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Nuckolls County Courthouse News

SHS announces third quarter honor roll

Public told to be on the look-out for whooping cranes

From our early files

Eighty Years Ago
The Superior city council passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors on Sunday.
Erma Anderson moved her beauty salon from Hardy to Superior.
Herman Rustow, 76, died. He operated a cigar factory in Superior for 48 years.
Superior's First Presbyterian Church choir presented the Easter canatata, "Our Risen Lord."
Pure, snow white lard was 29 cents for two pounds at Burning's Cash Store in Superior.
The Lyric Theatre was playing "The Green Light," starring Erroll Flynn and Anita Louise.
Seventy Years Ago
V. E. Stember purchased the Superior Firestone store.
The South Platte United Chamber of Commerce met in Superior. The meeting attracted 225 attendees.
A wolf hunt at Casams netted two coyotes.
Lettie Badger, 82, died. She was a Webber resident.
Tuffies boys blue denim cowboy pants were $2.09 per pair at Superior's Ben Hill Clothier.
The Lyric Theatre was playing "Two Years Before The Mast," starring Alan Ladd and William Bendix.
Sixty Years Ago
Kenneth Ayres was named manager of the Superior Safeway store.
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Wortman, Superior, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.
Lana Bashford Marpel, 91, died. She was a Nelson resident.
Brodstone Memorial Hospital used donated memorial funds to purchase a microhematocrit, a machine used in blood analysis.
Whole or cut-up chickens were 39 cents per pound at the Superior Safeway.
The Crest Theatre was screening "Top Secret Affair," starring Kirk Douglas and Susan Hayward.
Fifty Years Ago
Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Andersen, Superior, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Superior radio station KRFS was sold to Robert Kelly, Fairbury, by David Tucker.
Mr. and Mrs. Knud Martens, Hardy, celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary.
Lulu Larsen Stafford, Hardy, celebrated her 99th birthday.
Butter was 69 cents per pound at Superior's Cash-Way IGA market.
Forty Years Ago
Houtwed Sand and Gravel, Ruskin, purchased the Superior ready-mix concrete plant from Valley Building Center.
The Davenport Lions Club observed the 30th anniversary of their founding.
Thomas Hoelting. 23, was killed in a fall from an upper story dromitory at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. He was a Lawrence resident and a graduate student at the university.
Edward Groves, Superior., was appointed Nuckills County Assessor. He replaced Kate Whartman who had retired.
Ground beef was 59 cents per pound at the Superior Safeway.
The Crest Theatre was playing "Never a Dull Moment" and "The Three Caballeros."
Thirty Years Ago
A tornado hit the northeast corner of Nelson causing damage to two houses and a garage.
Margaret Lang Keifer, 85, died. She was a Bostwick resident.
Rudolph Ahrens, 73, died. He was a Superior resident.
The Leslie Hotel Coffee Shop offered three dinner choices beginning at $2.20.
The Crest Theatre was playing "Some Kind of Wonderful."
Twenty Years Ago
An uncapped propane line was the cause of an explosion which ignited a fire at a rental house near Sullivan Dairy. A fire followed two explosions in the house. No injuries were reported.
Lois Clements Seefrld, 80, died. She was a Nelson resident.
Clyde Cramer, Hardy, received a 20-year service award from the National Weather Service in recognition of his Republican River readings.
Carroll Alexander, Superior, celebrated his 80th birthday.
The Crest Theatre was playing "Dante's Peak" and "The Pest."
Ten Years Ago
The Nuckolls County Highway Deaprtment hired two new maintainer operators, one at Bostwick and one at Lawrence.
Alvina Headrick, Superior, celebrated her 80th birthday.
Glen Aurand, Republic, celebrated his 80th birthday.
Arthur Strnard, 93, died. He was a Superior resident.
The Crest Theatre was showing "The Bridge to Terabithia."
Five Years Ago
Cooperative Producers, Inc., Guide Rock, razed the feed mill and elevator to make way for new facilities.
Workers from a North Dakota firm razed a building located on Superior's East Fourth Street. Demolotion of the former Jack and Jill Food Center was almost complete.
Red Cloud woman was injured when she jumped from her vehicle seconds before it smashed into a northbound BNSF freight train at the Amboy crossing.
Carolyn Bates Gumm, 67, died. She was a Superior resident and 36 year employee of Brodstone Memorial Hospital.
The Crest theatre was showing "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengance" and "Big Miracle."

The National Weather Service rescheduled a statewide tornado drill beacuse of a winter storm warning.
Saathoff Plumbing opened in Superior.
High school seniors from Superior and Lawrence-Nelson gathered at the Nuckolls County Courthouse, Nelson, for County Government Day.
Members of the Guide Rock Volunteer Fire department were raising funds to purchase an ambulance.
The Crest Theatre was showing "Zootopia."

