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What is Country Connections, and who is it for?

 Everyone, regardless of age, education or occupation, at sometime wants to meet new people but it isn't always easy to do so. It is particulary hard for those of us living in the rural areas to meet single people with interests similar to ours.

In many instances the traditional ways of meeting new people have not worked successfully. Not all of us are comfortable with many of the current era's new ways.

The Country Connections Newsletter was developed because, with decling rural populations and the expanding diversity of our interests, thousands of lonely country people want to meet other country people with similar interests. 

In recent years several services have been developed to assist people wishing to make new friends. Many of these ideas work well for the people they are designed for; however, most serve the residents of our more urban areas. Country people have different needs, interests and lifestlyes.

The Country Connections Newsletter was developed by country people for country people. By choice, all Country Connections staff members reside and work in a rural area.
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