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April 17, 2014 issue

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Hospital Board reviews map for potential conversion

Farmway Co-op acquires Esbon Grain and Fertilizer

Grant sought for Jewell Fire Department gear

No bids received for solid waste trailer

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Hospital Board reviews map for potential conversion

The Jewell County Hospital Board of Trustees met Feb. 27 with Larry Welch, president, calling the meeting to order. Trustees in attendance were Shannon Meier and Trevor Elkins. Others in attendance were Doyle McKimmy, Krista Ruthstrom, D'Ann Gardner, Steve Greene, Susan Newell and Lori Slate.
Susan Newell reviewed quality improvement and infection control monthly statistics for the facility.
Lori Slate reviewed the 2013 workman's compensation totals as well as premiums. She informed the board the hospital had only six workman's comp covered accidents, but unfortunately two of the claims were costly. She also informed the board of the recent raises in premiums because the hospital's three year average of medical costs associated with the claims.
Newell gave the annual review of the risk management plan. She will be changing the current risk management members with Leon Hughes being removed. The board was given a copy of the current plan and it was reviewed.
McKimmy went over several items including his recent appointment as vice chair of the state workman's compensation board. He said many hospitals have a great number of patients that are not paying and hospitals are reviewing collection policies. Kansas has passed timely payment legislation. McKimmy reported on the ISB conversion which was to take place March 13. There was lengthy discussion regarding the conversion and community rumors. The board conclued it would be beneficial hold public meetings to discuss the conversion.
Ruthstrom went over hospital financials and the check register. She said progress had been made with accounts payable and the hospital has received many large Medicare payments. Tax appropriations have been received. The hospital finished the month with a $5,592 profit. The hospital will be paying back $139,000 to the county out of the tax appropriations. This money will be held by the commissioners for future needs of the hospital. Ruthstrom will check to see if the money can be held out of the June tax payment.
Gardner went over the current month's statistics and stated overall the hospital is a little lower than last year.
During old business discussion of the Medicare B audit, McKimmy went over what the hospital owes. The amount of $10,183.84. He would like to pay it off at one time and Ruthstrom went over the audit and how it came about. She stated that although the hospital has to pay back errors were found that benefit the hospital but unfortunately they do not credit the hospital for those errors.
For the ISB Conversion. The hospital will have six acute beds and 19 swing beds. Ruthstrom, Carole Simon, Newell and Gardner went over the map. They will be creating a family room with one of the empty rooms that will allow families to gather in a quiet place. Room changes will be contingent to family approval but it was thought that there will be no problem regarding this. Board reviewed the hospital map.
McKimmy went over the current physician recruitment leads regarding a resident in Kearney. Trustees Meier and Elkins would like to sign a contract with Sunflower Health Network to recruit a physician and a PA. The board stressed the need for continuity of care for the county. McKimmy will contact Sunflower Health Network and get the process started.
In the pharmacy update, Newell stated she has been waiting on GPHA pharmacists to finalize a pharmacy system. There will be five hospitals that will be going with OMNICELL. Jewell County will be the only hospital going with MEDSELECT.
OMNICELL will be coming down in price because of hospital sharing. Newell will bring back the final information as soon as she gets it.
During new business, Gardner went over the need to change medical staff bylaws to make physician response time 30 minutes. This was approved by the trustees.
The board changed the meeting times to the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. starting in March.

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Farmway Co-op acquires Esbon Grain and Fertilizer
Farmway Co-op, Inc., purchased Esbon Grain and Fertilizer, owned by Delilah and Eldon Pate. The transaction was finalized March 31.
There is 440,000 bushels of grain storage at Esbon Grain and Fertilizer. Farmway is building one 160,000 bushel steel tank at the Esbon facility to increase speed and space for growers. The plan is to have the storage ready for the upcoming wheat harvest.
"The addition of the grain elevator and fertilizer business in Esbon is consistent with our strategy of expanding our footprint and offerings to the members we serve," said Art Duerksen, CEO of Farmway. "We are excited to bring a cooperative business back to the community and look forward to growing the strong relationships we currently have with our current customers and starting lasting relationships with new customers as well."
"Our grain marketing business has been growing in the Jewell county area and Farmway's acquisition of the Esbon facility will give our customers additional options for marketing grain to Farmway," said Jeff Bechard, president of AgMark LLC.
Eldon and Delilah Pate former owners of Esbon Grain & Fertilizer joined the Farmway team in their respective roles. Eldon will be plant manager of the facility and Delila will be the bookkeeper for the facility.
Twelve years ago Eldon and Delilah Pate purchased the elevator from Frost Flying Service. During their 12 years or ownership some of the improvements to the facility include a big bin and leg on the east side; new leg on the east side of the south bin, new scales to accommodate semis.
Farmway Co-op is a farmer owned cooperative offering grain, agronomy and energy products and services to members and non-members in the north central Kansas communities of Mitchell, Lincoln, Cloud, Republic, Washington, Clay, Riley, Ottawa, Jewell and surrounding counties since 1911.
Farmway is a cooperative committed to Helping Our Owners Succeed. Whether it is helping to provide quality products and excellent service to improve the livelihood of our producers or using our resources to support communities across Kansas, it is part of Farmway, your "Partner in Growth."

