Lucille was born in Ionia, the fourth in a family of 10. She is the daughter of Char-ley and Nellie Dye Loomis. In 1907 Charley and Nellie decided to relocate from Kansas and went in a covered wagon pulled by mules to Yuma, Colo. Their first child was born there but they soon returned to Kansas in their covered wagon and settled on the Loomis home place. Seven of their children were born at the old home place.
The winters in Kansas were very cold, often with snow or heavy mud. The girls dressed in long dresses, long handled underwear and long stockings with heavy coats and wool scarves. Typical of farm families the kids had lots of chores to do morning and night. On Saturdays, with water heated on the wood stove and poured in a big tub, everyone bathed. Afterwards the entire family went to town for the evening. The Ionia business district was only a block and a half long but families came in from the country to visit and dance. The Loomis family would spend, perhaps, a nickel the whole night.
They had a radio in the house but it was only used for the news, Amos and Andy, and Fibber McGee and Molly shows. After all their children had grown, Momma and Papa expected them to come home at least two Sundays a month for dinner and games. They would often load up the vehicles and go to the river. Papa farmed and when he tired from it, he got a job at the Allis Chalmers plant as a mechanic. He also raised watermelons which fed all of the family and many friends.
Lucille married Lee Spooner, who is now deceased, and they moved to Burr Oak where they raised their four boys, Charles (deceased), Leslie (deceased), Jimmy, and Jerry (deceased). They moved to Tacna, Ariz., where Charles and Jimmy joined their father in operating heavy equipment. Leslie worked for a custom combining and harvesting crew and traveled all over the Midwest. The family relocated to El Cajon, Calif., and it was here that Charles enlisted in the Army, Jimmy enlisted in the Navy, and Leslie joined the National Guard. Charles became a DPS officer, Arizona Highway Patrolman, stationed in Yuma, Show Low and Phoenix, Ariz. Leslie went to California and worked as a truck driver. Jimmy finished his hitch in the service and worked heavy equipment in southern California. Jerry graduated high school in El Cajon and worked in construction.
After Lee died, Lucille went to work in the housekeeping department of the El Cajon Hospital. After her retirement, she relocated to Show Low, Ariz., and then moved to the Phoenix, Ariz., area.
Besides her four sons, Lucille has been blessed with seven grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren. She lives with her granddaughter in Avondale, Ariz. She is a member of First Southern Baptist Church of Sahuaro Ranch in Glendale, Ariz., where she was active in the senior group and enjoyed playing in the hand bell choir.
Her passions in life are her family, playing cards, puzzles, board games and needle point. Today she likes looking at picture albums and remembering "the good ole times."
The evening of her birthday, family members came from Arizona, California, Kansas and Illinois to help Lucille celebrate this milestone in her life.
She will tell you that she wanted to live to be a 100 and her family had no doubt that she would.
Among those attending Lucille's 100th birthday were Walt and Peggy Wilson, Burr Oak.

Scott Chapman receives honors

Scott Chapman received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents during the 2014 annual meeting and conference held in Mobile, Ala.
In his 12 years with Post Rock Extension District, the district grew from two to five counties; no-till acres increased; producers shifted wheat acres to corn and soybeans. Through demonstration plots, meetings, field days, weekly newspaper and radio, e-mail advisories, research based information was provided to assist in those transitions. In addition to agronomy, more than 300 youth completed hazardous occupations training. Chapman was also instrumental in the establishment of the first community garden in the district.

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