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May 17, 2018 issue

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County approves steel bid for bridge projects

Mankato Council discusses swimming pool help

Mankato Chamber reports on membership drive

SVT celebrates National Transportation Week

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County approves steel bid for bridge projects
The Jewell County Commissioners met Monday. Commissioners Keith Roe, Steve Greene and Mark Fleming were present. Carla J. Waugh, county clerk, was present for the meeting.
Waugh reported on the legislative changes that effect elections and training provided at the annual KCCEOA conference.
Rick Diamond thanked Jewell County for their support to Solomon Valley Transportation.
The minutes of the May 7 county commissioners meeting were approved.
Mark Fleming moved and Keith Roe seconded the motion to go into executive session to discuss non-elected personnel for five minutes with commissioners present. Motion passed unanimously. Regular session resumed with no action taken.
Keith Roe said the Jewell County Council on Aging meeting is Thursday at Jewell and at least one commissioner will be present.
Robert Burda telephoned with concerns about right of way by his property in Section 35 of Erving Township.
Dwight Frost telephoned inquiring about repairs on roads in his area.
Joel Elkins, general superintendent, discussed current road projects. The commissioners reported road concerns on the Hardy Road. Steve Greene reported Robert Burda's concern that the county has taken too much for the right of way. Mark Fleming reported Dwight Frost's concerns.
Chairman Roe opened the following bids for structural steel for bridge projects. Husker Steel, $53,806; Welborn Sales, $59,154.71. Steve Greene moved and Mark Fleming seconded to accept the bid of $53,806 from Husker Steel. Motion passed unanimously.
Doug McKinney, NCRPC executive director, reported that dues will remain the same for 2019. Doug discussed the weatherization program; homeland security training; community development projects; capital improvement planning and Strategic Doing meetings. Emily Benedick, assistant director and community development representative, reported working with the USDA loan funding for the Jewell County Hospital.
The meeting was adjourned.


Mankato Council discusses swimming pool help

The May 8 meeting of the Mankato City Council was called to order by Mayor Don Koester. Council members present were Susan Abel, Neil Becker, Chris Klos and John Tyler. Council member Lyle Dauner arrived later. City attorney Darrell Miller was present.
Stacy Welchel was present to discuss the possibility of her children operating a snow cone machine concession outside the pool a few days a week during the season. Discussion was held and council approved.
Brian Shulda was present to discuss a Revolving Loan Fund application for Matthew Humelvig, Chief Disposal, for the requested amount of $50,000. Discussion was held. Council accepted the application as presented.
A special event cereal malt beverage license application for Joshua Lippold was considered and approved.
With consent of the council, the mayor appointed city administrator, Chris Rhea; city attorney, Darrell Miller; city treasurer, Carol Wakefield and municipal judge, Scott Wright.
The ongoing capital improvement planning process requires a time extension to the previously approved memorandum of understanding with North Central Regional Planning Commission. Council approved to extend the memorandum of understanding to Sept. 30.
The council was presented with information regarding a sewer cleaning nozzle. Discussion was held. Council approved the purchase of the sewer cleaning nozzle presented for $1,468.
Discussion was held regarding seasonal part time help for the summer. The city is accepting applications and the city administrator will conduct interviews from chosen candidates.
Discussion was held regarding participation in the First Impressions program for cities. Council approved the participation of the City of Mankato in the First Impressions program. The city administrator will facilitate the process.
Discussion was held regarding the pool manager and lifeguards for the season. Bergen Mauerhan is returning as the manager and the city has received applications for lifeguards. The pool manager and city administrator will choose lifeguards from the applications received. Discussion was held regarding salaries for the pool manager and the option to select an assistant manager. Council approved on the recommendation of the city administrator, a merit increase of 50 cents per hour increase for the pool manager and a 25 cent per hour raise for a lifeguard if selected as an assistant manager.
The council considered a request form the city library for 10 free one time pool passes to be used as rewards for students participating in a summer reading program. Council approved the 10 free one time pool passes.
Council member Klos shared concerns with the council regarding the state of the exterior brick at the Ute Theatre building. Discussion was held. The city administrator will work with council member Klos to address issues with the brick and gutters.
Building permits were considered for 308 S. Center Lot 11, Block 9 of the Bishop's Addition (Dennis Beckman) and 304 S. East Lot 19, Block 7 of the Highland Addition (Steven Porter). Council approved the building permits.
The Council was updated on the progress toward a power contract with KMEA, more information will be provided as available.
Council approved the bills.
Meeting adjourned.

