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Democratic Caucus to be held in Superior

House in Lawrence destroyed by fire

After big snow, Superior orders new snow plow

New doors installed at Superior city office


Democratic Caucus to be held in Superior

The Nebraska Democratic Party announced an unprecedented number of site locations for the 2016 Presidential Caucus in all 93 counties across Nebraska. The caucuses will take place on March 5 at various times between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. (CST). This year's presidential caucus organization marks a first in the NDP's history, as Nebraska Democrats will now be able to attend their caucus in every county, some with multiple locations.
As the caucuses approach, the NDP urges all registered Democrats to participate in choosing the 2016 democratic presidential candidate by attending their caucus. Caucus participants must be registered Democrats and will have the opportunity to register as a Democrat prior to the start of the caucus, during the registration period. Visit for more information.
The Democratic Caucus for Nuckolls County residents will be at the Superior Auditorium, beginning at 2 p.m.

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House in Lawrence destroyed by fire
The Lawrence Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call at 500 E. Second Street in Lawrence at shortly after noon on Thursday, according to Casey Troudt, Lawrence Fire Chief.
The blaze destroyed the home owned and lived in by Luke and Ashley Hofstetter. Troudt said he called for mutual aid from both the Nelson and Blue Hill volunteer fire departments, but said the fire was "pretty bad." The Nuckolls County Sheriff's Department was also on hand to provide traffic control. There were no injuries reported.
An investigation conducted by the Nebraska Fire Marshal's Office determined the cause of the fire to be a faulty clothes drier, Troudt said.

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After big snow, Superior orders new snow plow
It probably won't arrive until after this winter's snow season has passed but with memories of last week's major snow storm still fresh, members of the Superior City Council voted unanimously Monday evening to purchase a new snow plow for the street department.
Delivery of the plow costing approximately $7,000 will probably not be made until late April.
The truck-mounted plow will use the same mounting brackets as the one it replaces.
Though it will cost 3.5 times as much, few citizens will probably appreciate the new waste water treatment plant claifier also purchased Monday evening.
The council approved spending $25,000 to replace a failed clarifier. Earlier this year the city advertised seeking a contractor to inspect the city's two clarifiers and make needed repairs. But no one was interested in doing the work. And so the manufacture of the west claifier was asked to make an inspection. That has happened and the recommendation was not good. The company report indicated the west one should be replaced at once and a close watch should be kept on the east one.
One clarifier handles the needs of the city but state regulations require the city to have two. By replacing the west one now, it is hoped replacement of the east one can be delayed.
Bobbi Pettit, representing the South Central Economic Development District, update the council on nuisance abatement activities and presented a contract for services to be performed in 2016. The council agreed to employ the multi-county agency to inspect another 100 properties and check for compliance with city regulations in 2016.
The council accepted a proposal to replace stack lighting at the Superior Public Library with modern light emitting diodes lamp. The project is expected to cost about $2,800 after rebates are received. With energy savings, the project cost is expected to be recovered in four to five years.
The council agreed to join the Community Energy Alliance a nationally affiliated trade group that will assist the city in dealing with energy questions such as wind and solar generation projects.
The low bid from K-2 Construction was accepted for the replacement of a water main extending from the west side of Hartley Street west along Third Street to Bloom Street. The new 10-inch pvc main will replace a combination of cast iron and pvc mains ranging in size from four to 10 inches. When the multi-year project is completed new main will strech from the west city limits east to the Hardy interconnect. The new line will be developed as a primary east-west feeder line.

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New doors installed at Superior city office
Two improvements at the Superior Utility office have been completed in recent days.
In a series of weeks, new carpet tiles were installed throughout the building which dates to the 1970s and the front door is now handicapped accessible.
The configuration of the entryway was changed to make wheelchair access easier and door openers were installed.

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