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Annual 'Trail of Treasures' flea market planned


Jenny's REESources, by Jenny Rees, UNL Extension
Last week I was in in Mobile, Ala., for our National Association of Agricultural Agents Meeting. I learned a great deal about agriculture there ­­ peanuts, cotton, pecan and vegetable production, in addition to learning about and brainstorming programming and research ideas with colleagues throughout the United States. More information is avaliable on my blog:
The heat allowed for southern rust to come into the state with a sample being confirmed from the Otoe County area by Pioneer's diagnostic lab. Southern rust is blown in via southern winds every year and does not survive on corn residue. Late planted fields and replant fields will have the most time to become infected and potentially have a more significant impact as they are further behind. Scout fields and monitor amount of disease on plants and in the field, consider economics and the residual of the fungicide for the length of time it will get you through the season.
Regarding corn yields, prior to last week, they were looking pretty good for the eastern half of the State according to UNL's Hybrid Maize Model simulations. These simulations look at potential yield by considering the current year and the past 30 year weather history under "perfect conditions" where nutrients and water are not limited and in the absence of pest and disease problems. For the full article, check out this week's CropWatch at
Mark your calendars for Aug. 13 as the Soybean Management Field Days come to Shickley at the Stengel farm (go west of Shickley on Highway 74 for four miles, go north on County Road 2 for two miles, location is west of intersection of county roads 2 and R). Registration is at 9 a.m. with the program running from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Topics include: herbicide applications and water quality; growth development and growth enhancement products; multiple soybean input study including row spacing; fungicides, insecticides and nutrient management; irrigation management; grain marketing; and handling and storing biodiesel in your farming operation. The program is sponsored by the Nebraska Soybean Board in partnership with UNL Extension.
Organic Farm Tours will be held Aug. 16 in eastern Nebraska. Tours will start at 1:30 p.m. at the Larry Stanislav farm two miles north of Abie. Participants will join Stanislav to discuss his diverse cropping system of spring wheat, corn, soybean and cover crops. Starting at 3:30 p.m. participants will tour Randy Fendrich's farm. He will discuss his cultural practices and crop rotation using a roller crimper and a 12-row flamer-cultivator that he built for weed control. At 4:30 p.m., Randy Anderson, USDA-ARS research agronomist at the North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory in Brookings, S.D., will present his research results on converting red clover fields to cropland without tillage and describe the impact of underseeding clovers in winter and spring wheat on downy brome growth.
These tours are open to anyone interested in cover crops and reduced tillage. After the tours, the Fendrich family will serve a free dinner at 5 p.m. Reservations are needed. Please call Wendy at 402-584-3837 to RSVP or for more information about the tour or direction to tour sites.

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Annual 'Trail of Treasures' flea market planned

Tourism promoters along Nebraska's Heritage Highway 136 are planning a third flea market event along the byway, scheduled for Oct. 3-5. "The 2014 event will be the third year," said coordinator Julie Katz of Fairbury. Several "corridor" communities along Highways 8, 14, 6 and 34 will be participating in the event.
A byway-long flea market called "Trail of Treasures" will potentially bring thousands of visitors to communities along southeastern Nebraska highways in search of bargains. "Volunteer coordinators in each community are still needed to help," Katz said. "We have seen the positive impact events like this have had in other regions of the state, such as the Junk Jaunt along Highway 20, and we hope to bring visitors and economic opportunities to the communities in the entire region."
Information about the "Trail of Treasures" flea market can be found on the Heritage Highway's website,, or There you can sign up to volunteer in a community or get information about being a vendor.
Members of the Heritage Highway 136 Association representing communities, attractions and the Nebraska Tourism Commission volunteer their time to promote tourism marketing initiatives and events along the byway. Nebraska's Heritage Highway is a 238-mile stretch of Nebraska Highway 136 extending from historic Brownville along the banks of the Missouri River westward to Edison. It was designated a state scenic byway by Gov. Mike Johanns in 1999 and is one of nine scenic byways in Nebraska.

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