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Mankato Chamber reports on membership drive
The regular monthly meeting of the Mankato Chamber of Commerce was held last Wednesday, with 11 members present.
President Jason Ortman called the meeting to order. Secretary, Monica Walker, read the minutes of the April meeting. Treasurer, Paul Wilson, gave the treasurer's report.  
The 2018 membership drive was reported on. Fifty-three members have paid dues for 2018.
April 20 was the Community Wide Clean-Up. Tthere were 20 pickups with 27 volunteers helping. The chamber provided pizza for the workers and drinks were donated by the fire department.
The donation plots at the community garden were planted. Golden Prairie Greenhouse in Smith Center donated the seeds and plants. Several ideas were discussed on landscaping around the garden shed and providing seating for the gardeners.
Chris Rhea gave an update on the Race Series. Race No. 1 was held last weekend. (Rural Route 13.1 in Esbon.) The race series received a Dane Hansen grant to help with advertising and prizes. Another community has shown interest in joining the series and will contact Chris next week with their decision.
Fun Run T-shirt sponsors were discussed. The deadline to have a name put on the shirts will be July 1. The cost for sponsors will be $10.
The third annual Mother's Day Luncheon was May 13. All the details were discussed and finalized.
Emma Menhusen gave a report on the Kansas Mammoth Music Festival being held in June. Sara Reiter reported that Santa's Workshop will be doing a food stand as a fundraiser.
Jalee Ortman was voted as the recipient of the Mankato Chamber of Commerce $300 Scholarship for 2018-2019.
Hosting fees and renewal of the domain name for our website will need to be paid in July.
The June meeting of the Mankato Chamber of Commerce will be held June 13 at Bob's Inn. Meeting adjourned.

SVT celebrates National Transportation Week

Solomon Valley Transportation is celebrating a week of events for National Transportation Week, May 14 through May 18. SVT organizations in the three county service area of Jewell, Mitchell and Osborne will hold various activities to promote and support the work of local transportation efforts.
Jewell, Mitchell and Osborne counties are recognizing the week by hosting a Tri-County Challenge raising matching funds to support local transportation.
"The SVT system has been a lifesaver for me. All my family has outside jobs and by using SVT I don't have to ask them to take days off from their work to take me to a doctor or dentist appointment. If I need to go out of town to shop for items I can by using the service," said Marjorie Hartsel.
The activities taking place in Jewell County include a 50-50 drawing. Tickets may be purchased from any Jewell County Development team member, Rick Diamond, Karen Boden, LeIla Becker, Nancy Spiegel, Kris Kindler, Peggy Wilson, Thelma Shelton, or employees Chris and Jill Klos or Norma Fiehler.
Bob's Inn, May 15 and 16, donated $1 for every pizza sold. May 17 and 18, Sweden Creme is donating $1 for every meal sold. A bake sale will be held today (Thursday) at Mankato Professional Pharmacy.
Marjorie took her first ride with the SVT Dec. 12, 2012, and has been using it ever since.
"After I used the SVT service the first few times I started asking around. Why can't Jewell County have an SVT vehicle? And it wasn't long after that that a committee started working for an SVT vehicle. With a 24 hour notice, SVT is committed to trying to get your requested arrangements made. It is very handy," said Marjorie.

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