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Superior schools host career day

Superior firemen help fight out of control burn

Utility construction work now underway

Superior Girl Scout seeking highest rank


Superior schools host career day

Last Wednesday was a career day for students enrolled in the Superior junior and senior high schools. Regular classes were cancelled for the day and the students were rotated through a series of presentations designed to acquaint them with various career opportunities.
Business and organizations making presentations included Landmark Implement, Superior Outdoor Power, Central National Bank, Edward Jones, KRFS Radio, The Superior Express, Farmers & Merchants Bank, South Central Electric, John Hodge attorney, Ideal Title Company, Reinke Manufacturing Company, Zoltenko Farms, Brodstone Memorial Hospital, Dr. Leslie Behrends, Peggy Meyer, Superior Good Samaritan Society, and Superior Pharmacy. The day was broken into eight periods with some presenters sharing periods.

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Superior firemen help fight out of control burn
Members of the Superior Volunteer Fire Department were called Tuesday afternoon to 310 and Road Z where a controlled burn being conducted by the irrigation district had gotten out of control. The caller reported having also alerted the Courtland and Mankato fire departments.

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Utility construction work now underway
As predicted last week, utility construction season began Monday in Superior.
This week workers are busy slip lining sewers. This means trucks are parked near sewer manholes in the center of the streets and workers are scurrying about doing their job.
In laymen's turns the slip lining process lines the existing sewer pipe which in many locations may be a century or more old with a plastic insert. Tree roots or other obstacles are first removed. It is thought the lining process may allow the old lines to serve the community for another century or so.
The slip lining process began several years ago and is slowly working its way through the sewer system.
In the downtown area what some may see as graffiti marks are really directions for the company that will be extending a new water main west from Third and Central to Colorado Street.
Rather than digging up the downtown, the contractor will use a horizontal boring process much like what was being used in Omaha last year when an apparently unmarked natural gas line was struck causing a disastrous fire in the Old Market area.
The painted marks appearing in Superior will be used to help locate and avoid underground obstacles.

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Superior Girl Scout seeking highest rank
Lexi Webber has been involved with the Girl Scouts of America for 13 years. She began as a Daisy in her kindergarten year of school and has remained active in the orginazation since then.
Lexi is now a senior at Superior High School and looks to achieve the highest rank the Girl Scouts can confer, the Girlm Scout Gold Award.
Webber has been active through the years in earning merit badges. The past few years have been oriented toward community service work as she progressed throught the requirements for the Gold Award.
Her first hurdle was the Bronze Award. She was required to expend 20 hours on paperwork and a community project. For this award, she constructed two benches and cleaned the Scout cabin at Superior's Lincoln Park.
Next was the Silver award, which necessiatated the expenditure of 50 hours in courses, paper work and her community project of organizing the Camp-o-ree for younger scouts at the Scout cabin.
The Golf Award requires 80 hours of work. In addition to the paperwork Lexi was required to assemble a community service project and present it to a committee of adult scout workers. She accomplished this phase of the requisites in January. She also was required to present her project to a class of sixth grade Girl Scouts.
Lexi titles her project "Creating a Superior Outlook." The culmination of the project is Saturday, beginning at 1 p.m. at the Scout Cabin. Lexi is seeking volunteers from the community and her fellow scouts to assist her in the beautifcation project at the cabin. She is planting bulbs and seeds. She and her fellow volunteers will also be cleaning and landscaping the area. Seeds and bulbs have been donated by several area businesses and individuals including Main Street Floral, Superior, and Crossroads Floral, Belleville, which is owned by her grandmother, Deb Webber. Seth Going and the agricultural education students of Sueprior High School also donated seeds and bulbs. the Superior Parks Department contributed mulch and soil as well as labor.
Volunteers are encouraged to bring sunscreen. Gloves will be provided if needed. Volunteers may bring their own tools or use those at the site. Lexi has constructed two large benches which require paint. Snacks will be provided.
Lexi will begin college in the fall and among the new experiences awaiting her are Girl Scouts attempting to sell her cookies. Webber estimates she has sold more than 2,500 boxes of Thin Mints and other varieties of cookies during her tenure as a Girl Scout.
Superior Girl Scout Troop 482 thanks the community for their continued support and encourages all girls to join.


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