Grant sought for Jewell Fire Department gear

Jewell City Council met last Monday at the city hall. Attending were Bruce Barrett, Darrell Bohnert, Max Burks, John Stoeber, Kris Williams, Bill Loomis and Amy Arasmith.
A new computer for the office was purchased from Computer Solutions.
One hundred dog tags have been sold so far this year.
Council members were reminded the city-wide cleanup day was scheduled for Monday.
A GAAP waiver for year ending Dec. 31 was approved by the council.
It was decided township fire contract rates will remain the same.
The council approved the Jewell Library budget for 2015.
Council members unanimously approved signing of the Status of Utilities form and payment to Schwab-Eaton for the K-14 project.
Loomis reported the Broadway Street project should begin around April 21. Mailboxes along the project route will need to be temporarily relocated during the project. The disclosure report was approved and signed.
Bohnert reported he's applied for a matching grant for the fire department to purchase of bunker gear, radios, and other equipment.
Jewell Apartment directors met following the city council meeting with the following in attendance: Bruce Barrett, Darrell Bohnert, Max Burks, John Stoeber, Kris Williams, Bill Loomis, Amy Arasmith and Cindy Barrett.
The board toured the newly remodeled apartment and looked at the chairs that were donated for the activity room by the Ava Knarr family.
Bill Loomis presided over the meeting.
Pat Willmeth was presented with a plaque for her many years of service as apartment manager and city treasurer.
It was noted repairs need to be made to the ceiling in a tenant's bathroom.
An open house was to be held at the apartments Sunday with the newly remodeled apartment and an upstairs apartment ready to view.
Estimates for the cost of mulch and rock for landscaping around the building will be obtained before the next board meeting.
The board was in agreement to remodel another apartment and paint one of the upstairs rooms.

No bids received for solid waste trailer

Jewell County Commissioners Dwight Frost and Mark Fleming met Monday.
Carla Waugh said Jim Vaughan, solid waste director had a notice in the newspaper to sell the solid waste walking floor trailer and received no bids.
Mike Conner inquired about a crossing needing repaired in Section 7 of Ionia Township. Mike said if the county would furnish a tube he would pay for the dirt work. The commissioners said they would talk to Joel Elkins.
Angela Murray, health nurse, discussed the full-scale drill and said the vaccine refrigerator was to be delivered later that day.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed operations. The commissioners discussed road concerns. Elkins had talked to Henry Pierce about the lights on the county tower. The fixtures need replaced if LED lights are used. New fixtures with a five-year warranty will cost $4,500. Elkins said he decided not to purchase the Broce Broom discussed at an earlier meeting.
Ed Beam telephoned about the condition of Cedar Road west of Northbranch. He said it is too narrow. Elkins said he would talk to the grader operator.
Jonas McEntire, sheriff, discussed the furniture for his office. He had a quote for $1,800 to complete the office furniture. The commissioners gave their approval to purchase the office furniture. He also discussed a rifle lend-lease program for the department.
Darrell Miller, county attorney, reported on Kansas Minerals. He said he looked at the landfill property last week. Dwight Thronson paid for the acres he had planted to wheat.
Angela Murray, health nurse, said the ESF8 Partners (health department, commissioners, Jewell County Hospital, emergency medical services and emergency preparedness office are working together to prepare a full-scale planning drill in August.
It was decided to sign the application for eligibility from the federal surplus property center.

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