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New Use for Beaverville

American White Cranes Shot at Lovewell


Beaverville School Sells
It appears the former Beaverville School house located near the south junction of Highways 14 and 136 west will have another use.
Like a cat ,the school house appears to have nine lives.
What was first a one-room school house was modernized and added onto to become a two-room school after a consolidation of rural districts.
When no longer used as a school house, it was adapted and converted to a residence. A building formerly used as a barracks building and Superior church was attached to the west side of the school to make a larger house.
When Mr. and Mrs. David Lovewell no longer wanted to use the structure as their home, it was used for storage and the location of an occasional garage sale.
Sunday it went on the auction block.
Jonnie Andersen, operator of Vintage Photography, was the successful bidder. She told friends after the sale that she doesn't plan to live there but does plan to use it as a photography studio.

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American White Cranes shot at Lovewell

Kansas wildlife officers have asked the public for assistance in apprehending the person or persons responsible for shooting at least seven American white pelicans at Lovewell Lake.
The pelicans, a federally protected species, use the lake as a stopping off point during their annual fall migration.
This time of year many people make trips to the lake to watch the pelicans. Previously this newspaper has published stories about attempts to rescue injured, sick or tangled pelicans. This is probably the first time we have published a story about the wanton killing of the beautiful birds.
Game officials found the carcasses of the birds which had been shot and left to rot.

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