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Nuckolls County Courthouse News

County Court, traffic
Douglas E. Devries, Red Cloud, overweight single axle or group of axles by 2,000 pounds, $75; overweight single axle or group of axles by 900 pounds, $25.
Jeffery D. Vap, Aurora, speeding, $125.
Brittany N. Hunt, Ruskin, careless driving, $100.
Jacob R. Modin, Bismark, N.D., speeding, $75.
Jason M. Mostek, Hastings, speeding, $10.
Michael L. Haynes, Macedonia, Iowa, speeding, $25.
Kolt D. Illingworth, Fairfield, speeding, $75.
County Court, civil
Credit Management Services, Inc. vs. Chari Mikkelsen, Superior, judgment entered.
Credit Management Services Inc. vs. Matthew Edwards and Jessica Edwards, Superior, judgment entered.
Central Nebraska Collections LLC vs. Valerie Woerner and Brandon Woerner, Superior, judgment entered. Collections Associates vs. Adam R. Harding and Shana J. Harding, Nelson, judgment entered.
County Court, criminal
State of Nebraska vs. Jefferey A. Combs, Superior, disorderly conduct, $100.
Real estate transfers
Daryl S. Waddle, Holly A. Waddle to Dean E. Scott Lots 10, 11 and 12 in Block 17, East Superior.
Glenn Edwards, Joanne Edwards to Timothy A. Kelly, Sr., Staci Kelly Lots 30 and 31 North Addition of Hardy.
City of Superior to Nuckolls County Historical Society Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Pt Lots 3 and 10 in Block 8, East Superior .
Steven L. Bargen ­Successor Trustee for the Lyda M. Bargen Revocable Trust to Gregg H. Brazil, Debra K. Brazil Pt Lots 1 and 4 in Block 9, Hunters First Addition of Superior.

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SHS announces third quarter honor roll
Honor roll students for the third quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year at Superior Junior-Senior High School have been announced.
The high honor roll represents an accumulative average in percentage grade courses of 93 percent or above,
with no grade lower than an 86 percent, no letter grade lower than a B and no incompletes for the quarter.
High honor roll
Seniors - Tyler Blackstone, Katie Bower, Abbie Fish, Cale Frahm, Blake Kirchhoff, Evin Miller, Tage Rothchild, Emilee Sack, Eric Schiermeyer, Axel Schinkoreit, Michelle Unruh, Lexi Webber, Jacob Whitmore and Jenna Whitmore.
Juniors - Madison Blackstone, Cameron Ehlers, Trey Fierstein, Nicki Kirchhoff, Brandie Simonsen, and Shanna Utecht.
Sophomores - Sedonah Franzen, Adin Leibel, Megan Miller, Wyatt Schuster and Trenten Theis.
Freshmen - Payton Frahm, Braden Frasier, Jae Freeman, Trisha Hayes, Madilyn Humphries, Brenden Jensen,
Noelle McMeen, Kalynn Meyer, Hallie Miller, Emma Schnakenberg, Jayden Simmons, and Haley West.
Eighth graders - Sierra Blackburn, Conner Blackstone, Kaylee Flaata, Tia Gonzales-Hunter, Jackson Kuhlmann, Aric Leibel, Ezekiel Meyer, Teghan Sullivan, Morgan Theis, Jedd Whitmore, Weslynn Williams, and Taran Zoltenko.
Seventh graders - Cailyn Barry, Luka Benjamin, Mikynzie Hansen, Emma Henderson, Todd Keifer, Shayla Meyer, Dane Miller, Clayton Morris, Morgan Payton and Seth Schnakenberg.
The honor roll represents an accumulative average in percentage grade courses of 88 to 92 percent, with no grade lower than an 82 percent, no letter grade lower than a C and no incompletes for the quarter.
Honor roll
Seniors - Tyler Blackstone, Garrett Caldwell, Cheyanne Franzen, Lane Morris, Matraca Nondorf, Bradley Upton and Sloan Willett.
Juniors - Madison Blackstone, Chase Butler, Jared Dressman, Cameron Ehlers, Usama Erickson, Natashja Hawes, and John Sullivan.
Sophomores - Taylor Bargen, Isaac Garcia, Seth Gehle and Natalie McMeen.
Freshmen - Zade Hansen, Lacey Langer, Madelynn Moore, and Emily Tietjen.
Eighth graders - Todd Keifer and Kiara Mikkelsen.
Seventh graders - Payton Christiancy, Cailey Hanson, Gage McGuire, Owen Sullivan and Enya Young.

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Public told to be on the look-out for whooping cranes
Nebraska Wildlife officials have asked members of the public to be on the lookout for whooping cranes as the majestic birds migrate north for the summer.
All of North America's whooping cranes are expected to pass through Nebraska in the next several weeks. In the past, the rare birds have been seen stopping at Lovewell Lake. However visits to Lovewell apparently don't happen every year.
The rare cranes have features that distinguish them from the more common Sandhill cranes, most of which have moved on north.
Whooping cranes are approximately five feet tall and fly with their neck outstretched.
Adults are all white with the exception of black wing tips and reddish-black facial patterns.
Whooping cranes were near extinction after WWII when fewer than 50 were known to be alive. Since then, the numbers have slowly increased. This year the population is estimated at 340.

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