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Rempes celebrate 50th anniversary

Sullivans celebrate golden anniversary


Rempes celebrate 50th anniversary
Dick and Caroline Rempe celebrated their 50th anniversary with an open house at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Superior last Sunday. Nearly 100 people attended and they are still receiving congratulatory cards.
When they met in Hastings, Caroline was helping serve dinner at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Dick asked her to dance, and they danced beautifully together. They visited quite a bit, then on a later occasion went to another dance. As they got to know each other and time passed, Dick asked Caroline if she would like a ring. She said, "No, I don't think I really need a ring." He got her a ring and it fit. They were married at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Hastings on June 21, 1966. Both had brothers who were priests. Fr. Dowayne La Porte and Fr. Melvin Rempe performed the wedding ceremony together.
Caroline was widowed with three young girls to raise on her own. Her first husband died in an accident. The daughters, Cheryl, Cynthia and Candice, were insistent in their desire to celebrate this successful 50 year marriage. Candice enjoys shopping for those she loves. She chose the beautiful gold dress and shrug with matching sandals that Caroline wore on this special day. She also chose Dick's shirt and tie. The Rempes did not want a fuss made over them, so the girls said they would take care of everything and all they had to do was show up. All three girls shared in the planning, decorating and getting the cakes and treats ready.
Dick made his living in the grocery business in his adult years. He owned and operated the White House grocery store for five years, then the Corner Grocery for three years until he began his business in the former Jack and Jill grocery store for 46 years until it closed. Caroline worked by his side as the office manager.
Their union is a perfect fit to this day; 50 years later and they still dance beautifully together, although the steps are different.

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Sullivans celebrate golden anniversary
By Sandra Foote
Richard and Julene Sullivan celebrated 50 years of marriage the day after their granddaughter, Alison Hawley-Brittenham, was married. It was a perfect time to celebrate while the whole family was in Superior for the Hawley-Brittenham wedding. The actual date of the anniversary was Feb. 19. Wedding decorations came down, then anniversary decorations went up, all in one night at the winery.
The celebration began with a Mass officiated by their nephew, Fr. Jim Golka. Afterwards, they had dinner for close friends and family, with an open house from 2 to 4 p.m. Nearly 200 meals were served ­­ roasted pork, potatoes, corn and many salads.
When asked about the secret of a successful marriage, Rich said, "I do whatever Julene says." When Julene was asked the same question, she said, "I do whatever Rich says." (If this were Facebook, this reporter would put a smiley face with a wink after these answers!)
They had romantic dates. Richard took Julene to the movies in Hastings, then she would drive home while he slept because he had to get up in the morning to milk the cows. When asked about the actual proposal, they both said, "There was none. Nothing was said." They had talked about marriage and getting married often, but when Rich showed Julene the ring, there was nothing said. She saw the ring, took it and put it on her finger. That was the proposal! Julene had actually told her family and close friends that he was the man she was going to marry. And so she did!
They only have eight children! Julene came from a family of 13 and Richard from a family of 11, so, yes, they only have eight children!
Rich farmed with brothers and his dad north of Superior, until 1969 when he began working in the Office of Aging Activities. In 1973, he became a salesman for various livestock feed companies until his retirement in January of 2006.
Julene worked as a school teacher for a couple years and later she was a part-time secretary. As their family grew, Julene was a stay at home mom for nine years. She remained busy with her children and their activities. Julene then went back to teaching until she retired in May of 2006.
The late Mary Mallam (Richard's sister) gave Julene a decoupage decorated plate with a saying on it: "Our family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger." Not only does Julene cherish the gift of the plate but the gift of the words and their meaning has helped her through the years. These words are words of faith and faith is the foundation to this 50 year marriage. Their response to this message was: "We thank you, Lord, for teaching us the way of love. Thank you, also, for the many people you put in our lives with whom we share that love. Bless each of you for joining in our celebration. Thank You."